Wednesday 28 December 2022

It's Wednesday already!


Good Morning Ladies, 

It was so lovely having everyone here yesterday but as always it makes you appreciate the quiet when they all go home 🤣😅😂

Janet as it turns out it was a blessing that you weren't booked on a Ferry today, poor Jim I do hope that the Antibiotics kick in really fast and he is feeling better by the weekend  XXX 

Sonia, Paul and I tested positive for 12 days so you may have a few more days home yet, definitely a good job you didn't take that new job or you'd be worrying even more. Another sign you did the right thing!  XXX 

Sue, sorry to hear that some of your family have been poorly,  such a shame this time of year with all the family get togethers, I hope you have had a lovely time so far XXX 

We are having a very relaxed day today, it was lovely having everyone here yesterday but It's exhausting entertaining!  Even when it's your kids! 

Today I am sharing the portrait Sophie drew for me as part of my Christmas present, I was sad earlier in year that i didn't have a nice photo with them all in together.  She said that she listened and remembered, bless her heart, she's so incredibly talented ❤️ 

I hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra X❤X


  1. Hi everyone
    Wow, Sophie’s portrait is fabulous! I actually thought it was a photo at first with one of those ‘drawn’ filters on. You have a very talented daughter 😊
    Happy you had a lovely day yesterday, albeit a tiring one 😉 but there’s nothing better than having all the ‘kids’ together and spending quality time as a family.
    Another positive test today, but a much fainter line, I’ve got everything crossed I’m coming to the end of it. I’ve had a better nights sleep the last couple of nights and my cough doesn’t seem as bad. I was just thinking myself yesterday that it was a good job I didn’t take that new job too - I wouldn’t have even been able to start it yet!
    I hope you all have a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all and extra for anyone who needs one ☺️ Xxx

  2. Beautiful portrait She is exceptionally talented
    Back to work today It will feel exceptionally busy I also need to phone my local hospital to try and rearrange an appointment and make one for a blood test! They’re bound to be extra busy today so I’m not holding my breath!
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone 👋
    Wonderful portrait of them all. Sophie is amazing at drawing. ❤️
    Janet, healing hugs for Jim. Hope you both taking care.
    Sonia, rest is all you can do. The coughing can last for ages but hopefully you soon are better.
    Sue, hope you are alright and the daughter and grandchildren soon feel okay. Had a lot of tonsillitis in my life, awful 😞
    OH wrote to the doctor yesterday, he's not great. They just wrote back and told him to call tomorrow at 8am. It is hopeless to get a doctor at the moment, he might get a nurse if lucky.
    Having a very easy day, playing games and watching movies like Calender Girls and Escape to Athena is on planner, OH got football tonight. Best get the dinner going so I wish you well and sending many hugs to you all. Xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a beautiful family picture for you to treasure (and I know you will treasure it) I know I’ve said it before but Sophie has an amazing talent, every drawing she allows you to show us is fantastic.
    Sorry I haven’t been in for a few days but internet at daughters house is not good - even with boosters. It has also been a very busy time with all of the grandchildren they certainly keep you on your toes. We came home late yesterday and Today I’ve just chilled out. But I have to say we really had a lovely Christmas.
    I hope everyone has had a really good Christmas xx
    Take care everyone and stay safe, hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hello, well it’s all over for another year. Hope everyone had a lovely time.
    We had a good time with the family down for a few days. I don’t think I want anything more to eat for a few days.

    Sandra you family picture is lovely what a talented artist your daughter is.
    Goodnight all. Lilian