Saturday 3 December 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

From & bitterly cold and miserable Wiltshire,  it's the sort of weather that makes you want to pull the duvet back over your head and forget about the day!!  As apposed to the Sun beaming through your window making you want to get up and outside!  

I found this little craft quote thing yesterday and thought that some of them were quite funny, a few of them are VERY apt, I have definitely had a few 'WOMAT' projects in my time, I am a 'PPC' and I am definitely 'STABLE' as are most of you I bet !!

Some of Your 'Old Die' Cards








I have gone back a few years and found cards from you ladies, I was going to write everyone's name underneath, but I thought that ir would be fun for you all to have a go at guessing who made which card, each of the 7 cards was made from someone different, I have tried to include a card from all of you.  I have numbered them 1 - 7.   It's just for a bit of fun !!

I hope that you all have a Smashing Saturday,

Snuggle Up and stay warm!

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I think everything in that saying applies to me!
    Great selection of cards I barely recognised my own (3) and thought WOW did I really make those! I cannot pick out any of the others
    Getting ready to go and do a big shop now I hope it’s not too busy
    OH is meeting up with some friends to watch the football I will be crafting
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    I love trying to decide who made which card. They are all lovely and it’s always interesting to see how or if our styles have changed over the years. I feel quietly confident on some but there are three that I can’t decide on but here are my guesses
    1. Janet
    2. Brenda
    3. Karen
    4. Lilian
    5. Maria
    6. Sonia
    It’s so good to hear you are finely starting to feel better my lovely. Fingers crossed it continues to improve xx
    Brenda, sorry you have to have another test. My fingers are crossed that this one is ok xx
    Maria, I hope you are feeling a bit better xx
    Karen, glad you are on the up xx
    Sonia, do as Sandra said and curl up in the sofa and rest then get the others to do whatever needs doing xx
    I have to finish my challenge card first today then it’s sorting the cards out ready for posting and then getting the lounge ready for the tree etc.
    I hope you all have a good day no matter what you are doing. Sending hugs. Take care xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Oh that quote is so true 😂
    Love all of the old cards, so without peeking at the other answers, here’s my guess…
    1 Lilian
    2 Brenda
    3 Karen
    4 Janet
    5 Maria
    6 Me
    7 Sue
    I’m probably totally wrong, but it’s fun to guess ☺️
    I’m having an easy day today, my arms are aching after yesterday’s jabs and I’m still full of cold.
    I hope you’re all ok, and have a good day whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I love the Craft Quote it’s all so
    What a teaser you have set us today, here goes I will have a rough guess.
    1 Brenda
    2 Maria
    3 Karen
    4 Janet
    5 Lilian
    6 Sandra
    7 Sue
    That wasn’t easy I’m still doubtful about some of my choices.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend, take care and stay safe and warm, love Brenda xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Great crafting quotes , I'm most of them well yes all of them, even the pig hihihi
    Lets see the cards
    1 Brenda
    2 Lilian
    3 Karen
    4 Janet
    5 Maria
    6 Sonia
    7 Sue
    Have been trying to get some order in my room with papers and stuff everywhere but had to leave it for tomorrow now as it just gives me a headache to see it all and no cards have been made. So sorry but non for tomorrows cc
    Wishing everyone a nice day and hugs to all, extras for our poorly ladies xxx

  6. Hello, sorry I missed yesterday again. Hasn’t the weather turned so cold, have had to up the thermostat a bit regardless of the cost.

    That quote is so true so many of them can apply to me.
    Been sorting my room today, I think I’m winning, quite a lot to do yet. Can only do a bit at the time because of my sore joints.

    Not going to try to guess the cards they are all lovely.
    So glad you are getting a bit better Sandra, still take it easy.

    My small Bosch vacuum cleaner has giving up the ghost, so going to look for another cordless.

    Hugs to all Lilian