Thursday 29 December 2022

1 of a set of 3 Notelets


Good Morning Ladies,

I hope today finds you all well, Karen I hope you aren't too overloaded with work on your first day back my lovely.  

Brenda I am sure both you and John have that ringing in your ears you get when you have been in a house full of people and then you are just sat on your own!  I get it after a long car journey too!  I'd be surprised if you didn't spend a couple of  days napping!! I was like that yesterday,  Paul sat and read his book I was just pottering,  later on I summoned the energy to go and sit and make a card, I made a set of Notelets. 

This is the first of three notelets, I am using this beautiful paper sparingly because I love it, so I intend to get as many projects out of it that I can, the paper is cut to 3x3 inch, matted onto a Mossy Meadow matt that us 1/4 inch bigger, I embossed a piece of white card for the background and then matted the whole lot onto a white 4x4 inch base card.  I added a sentiment and three tiny diamantes to finish the card.  

Another lazy day for us, I feel like I have the start of the nasty cough/flu bug that our Lucy has had for past week, I made her do a covid test she was that bad on Monday, yesterday I had rotten tummy pains, today my chest hurts and I have that odd feeling when I breathe in,  I swear these bloody antibiotics have ruined my immune system! 

I hope that the weather isn't too rough where you are, 

Sending my love and hugs to all,

Sandra xxx


  1. That paper is lovely I’d be very tempted to make something to keep for myself with it
    As expected work was busy - the reports that needed to be done Monday/Tuesday still had to be done including yesterday’s (Wednesday)
    My daughter has asked me to make a 40th card which I will have to do this afternoon
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    A very pretty card today, I love the patterned paper 😊
    I think I might do some crafting today as there’s only so much television you can watch!
    I hope you start to feel better soon, take it easy xx
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely notelet, that paper is so pretty.
    Sending hugs to you all and wishing you better whoever is poorly and have a good day whatever you are up to. Take care xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Love your notelet Sandra, that backing paper is really beautiful.
    This will certainly delight the recipient.
    Hope everyone has had a good day, I popped out this morning to Iceland. John usually goes but I fancied looking around, needless to say I needed a rest afterwards and I was only out for 45mins!
    Tomorrow I have to go for my INR check also I need my Covid booster, will try and sort it out while I’m out.
    Sleep well everyone, love Brenda xxx