Friday 21 February 2020

Your Next Challenge.....

Good Morning Ladies,

Oh YAY it's Friday!!!!  This week has been a long one, I think that for me it's because I haven't seen my lovely craft companions, seeing them on a Tuesday and Wednesday really breaks the week up for me, so I think that I really notice it when it don't see them.

I was sad to read about IconUK, the reason they have gone out of business is even more frustrating, I do remember that one of the companies got told off at Ally Pally for pricing their dies etc too low, I think that another stall holder had complained as they were cheaper than he had his dies priced.  You would think that it would be up to the retailer to sell them for what they see fit.  I hope poor Ben at Set Craft doesn't go the same way as I think that they were a close match to Icon prices.

Your Next Challenge 

Ladies I think that what we could all do with some cheering up after all this 'Doom  & Gloom' Weather and all the other nonsense in the news!
So I would like you to all make a card or some cards that feature Cheerful Spring Colours, all bright and cheerful, you can use anything colourful from Paint Splodges to rainbows to a beautiful display of flowers, the choice is yours,  I want the blog to be 'buzzing with brightness next Sunday.

My first card for this challenge, is a first time try for me, I was absolutely mesmerized by the lady on the Card-1-O stamp, she was making the most beautiful cards with these same stamps, she showed me how she did it and I was HOOKED, I wanted all of the sets but that would have meant walking home so I just picked out a couple.
It is my first proper go at making a full card with the Card-I-O stamps and it was fairly straightforward, you simply get the outer shape with the Branch die, building up the wreath by stamping at the top of you card, then you stamp at the bottom and then the sides, I found it easier to turn my card around as I went, the other tip she gave me  was to stamp the branch stamp a few times without re-inking the stamp, this gives a more filled in wreath,  I was quite pleased with if for a first go, it's by no means perfect but it's not that bad either. You can use whatever colours you like, I used different makes of ink pad too, the hardest thing for me was it not being Symmetrical, I am a bit of 'symmetry sally' and doing anything 'Random' is a real struggle for me, so I almost had to close my eyes and go for it. I am going to use green for the branch and pretty yellow and orange for the flowers on my next one.

Your card doesn't need to feature flowers, it can be anything as long as it is Bright, cheerful and Spring like!
I can't wait to see your cards....

Another craft meet up tomorrow as we are off on our Annual trip to Farnborough, we will let you know if it was a success or a shambles!

Have a lovely weekend ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card & a great challenge. I could definitely do with seeing bright, cheerful colours as we have yet more gales here. We had torrential rain yesterday plus the gales. It’s dry today luckily.

    Have fun at the craft show.

    Maria-you mentioned the show at the NEC last week. Sandra asked on the blog (on my behalf) a few weeks ago and there was no-one interested so I’ve swapped my time off at work. I think the next date is in June if anyone does want to a meet up. If I was to plan-to go I’d need lots of notice to book the time off work & but the train tickets.


    1. It's only me going this time in March but of course if you meet again in June I will try to be joining you and Cheryl x

  2. Morning ladies,

    It's quite a grey sky at the moment and dryish. Yesterday turned out to be very, very wet again with gusty winds blowing all sorts of debris around.

    Michele..I would be up for a meet up in June at the NEC, it's not that far for me to travel up and stay with my sister and BIL, we could catch a train to the NEC. Please keep me in the loop.

    Lunch club today at a newish Italian café/small restaurant. I will report later if it was stunning or not. I love Italian food so hoping my choice will be exquisite, we usually preorder our choices so no waiting.

    Hope your day becomes kinder to you
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Hi again,

    I've Googled Iconuk after reading your comments and there is a statement saying, 'Sorry the shop temporarily closed for essential maintenance' I'm hoping this means they will be up and running again soon?

  4. Hi ladies.
    Omg I have lost a couple of days and it's not good. Really thought it is Thursday today so knowing now it is Friday.
    Lovely new cc for next week Sandra, your card is Beautiful.
    Bought quite a bit from Icon so hope they are just shut temporarily. So sad to see so many companies closing down and not only crafting. Clothes shops are disappearing in MK too,every week it is something new.
    Think I got ibs so tummy still a bit sore,have taken some meds for it so hope to be able to make this week cc this afternoon.
    Sending many hugs to you all, take care xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card today. Very bright & cheerful. Just what we need on these horrible days. I had my old Nokia phones details over to Peter newer Samsung phone last week. Opened it up yesterday but couldn’t get it too work. Craig thought it might need unlocking as the phone had been on the Virgin network & I was on Vodafone. Anyway I popped into the shop this morning. It was unlocked but wasn’t working properly. Anyway the assistant sorted it out and it should be ok in 24hrs, fingers crossed,
    Such a shame about Icon. I used to use it a lot when I bought dies.
    Take care everyone.

  6. Hi All, dry day ! Hurrah. Washing on the line.

    Lovely card today, have bought some of these stamps, but I no good at random.

    Going to try and do today’s c card, don’t have an ideas yet, hugs Lilian

  7. Your card is lovely SANDRA The Card-I-o lady is lovely and very helpful Really cheerful I’m looking forward to this challenge and make some “brighter” cards
    To say I am gutted that icon has closed is an understatement and so so disappointed with CE as a company
    Saw diabetes specialist nurse earlier as I was fed up with my fluctuating sugar levels and didn’t know what to adjust anymore Hopefully the tweaks will help
    Nothing much planned over the weekend
    Enjoy Farnborough tomorrow ladies and it goes well - more card-I-o shopping SANDRA? 😀

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a pretty card Sandra, love it. The Card-io lady is going to be at Farnborough tomorrow, she has an amazing talent for turning tiny dies into really beautiful designs.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how Farnborough works now C&C seem to be running the event. It was lovely when it was in the enormous ‘tent’ Now they have this posh new centre that can host quite a few events all at the same time. I suppose that’s why (also C&C wanting a cut) the tickets have gone up in price. On the previous two occasions it was held in the new building I can’t recall the tickets being as expensive.

    Take care everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx