Friday, 28 February 2020

Your Next Challenge & Happy Birthday Janet

Good Morning Ladies,

Firstly today please join me in wishing our Dear Friend Janet a Very Happy Birthday, followed by a year of good health and happiness xxxx

Your Next Challenge

For this weeks challenge I would like you all to have a go at making cards/projects that feature something 'Old' and something 'New' . Karen inspired me to set this challenge, so let's do her proud !

The 'Old' can be stamps, dies, embossing folders, papers etc, so you can get your old Sue Wilson Dies out or any of you that used to watch Sue on Create & Craft back in the day that Spellbinders were the biggest Die and only one of a couple of companies that were making dies, Sue used to put collections together and they used to sell out in minutes, looking back on my collections a lot of them were the same, but they were 'all the rage' back then!!  Mind you I will say that some of Sara Davies new dies look VERY similar to some of the ornate rectangle Spellbinders so they may be coming back into popularity.  We all have old paper pads and stamp sets too, so it will be fun to get them out and blow the dust off.

The 'New' can be anything that you have bought in recent months, I am not going to put a time on it, if you consider it to be 'new' thats fine by me!

As always I can't wait to see your cards xxx


I made today's card for this Challenge, so for the 'Old' I used SW Lattice Background die, and SW Double Stitched Rectangles to make the frame.  The paper that I used for the background and for the flowers is a really Old Creative Expressions 8 x 8 pad that I bought for £1 in a bargain bin, I think that it was the first paper pad that Sue Wilson designed.
I had to cut the lattice background twice to make it big enough to fill the frame I had cut, so I cut my piece of patterned paper, place the die cut lattice over it, (I added foam pads for depth), I then cut myself a base card to fit my background and adhered them together, I added foam pads to my die cut frame and placed that over the lattice, so my card was complete apart from the embellishing.
So for the 'New' I used the Fern die that is featured on the latest edition of 'Simply cards and Papercraft' magazine, the one that Michele featured on her magazine review last Saturday.  I loved it as soon as I saw it, so when Lucy asked me to go to Asda with her on Wednesday that was the first thing on my shopping list.  As soon as we got home I was in my craft room and it kind of gave me the inspiration for this card.
So I die cut 4 fern leaves in 2 shades of green card and arranged them to one side of my card base, I then die cut some flowers out of the same paper as I used for the background, I shaped them in my Heartfelt Creations shape tool and added them to my card with a crystal in the centre, to add my sentiment I used another 'old' banner die, which is used to stamp my sentiment on. I cut a slightly larger mat for the banner to tie it in to the background etc.
I hope you like my card, I also hope that you enjoy this weeks challenge.

Thank you so much Karen for the idea for this weeks challenge, I have an inspiration card from Karen that I will share with you on Tuesday. xxx

I hope that Storm Jorge doesn't cause any major problems for any of you this coming weekend, it's bringing more wind and rain I believe !

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs for all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-wishing your a very Happy Birthday today, hope you have a wonderful day.

    Sandra-great Card & a brilliant challenge (thanks Karen). I have do much that would fit into the “new” (or unused/unopened ) category!!

    First day of us making the treatments went ok, very busy but worth all the work. We have an external consultant (NHSi = improvement) today & she’s asked to see my boss who has decided I should join her so that’s another meeting.
    Thank goodness it’s Friday!!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Thank you for my birthday wishes. As far as I know today will be just another usual day so as it's Friday it means it's 'Swear' day.The washer is already on so I've made a start lol.

    A really good challenge this week.Thank you Karen.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all to pop in.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA mixing old with new I hope you all like the challenge It could even be a Wedding card ...
    Like MICHELE I have stuff still in packets Maybe this will encourage me to get it out
    I am so glad it’s Friday but have even more training today I’m getting too old for this mullarkey
    OH ready to leave So I’ll lose signal Will be back xxx

  4. Morning ladies

    Happy Birthday Janet (forget the swear word, it will still be there tomorrow), have an indulgent day to your self and OH.

    Lovely idea for next week's card. During my month long decluttering of my craft room for the Preschool I have found many items bought to use then only used once probably because I didn't like the rest that goes with the one favourite that persuaded me to buy the package.

    Yesterday's sunny weather turned out to stay all day. I should have done the washing then instead of leaving it til today lol
    This morning the clouds are continuously crying.

    Enjoy your day and weekend whatever you are planning to do.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Morning ladies.
    Nice card Sandra and a nice challenge for next week.

    Step away from the duster and have a nice ,relaxing day instead 💐 and some real cake x

    100% rain today so if body lets me I will try to make a CC.
    Colds with little hedgehogs in the throat and a drummer boy in the head is going around in the Alder house so will start the day off with a honey tea and get the heating back on.

    Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card today.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET? I hope you have a lovely day.
    Must have missed the announce of Storm Jorge ladies. As if we need Any more storms. Olivia said yesterday that Sophie & her boyfriend Jonny were off to the Snowdonia area for the weekend. Rather her than me, I might try my phone later to see if it’s working. The chap in Vodofone did say Friday, but best wait until a Saturday. From previous experience over the last week is hill be going in again tomorrow. Then all I need then is someone to pop in so I can set up my email address unless everything transfers over as Craig thought it should. But I’m not holding my breath. I need to set it up as forgotten password on my phone but you need another email address for them to send a code to. Then wait for Craig to come in to try and get them paired up.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET As people have said the swear word will still be there tomorrow Make sure you relax
    Really miserable weather here So glad work is over for the week
    Take care all xx

  8. Hello All, lovely day yesterday, but wind and rain today.

    Sorry didn’t get in yesterday, was shattered after getting back from visiting friends.

    Happy Birthday Janet, hope it’s a Happy one and any more.

    Pat your card yesterday was a masterpiece, very lovely.

    Sandra pretty card today, and good challenge Karen, been looking through my old dies this morning, surprisingly I thought why have I not used these more.

    Water, gas and electric bills in today, good job we pay monthly, very expensive to have a nice warm house these days. Hugs to all, take if you are going out in the wind.Lilian.

  9. Hi again,

    Had some wonderful news Jamie started off this morning as a Trainee STE4...……….he has passed and is now an STE4 examiner!
    He will coming home in the early of tomorrow, So pleased for him, all that hard work has paid off. Now promoted he will no longer be on trainee wages. A good result.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    JANET HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Hope you are having a lovely day and the swearing didn’t take to much out of your special day. xx

    Sorry don’t know what happened to Thursday. Really thought I had left a comment -think the gremlins stole another day our of my life!

    PAT your card yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. This will really be a treasure to whoever receives. xx

    Sandra love your card, it would work for so many occasions. Thank you for your brilliant inspiration xx

    Take care everyone, love and hugs, Brenda xxx