Saturday 22 February 2020

Mixed Up Saturday

Milly-May's Easter Bonnet 

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all ok, sadly there are a few of you that are feeling under the weather and I want to send you all a gentle hug đŸ¤—

We are off to Farnborough today, sadly Sue and Pat are both unable to come with us as they both feel poorly, I hope they both start feeling better soon, Brenda and Brenda Little lamb are both going so we will be looking out for them, for me it's the friends that make the day, the shopping is fun too!

Let's get on to today's crafts and shopping and then we have Michele's magazine Review of course.

Milly-May's Easter Bonnet starts us off today, it is absolutely beautiful, Milly-May started with a pretty pink hat and then picked out a selection of Easter themed decorations to add to it, the Roses weren't quite the right colour, that was no problem for Milly-May, she took a brayer and added ink to them!  So clever, Cheryl made sure that she was confident with the 'Cool Melt' Glue gun before allowing her to use it, clever little lady used a 'Lolly stick'  (why didn't I think of that?).  
The most impressive part of this beautiful hat is how Symmetrical it is, Milly-May has shown incredible skill in her planning and decoration of gorgeous Easter Bonnet, please join me in telling her what an amazingly talented crafter she is.  I can't wait to see your next project Milly-May, thank you so much for sharing it with us xxx


 Karen's Shopping

Karen has shared her Stamperama Shopping with us, I can't wait for your review on that 'Versatile card for crafters' Karen, I haven't seen it before so I can't wait to hear if it lives up to it's name.  I love both of the sentiment stamps you bought, I also have the Honey Doo Paint splats, (although I haven't used them yet) I have seen some fantastic Brightly coloured cards made with this set, which would be perfect for this weeks challenge.  The Spectrum Noir sparkle pens are great and give an incredibly even coat of glitter to any surface, love the SW Tag set, really versatile set. I'm not sure what the 'Eclipse' thingy is at the top of your photo so I will leave that for you to describe.
Thank you so much for sharing your  shopping with us, I can't wait to see what you create with it.

My Shopping 

I really didn't buy that much last weekend, partly because I knew I had Farnborough this week too.
I have wanted to try the Alcohol ink Lift off pad for some time, so I picked that up.  I went with the gorgeous Aall & Create Masks on my shopping list, I want to use them with my Gelli Plate ! 
The other thing on my list was Sentiment stamps, I really like the Woodware ones, as there was a good variety on there, the Dragonfly was an impulse buy, because I loved it.!
The last photo is of my Card-I-O collection, after watching the lovely lady demo them and make it look so easy I just couldn't resist, (I didn't find it quite as easy but enjoyed playing with them)!
No doubt I will be adding to this lot today!

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies,

Simply Cards & Papercraft has a really lovely set of stamps & Dies free this month.

Here’s some ideas from inside the magazine.

Here’s the first feature using the free gifts.

More ideas.

Even more ideas!

This feature shows some ideas using this free gift plus the Dies from Diecutting Essentials featured last week.

There’s free Digi downloads by Ella’s design available this month.

Lovely ideas & inspiration for men’s cards.

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting.

Love Michele.

Thank's so much Michele for another fantastic review, I will definitely be buying this magazine as I LOVE that free die and stamp set, Ferns are just so pretty!  I really like Paula too, there is loads of inspiration in the magazine too.
The 'Cards for Men' piece is really interesting too, Sue and I saw those stamps on so many different stands last weekend, they are perfect for men cards.
Thanks again Michele XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a gorgeous Easter Bonnet.It has a really professional finish what a talented crafter.I cannot wait to see your next project.

    Well once again we're still being battered by horrendous gale force winds and some rain to go with them. We had the rain on and off yesterday but the winds just will not stop.

    Unfortunately we have to go shopping this morning and I'm definitely not looking forward to going out.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all.The usual cakes and scones will be ready this afternoon.
    HUGS are on their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends not feeling too well.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-the Easter bonnet is lovely, so pretty.

    Karen & Sandra-great shopping from last week. Looking forward to seeing your creations using these goodies.

    Sandra-I hope you have a fantastic time at Farnborough especially meeting up with the two Brenda’s.

    Like Janet, we have gales again but no rain at the moment. Hubby’s golf competition is cancelled as they’ve closed the course due to the rain.

    I’m meeting a friend at Dobbies this morning plus I need to buy a couple of things there as gifts for colleagues-I usually inherit the department collections! Hopefully my brother & wife are coming down this weekend to see my Dad & eating with us tonight although there’s snow warnings for Scotland now. Fingers crossed they can come.


  3. Have fun at Farnborough Say hello to the Brenda’s for me
    I think your hat is beautiful Milly May You’re a very clever crafter
    I love your buys SANDRA especially those stencils
    The “eclipse” stuff is from Stamp Addicts and is a giant roll of post it notes if you like for masking when stamping You can use it as a stencil too and is reusable I’ll let you know how I get on
    Thank you again MICHELE for the review
    It’s very windy here Perfect excuse to stay in and craft I hope you all stay safe and there is no harm to anyone or anything xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely Easter bonnet Cheryl that Milly Mae has made. She’s inherited her Grannies talent.
    I just didn’t feel like going to Farnborough today. I’d hurt my back while in Colchester & already had an achy right shoulder. I just feel yucky all round really. I thought it was on Sunday and might have felt a bit more with it to then. Sandra had already bought my ticket for me which she usually does, so I’ll be giving that when I see her on Tuesday.
    Love the shopping you & Karen bought last weekend ladies. I’m now looking forward to Ally Pally. Although I’m not sure if Clarity will be there as it’s going to be run by C & C.
    Thanks for the mag reviews Michele very comprehensive as usual. I hope the weather isn’t too bad that it stops your brother coming down.

    1. Clarity might be there because it’s not C&C running it but the Stamp Addicts girl’s calling it Crafterama So I think it’ll have a lot more crafts than Stamperama

  5. Afternoon ladies.
    Love the Easter bonnet Milly-May, very clever. I love the little chicks x
    Good shopping Sandra and Karen. Like to know more about the "eclipse" I can see you got hold of the stamp I'm after Karen Lol
    I bought this magazine yesterday Michele. Like Sandra I love Ferns and lot of nice ideas in the mag.
    Ladies who are going to Farnborough, hope you have a great day and we all looking forward to see what you bought.
    Didn't have a good night so only sitting here and doing some colouring in while OH watching the football. We also had the storm back during the night and so much rain again. When is it going to stop ?
    Sending hugs to you all and well wishes to our poorly friends. Take care, Maria xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    WOW we have another budding crafterin our mist Milly may with your gorgeous bonnet
    Thank you MICHELE for the mag review again
    SANDRA have a good day at craft show today please say hi to the the two Brenda's. I lost two comment
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Lovely to see you in again Lynda. I hope your feeling a bit better.

  7. Hello All, wet and windy again, it’s so noisy during the night as we have dorma windows and they seem to catch the wind.

    Beautiful hat, Milly-May, you will soon be as good as your Grandma.

    Love the shopping, I found my reel of eclipse that I bought many years ago, hope it’s still OK.

    Michele great reviews as usual, very informative thank you.

    Hope you all have a good weekend , hugs to all, lovely to hear from you again Lynda. Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I tried to post a comment when I was on my 1st train this morning on my way to Farnborough, very soon lost my signal, tried on the next train, same thing happened on the 3rd train. By the time I arrived at Farnborough Station I had given up.

    I’ve had a lovely day the show was fine, new company have taken over the organisation so they have teething problems. Apparently the floor plan was organised then the electricians came in and the walkways had to be reduced, something to do with access to power.. It did make life difficult for people (like Paul) pushing a wheelchair, but bless him - as always he coped.

    Cheryl you must be so proud of Milly-May she has created a lovely Easter Bonnet, but then she has great role model for inspiration. she is at an age when she is like a sponge, You are a great inspiration to her.

    Sandra, Karen love your shopping. xx

    Michele thank you for another great magazine review.

    Think I will be having an early night, I was up before 6am today, definitely will have a sleep in tomorrow.
    Ladies hope you have had a good day. Sue and Pat hope you are both feeling better.....missed you both xx
    Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.
    Love and Big Hugs, Brenda xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Millie-May your Easter bonnet is wonderful. I love all of the decorations you have added. I bet you love crafting with Granny/Nanny/ Grandma don’t you. Thank you for sharing this hat with us x
    Cheryl, you certainly have a talented little lady , bless her x
    Sandra, I lived your Cardio card yesterday, sorry my head is really not with it at the moment! I was so sad not to be able to join you today but there was no way I could have. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stash. I will try and remember to send you a photo of my stamps etc. I hope you can relax tomorrow my lovely, I’m sure you both fancy a lazy day xx
    Michele, Like some of the other ladies o will be buying this magazine this month as I love the fern die and the stamps x
    Karen, I’m looking forward to seeing just how the eclipse tape/mask works please. I hope you can settle your sugar levels down a bit now x
    Mum, missing you both but will not take a chance on you getting this cough!!! Love you xxxx
    Lynda, so lovely to see you in the cafe dear friend xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Mum, Lynda and all in need. Take care xx