Monday 12 December 2022

Brenda's Beautiful Embossed Card


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

It's so Cold !!! Yesterday we woke up to a Winter Wonderland,  it continued most of day, so we had to cancel our trip to Brixham, which turned out to a good thing as by late morning I was in agony with the return of the UTI, this time it got me good, I was in a mess, I waited on phone to 111 from 11.20 ish to after 1pm, waiting,  crying in pain, they said I needed to be 'seen' within an hour  but call finally came in at 5.30 ish, we then ventured out in snow to find the pharmacy the Gp sent the prescription too.!  What a day, my body is going to rebel against another course of antibiotics.   Hopefully the scan tomorrow will offer some solutions!  

I am so grateful to Brenda who kindly shared this absolutely stunning card with me for today, I tried to sit and make a card but i was either shivering or sweating and couldn't concentrate!  It turns out my UTI gave us the bonus of seeing Brenda's beautiful card,  I am grateful for it for that reason ! 

Brenda's Description:

The card I’m sending you is a copy of the card I made for Tierney’s birthday using a Crafters Companion 3D embossing folder which is 5.5“ x 5.5” I coloured it with craft chalks (similar to the colours on the packaging) it was trimmed down as the card I was putting it on was 6” x  6” and I wanted to add a mount for extra impact, then a simple sentiment and it was finished. Hope you like it.

Brenda thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful,  inspirational card, Tierney will love it, it's so pretty 😍.  Sometimes its the simplest cards that give us the the biggest WOW !  XXX 

I hope that you all manage to stay warm today, we are expecting more snow! 

Sending my love and warm hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx


  1. Like it? I love it Your card is beautiful BRENDA
    Oh SANDRA I am so sorry to hear that you’re I so much pain from these awful UTI’ I do hope the scan tomorrow really helps to find out what is wrong and it is treated once and for all
    Like most if not all of you we have a thick layer of snow Thank goodness we don’t have to venture very far today Our daughter is supposed to be coming over She has a beast if a car that can be put into snow mode or something which helps but we’ll see
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your card Brenda, it’s stunning and that embossing folder is beautiful 😍
    So sorry to hear you have another UTI Sandra, fingers crossed that the scan tomorrow will come up with some answers. Take it easy my lovely xx
    We’ve woken up to snow this morning too ❄️ I’m about to take Barney out for a walk so I’m sure at least he’ll enjoy it.
    Have a good day everyone, stay warm
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Morning everyone
    A gorgeous card by our Brenda, beautiful embossing and coloured in.
    Beautiful blanket of snow this morning everywhere. It snowed all night and it's cold. OH had to go out in the car but hoping he be alright. The car is a front wheel drive but you never know when it's ice underneath what can happen.
    So sorry Sandra that you again have a bout of UTI and in so much pain. Take care and hoping the doctors will help you.
    Have a good day as possible everyone. Thinking a lot of our missing friends, hoping you are alright. Take care if going out and stay warm. Many warm hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Thank you for sharing my card Sandra, it was so quick and easy, in fact the mounting took longer then the rose to complete.
    Sorry you have been suffering with yet another UTI - I hope when you see the GP tomorrow you will start to get sorted out. xxx
    JANET hope you and Jim are ok xx
    LYNDA sending caring hugs to you xx
    Thinking of everyone, keep warm and stay safe.
    Sleep well, Brenda xxx