Friday 27 November 2020

Your Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Here we are on the Eve of the last weekend of November, I can hardly believe I am saying it, although in all honesty our lives have been tipped upside down sing the beginning of August and we have been lived waiting for hospital appointments, so you end up wishing the time away.  Obviously all of the lockdown restrictions have made a difference too.  I think that I am right in saying that most of us will be glad when we wave goodbye to 2020.  

I will say that writing my blog and checking in daily and chatting with you all in our messenger group has been a life line, you ladies make such a huge difference to my life, I am so very grateful for our friendship. Whether it's advice or discussing food or crafting or just having someone to talk to, almost 24/7 (because half on us are insomniacs) lol 😂 

Your Next Challenge

I thought that it would be fun to do a TicTacToe Challenge this week, I found this one on Pinterest, it's getting harder to find challenges that we haven't already done. 

This Grid has a good variety of categories so it would work for either Christmas cards or cards for any occasion, I went with that as I am guessing that most of you are getting to the point of finishing your Christmas cards, you should be proud if you are done.!  

Having said that if you haven't finished, especially those of you that work or are unable to craft for long there is no shame in buying some ready made cards to boost your stock, the Card Factory sell some amazing 'hand finished' cards at ridiculously low prices, so go and fill a basket and take the pressure off of yourself.  I think that is nothing that kills your craft mojo more than pressure, you get to the point that trying to finish cards becomes a chore and it totally takes all the fun out of crafting, be kind to yourself ladies, only you ladies and maybe a couple of others will be getting hand made cards from me this year. Our time is precious and there is no point sending cards that you have spent your precious time creating to people that don't appreciate you. 

I hope that you all enjoy the Challenge, I look forward to seeing your cards.  

What do you all have planned for the weekend?  not much happening here, we need to get some boxes of chocolates etc to fill the Advent Calendars, I still feel the need to fill one for each of them, whether they are here or not, I couldn't bare seeing the disappointment on their faces even the arrived and asked where theirs was, the good thing is if they don't get eaten we can have them!! 

What ever you are doing have a lovely weekend ladies,

Love and huge hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    I've given up trying to comment on my phone so a quick message from me using my laptop .

    Great challenge idea Sandra for next week not that I've started this weeks!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Take 2.

    Looking a good challenge for this coming week.

    It's that 'swear' word for me today bah.

    Our week-end will just be the same as it has been for the last3/4 week-ends and will be for the foreseeable future. We have been put back into Tier 3 just as we expected. So yes we will be so pleased to see the end of this year.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in for a cuppa and cake.
    HUGS are winging their wayto you all. TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

  3. Great idea for the next challenge
    Like you say I think we all cannot wait for 2020 to be over and you more than most of us You really have had a tough time recently
    This dull grey weather doesn’t help the crafting mojo either I have to do card making during the daylight hours I can’t either see very well to match colours etc or cut things accurately under electric light
    We don’t have any plans for the weekend apart from maybe a “proper” walk and sit OH down to look at/for Christmas presents for the grandchildren at least
    You must be thrilled LILIAN that you’re only tier 1 for a while
    Take care all

  4. Morning everyone
    Good challenge for next week Sandra.
    Have no plans for the weekend, it's all the same right now but during our walks have seen some people have put up their tree and decorations so very tempted to set the tree up earlier then norm. I'm the only one who like and is bothered to have a tree up but for me that's x-mas and makes the dark nights feel cosier. It was very,very cold last night so had to put the heating back on sitting here to about three this morning. Have the cc to finish and some swearwords to do so best get a wiggle on.
    Have a nice day everyone and if not feeling good ,I wish you better. Warm and many hugs are sent for you all, take care xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A good challenge Sandra. Not that I can do many as my Groovi cards don’t usually fit the bill.
    It’s very frosty, cold & foggy here today. I’ve been out for a quick walk. That’ll be my lot for today as I’m not a lover of the cold. Plus I go and see Doreen on a Friday afternoon.
    We’re in tier 2 now but we’re in tier 1 before. Lots of cases in Oxford so west Oxfordshire and all of Oxfordshire has been lumped into tier 2 with them. So although restaurants etc will be open no going out to them for me. Only food shopping as when needed. I haven’t been out Ford shopping as I only needed milk & fruit and Keith or Karen can get that for me. Although it’ll only be Keith now as Livvy has been called back into Blenheim to prepare for next weeks opening.
    I’ll also be glad to see the back of 2020.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  6. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week, although not sure if I’ll be able to take part, but look forward to seeing yours and everyone else’s creations 😊 I shall definitely be buying some cards this year, I don’t like to but needs must. I took a long break from crafting a while ago as the pressure of making cards became a chore, rather than me enjoying it. Although I don’t make as many cards now as I did before, it’s still my go to thing to do, when time allows and I’m not being distracted by a certain little pup 🐶
    Working this weekend, but got Monday off, so I’ll try to persuade mark to get the Christmas decorations down so we can put them up. Really need a bit of sparkle and twinkling lights to see out the rest of this year.
    Have a good evening. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Great selection to choose from for next weeks challenge. Hope I get inspired and can create something to show. My brain seems to be getting slower and slower, wonder if I can get a brain transplant - well maybe not - Will stick with what I have got!!

    I still feel uncertain when I use Google so will keep this short.
    Take care everyone.

    Thought I had pressed publish earlier. Had a phone call from daughter on her way home from work, made dinner and have eaten it. Just checked iPad - oops .... comment is still there. Will correct that now.

    Sleep well everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx