Sunday 9 February 2020

Your PrettyVintage/Grunge Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all safe as we all encounter 'Storm Ciara', as I am writing this blog post it is perfectly calm outside with virtually no wind.  I was surprised when the girls messaged me earlier to say that the Wildlife Park was going to be closed today, I guess that they have to make sure that the animals are all safe and secure before worrying about the general public.  There were High Wind warnings on all of the over head Gantries on the motorway on the way home from Watford on Friday, which is something that I haven't really seen before.
We did all our shopping etc yesterday so we don't have to go anywhere, it will be nice having the girls home on a Sunday too, a lovely family day, I do hope to spend sometime crafting today too.

It has been such a pleasure seeing all of your Challenge cards as they have arrived this week, such a great range of styles, you have made some absolutely stunning cards this week, most of you working way out of your 'comfort zone'!

Let's look at what you have been making this week.....


Brenda started her Grunge Challenge card while we were all sat crafting at Watford on Friday afternoon, I watched it being made but I have to say that adding the backing card/layers has made such a difference, it has really enhanced the colours and finished the look.
I love it Brenda!

I will add Brenda's Description Below:

"I did get the card I started yesterday finished, it took me longer to sort out the card to mount it on than to actually stamp the image! Stamps I used are StampingUp some came out of ‘Playful backgrounds’ and the others came out of ‘Paint Play’ The inks are oxides and are used are Hickory Smoke and Peeled Paint."

Thank you so much Brenda for taking part in this weeks challenge XXX


Lilian used her amazing Stamperia papers to create this incredible card. I love how the composition has given depth to the card, it looks a a deep framed picture.
Absolutely stunning Lilian, thank you so much for taking part. XXX


Two completely different cards from Karen for this weeks Challenge,  a beautiful vintage Christmas card and a stunning pretty/grunge Biryhday card.  Both gorgeous in their own way.

Karen's Description:

Here’s two cc for you 
Christmas (argh already) card is a Serif embellishment that I manipulated and cut 3 times on ScanNCut and decoupaged making the book and candle the top layer I also added Wink of Stella to Santa’s hair and beard and placed on a Serif background which I’d added a frame to on a 5x7 card rather than square + some JL Poinsettia So vintage...?

2nd card is my attempt at grunge
DO smooshed background Worn Lipstick and Shaded Lilac I stamped on top with a Phill Martin stamp in hand with Worn Lipstick I also layered it onto a layer made with Shaded Lilac
JL butterflies and sentiment is Paper Boutique 

Thank you so much Karen for two fantastic cards XXX 


Michele has created a perfect Man card for her Grunge Challenge card.
Now Michele found the background of this card in her 'PHD' box, she can't remember when sge made it or what stamps she used,  do any of you have a stamp set like this, can you help as Michele really likes the set ?!!

I love the stamps too and your colour theme Michele. What a lucky find!!
I would love to rummage through some of your 'PHD' Boxes, actually it would so fun to swap 'phd's' to see how differently we would finish the projects.  
Whoever got my 'PHD' box would need plenty of space!
Thank you so much Michele for taking part in a Challenge that was so far out of your comfort zone!! XXX


Maria I will be honest and say that I was absolutely blown away when I opened the email with your cards in, you have made two absolutely stunning cards, both completely different styles but they are both just incredible.
The first card with the bird has an absolutely stunning background, I love the colour you have used and the detail you have stamped on it. You are so imaginative Maria, I would never have thought of using a piece of carpet to add a something for the bird to sit on, but it works brilliantly, those hot pink flowers are just the perfect embellishment.
Your second card has an amazing Distress Oxide Background onto which you have stamped that fantastic detailed Butterfly collage stamp, it works perfectly Maria!

Maria's Description:
"Parakeet sticker on Bluish Distress Ink background splattered with 
water then stamped, with a few flowers covering up some mistake Lol 
and then a small strip of Carpet for the bird to sit on. 
The second one is made once at Julia's craft shop and it's made as
well with Distress Ink in different hues, then I think we used some Stencils
before Heat emboss the Butterfly stamp over. Only made a small frame
to finish the card off."

Thank you so much Maria for two absolutely stunning challenge cards XXX


Sue created that gorgeous background with Distress Oxides as we crafted together on Wednesday, she stamped that lovely wildflower/script silhouette stamp over her background.  That was as much as I saw.  Seeing it with that touch of black really finishes the card off and the yellow base card just ties the whole thing together.
Thank you so much Sue for finishing your card off on a day that I know you would have been struggling after our full day on Friday. I hope that you love your finished card as much as I do. XXX


I knew that Janet would love this Challenge as Vintage/Grunge is a style that Janet has used so many times before, making some incredibly beautiful cards.
These three cards are all very different style wise, the first card is based around that gorgeous, ornate frame, Janet has popped a vintage image inside and embellished with some beautiful flowers and pearls.
Janet's second card is based around that lovely vintage background, Janet has added some amazing embellishments that all work so well with that background, this card could work for so many occasions.
Janet's final card is a beautiful floral vintage card, I love that script background and the framed sentiment, that flower filled teacup is a stunning focal point.

Thank you so much Janet for three stunning challenge cards XXX


Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovelies, 

Love and hugs to all of you especially our friends that are under the weather,



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a wonderful Challenge.So many beautiful cards and so many different takes on the one theme.

    Well we're definitely in the thick of it this's absolutely pounding with rain and horrendous winds to go with it. I hope everyone is safe and only venturing out if absolutely necessary.

    The CAFE is OPEN and today's menu is roast beef so place your orders if lunch is needed.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic selection of challenge cards today, all do different & all amazing.

    Like Janet, we have horrendous weather. It’s approximately 60mph winds with heavy rain. It’s as bad as I’ve ever seen it-I hate the wind as it’s so destructive. We had thunder about 6:30 this morning too.

    Meal out last night was perfect, company was great too. Late home (11:30) so feeling tired today. It’ll be housework this morning & definitely no walk to the beach! Hopefully some more crafting.


  3. Morning ladies.
    I love all the cards. So many styles, so many beautiful and grungy backgrounds and different themes in one challenge.
    It was fun, only wished the weeks were longer to make some more crafting when in the mood.
    We also have the storm going through MK this morning. It started late last night and the rain and the wind has not stopped since. Not often heard the wind like this, can just say I don't like it.
    Sending many warm hugs to you all and wish you have a nice day. Take care xxx

  4. Some lovely cards ladies and MARIA you’ve done it again - used a discarded household item! 😆
    It is very windy and wet but seemingly milder than some of you - stay safe
    Having all of the family around today for Sunday dinner Cooking like crazy! But I love it and so enjoy having the family around Slightly sad occasion as we’re celebrating OH and sister in law’s mum’s birthday in her memory but I’m sure we’ll have a giggle to especially with Oscar around
    Take care all xxx

    1. 😁 I started to take some carpet samples when we did the hall and found them laying in a bag. I also still have loads of the paint strips in a box 🙈 x

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I couldn’t get my comment to publish yesterday so I must say that Sues Brusho card is amazing. I love the stamp and the way you have got the Brusho “leaves”. I hope you share some more of your work with us x
    Janet, your owl is beautiful, I love it x
    Michele, thanks for your review x
    Today’s challenge cards are all so different love them all. I must admit that I completely forgot to add the sentiment onto my card! I remembered as we were nearly at Mum and Pops yesterday and as we went onto friends before getting home after midnight I wasn’t able to do anything about it so sorry about that but I must admit I was pleased how it turned out.
    We have the high winds and rain here too, it started to really pick up about 10pm and hasn’t stopped since. Next door have lost a fence panel and half of the roofing off of their shed but that didn’t stop the lady attempting to put out some washing onto her washing line!!! I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to have a look out of the window and saw her pegging two T-shirt’s out during a lull in the rain. I looked again about 10 mins later and saw an empty line so either she took them back in or more likely they are now well on the way to Oxford. Some people are very strange aren’t they?????
    I do hope you all stay safe and don’t suffer any damage to your homes etc.
    I will be finishing Chris jnr birthday card later then will make a start on this weeks challenge card.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Mum, Lynda and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Love the blending on your card,it's beautiful x
      Hope mum and Pop are doing alright xx

  6. Oops sorry forgot to say that I will be thinking of you today Karen. I’m sure there will be mixed emotions but mostly lots of fun and laughter with Oscar around, especially after hearing just how cheeky and infectious his laughter is on Friday 😂 xx

  7. Hello All, well and truly getting battering today, panel of the greenhouse had to be wedged in with a piece of wood, apart from that all seems ok.
    Tried to comment yesterday but no luck, loved everything.

    Today’s cards are as superb as usual, mine was made for Rs birthday this week.

    Waiting on new tables from ikea, tomorrow , hope they can deliver, and that the wind has slowed. Hugs to all, extra for those not feeling well, Lilian

  8. Hi Sandra & ladies
    The weather here in Oxfordshire is atrocious today. It’s very very windy and very very wet. A good job it wasn’t like this yesterday when I drove to Redditch. It took me about 1hr 20 mins.
    Lovely grunge cards today. I had made cards like this a couple of years ago. Well I did the cards but not put them together. Thought I’d send them. However, after being out all day Friday then the same Saturday crafting I fell asleep after I go home yesterday. I send a picture of one of the projects that I made to Sandra yesterday. The other two projects I need to finish.
    I thought your card looked great when I saw it on Saturday Sue. But brusho’s aren’t something I’ve ever used.
    Thinking of you today Karen. Take care everyone if you have high winds and rain today.

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lovely grunge challenge cards all so very different, I love them all. xx

    We also have high winds and heavy rain. I’m not going to moan because I know most of you will have it much worse, we are relatively sheltered being in a built up area. I hope everyone is safe and warm.

    Not a lot happening here today, definitely not going out, might just play with my Brusho’s, after seeing that beautiful card Sue made yesterday I’m inspired, I’ve only ever used them to create a background. Isn’t it great how we get inspiration from each other.

    Time to get a wiggle on, stay safe and if you have to go out be careful. xx

    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx