Friday 23 December 2022

A beautiful Christmas card from Sonia


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Thank goodness it's Friday,  all the shopping is done, anything we haven't got now we can do without, we have most things, the hot property this year that seem impossible to get hold of is Biscuits for cheese (Crackers)! We tried everywhere, but nothing in any shop, we tried Asda, Morissons, Aldi M&S and Lidl !! Not even a Jacobs Cream Cracker in any of them!  It's an odd thing for supermarket to run out of !! So we have lots of cheese but no crackers!  Our favourites are Cornish wafers and Butter Puffs !  Do you a have a favorite Cracker?? 

What are you all up to today?  We are going to finish any preparations that can be done today, I think we will mostly be wrapping presents while the girls are at work, it will be a first for us not to be wrapping gifts into the early hours of Christmas day!  Lol 🤣😂.   I have to say I do miss the days when they all still believed in the magic of Christmas,  the excitement on Christmas Eve,  putting the Mince pie and drink for santa and carrots for the reindeers, we used make flour footprints and make the carrotts look like they were part eaten!  We had a set of sleigh bells that we used to jingle as they went to bed to get them even more excited, they loved spending the day baking, I remember doing the same with my Mum.                   These days they all work Christmas Eve, they do still get excited on Christmas Eve though,  Paul still checks 'Norad' Santa tracker (for fun)  the girls still play along, its hilarious.  Don't you wish they stayed young and innocent forever?!   Sophie and Lucy are working Boxing day too and New Year's Eve and New Years Day, Becca will be too I think.  Hopefully we will have a day in-between where we can all get together. 

Today's card is the gorgeous Christmas card that I received from our Sonia, it is a beautiful design, it sparkles beautifully as the Christmas lights reflect in the glittery background.  I love how delicate the die cut snowflakes on the front of the card are.  Thank you so much Sonia XXX

I hope that you all have a productive Christmas Eve, Eve ! 

Sending love and hugs to you all,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Thank you for sharing my card, I’m glad you like it 😊
    Very odd about the cracker situation, I managed to get some on my Tesco order, but there wasn’t a lot of choice. We’ve got some of those part baked baguettes too as I like them with cheese ☺️
    Mark and I will be spending most of the day wrapping presents so that will keep us busy.
    I love Christmas Eve. We always watched The Polar Express when the boys were younger, and sing Jingle Bells when going up to bed with their stockings 😍 Then the endless waiting for them to finally fall asleep so we could fill their stockings with presents from Santa 🎅🏼 The glass of brandy and mince pie always went down well 😉
    So many happy memories ☺️
    I hope you all have a lovely day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    How can it be my 'swear' word day again. For someone whose closest to swearing is on a Friday that's me I seem to use the word on a very regular

    We had a day of rain/wind yesterday weatherwise. Christina managed to get across from Derbyshire which was nice and we'll will be seeing be seeing Nick tomorrow afternoon to collect the presents for Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. After that it will be a quiet time for us.

    We too used to bake Christmas Eve and then early to bed for the girls (under protest of course). NORAD was always watched and still is as I always have it on the laptop. Pip now follows that tradition so Santa can be tracked around the world.

    Well I'd better get a move on and get things done.
    Have a good day whatever you have planned.
    HUGS are on their way with twinkly hats today.
    Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Stunning card Sonia
    Visiting an aunt of OH today Hair appointment this afternoon and out dancing tonight
    When our kids were little it was a tradition to have Pop Tarts for breakfast- a real treat as they were wildly expensive (money was very tight) and not particularly nutritious but hey It was Christmas
    Take care everyone xx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. What a beautiful card Sonia has sent you. I hope you manage to sit back and relax a bit tomorrow. I’ve still got some bits and pieces to do and Chris and Gem are busy prepping what they can and will carry on tomorrow so they aren’t stuck in the kitchen too much on Sunday. We always read The night before Christmas after putting out the mince pie, sherry and a carrot for Ruldolf of course. Tim and RJ have continued the tradition which is lovely. Wishing you all a good nights sleep. Take care xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Can’t believe I’m only just leaving a comment at this rate it will bump into tomorrow’s blog!
    Loved yesterday’s monochrome card and today’s from Sonia is really lovely.
    I have packed up all the Christmas presents and the clothes we are taking are mostly in or ready to go into the hold-all. John wants to drive to Essex in daylight and as part of our journey is on the M25 we will get moving as soon as we can in the morning. Daughter said we have to get there early-ish as one of my Christmas Eve jobs is to help the boys with their gingerbread houses (they have one each) we have been making them since William was three …. He is now 27 !!! And his brothers are 23 and 20 BUT it has become a tradition.
    Better get into bed and build up my energy for tomorrow.
    Goodnight everyone, sleep well. Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi everyone
    Sorry being so late so it's already x-mas Eve. Sadly our x-mas going to be a very normal day because SIL younger daughter has got covid, so we are not going over to them on Christmas day. I also have felt very dizzy and OH is feeling tired all the time. We will have our normal lunch tomorrow with herring and smoked salmon the evening we are having boiled beef and horseradish sauce. We have got a little turkey crown in for Christmas day and we will be speaking to the kids in Portugal and Spain on Sunday too so that will be nice. I do miss them. Why do they have to grow up ?😊
    Hovis biscuits and crackers are my favourites for cheese. Have not got much of that in but we did a shop with Ocado and got a free Celebration boxso we have some goodies with the coffee and movie watching for the next few days 🤗
    Beautiful card from our Sonia, gorgeous snowflake ❤️
    Wishing you all the best of days tomorrow and Sunday with all your family and little ones, two legged and four legged ones 🤭 Many hugs to you all 🤗🥰. Sleep well Xxx