Sunday 24 March 2019

Your 'No Die' Cards

Good Morning Ladies,

Now I will be honest, I did think that you might not find this Challenge as easy as some of our others but Oh My Goodness, have you proved me wrong!!  20 cards is just incredible, I cannot thank you enough, it's so lovely seeing all the different techniques that you have used on your cards and to see you going back and using some of your older products...Janet I have that same 'Steampunk' Kanban Kit, I can even vividly remember the shows that they did to launch it, where they shared some amazing sample projects for inspiration (that I totally forgot about by the time I got my kit), I think I have used about 2 or 3 pieces out of the whole kit!  Thankfully though Steampunk just hasn't lost it's appeal, so the cards made with the kit look as fresh today as they did way back when (it has to be a good 7 years ago at least)!

Anyway I have waffled enough,  I would like to draw your attention to Karen's Challenge card and just bare in mind that Karen isn't an 'experienced stamper!! it's incredible..!!!!


Even though Janet made no die cards for last week's challenge she still managed another three for this weeks!! You are amazing Janet..

My first card - I used Steam Punk images by Kan Ban which I have had for years.The base card/edgings/birthday wishes are from my stash.The card is a gatefold in shape.
My second card is made from images by 'Acid Drops & Whatnots2014'. Again these images I have had for a few years in my stash drawer.
My last card is from 'Craft U Print' again this image I have had for years.

3 fantastic cards again this week Janet, thank you so much for taking part xxx


Karen, I am lost for words!! I cannot believe that you can go from "not really being a stamper" to creating a card this Stunning! I love everything about your card Karen, the stamped image is amazing, your background is blended to perfection!! Then we come to the colouring of the stamped images...again perfect!!  I am blown away my lovely, you must be buzzing after producing such a incredible card!!

Here’s a cc No laptop at all!
Background = blended DO Fossilised Amber, Carved Pumpkin, Abandoned Coral
2x Woodware stamps
Coloured with Chameleon pens and a white marker I found As image is quite stylised/whimsical no shading needed
Quite pleased with a “proper” attempt at stamping and colouring.

Thank you so much Karen for a stumning card. XXX 


Lilian you keep tempting me with  these amazing Stamperia papers, the image you have used is such a lovely one, I love the decoupaged Hot Air Balloons, the complete view is just breath taking, I really want some of these papers, I have seen them on a few websites.

" My card was made from a sheet of paper from one of my Stamperia pads. Fussy cut the hot air balloons and the rope."

Thank you so much for taking part Lilian,  I hope that you start to feel better soon my lovely XXX 

4Gorgeous cards from Our Lynda again this week, the first two using masks and gorgeous shades of Sparkle medium and the third is the most amazing image that Lynda has added sequins too, the fourth card is  stamped and embossed and coloured beautifully...

Card Number 1:  A clarity mask with texture bronze paste

Card Number 2:  A clarity mask with texture Aqua paste

Card Number 3:  Picture from Internet, Just added sequins

 Card Number 4:  Daisy B stamp floral dreams lady added sequins

Thank you so much Lynda for four incredible cards, you are so inspirational XXX


Two lovely cards from Margaret for this weeks challenge, using just pretty papers  and some matting and layering. The main image on the second card has been fussy cut (which is so time consuming and requires a steady hand and lots of patience).
The paper on the first card was from 'Every cards A pound', so pretty for a £1 paper pad.
I can tell you how fantastic that first card is as it is sat in my craft room, thank you Margaret for taking part and sending me a lovely card. XXX 


Maria has used two completely new techniques for her Challenge cards this week, now I don't usually 'do fairies'  but these ones are quite different, I love the amount of detail including the long wavy hair and those super delicate wings.
Maria made her first card  'topper' at Ally Pally at a Make & Take stand, Maria used that topper to make her lovely card.

Maria's second card was made by using the 'Shaving Foam' technique to create the background, which is fantastic, she then used a Mask with some 'Grit paste'  to create the flowers, stamping the sentiment after.

So inspirational Maria, thank you so much for sharing two fantastic techniques, I love that so many of you are stamping now!  XXX


Michele's 5 cards are all made using CD Rom's or Digital Downloads from Ella's Deigns Downloads, the thing I love the most is how amazingly everything matches, the floral design cards we saw when we launched the challenge last Friday, I think that you all loved them as much as I did, agreeing that they don't look like they are printed images.
The other three cards are all just perfect, the papers are STUNNING, such pretty florals mixed with gingham and stripes, or polka dots that match perfectly with the main image come together to create such incredibly professional looking cards, I just know that these will fly off your sale table Michele.
Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge and for helping by sharing cards to inspire our friends. XXX


Val has used a sweet 'Happy Birthday' Topper that features the most amazing cake, she has then designed a background that suits any Nine year old girl perfectly, with some pretty background papers in beautiful pink tones and then that amazing touch of sparkle coming from that punched border that has been embellished with little pearl flowers.
Some little girl is going to have a huge smile when she opens that on her birthday Val, thank you so much for taking part in our challenge this week. XXX

Thank you all my Dear Friends, for taking part in this weeks 'No Die' Challenge, I would also like to thank you for your patience while I have been unwell, I am hoping to resume 'normal service' next week.  Although the lambs are taking up quite a lot of my time, not that I am complaining, I can't for a sunny day so that I can watch them frolicking around the back garden.

Have a lovely Sunday Ladies,

Love and Hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    What an amazing selection of challenge cards today, so many beautiful cards.
    Sandra-great challenge & glad to hear you’re starting to feel better.

    Had a lovely evening yesterday-good food & great company.

    Housework this morning then Hospital visiting this afternoon then phone my Dad this evening.


    1. Hi Michele. All of your cards are lovely. Have a good day, I hope FIL is as well as he can be x

    2. Great cards from you today Michele. Good that you had a nice meal yesterday evening with good company. Just what the Dr ordered.
      Hope you find you FIL as well as can be expected.

    3. Great cards Michele, love the layouts. Have a good day x

  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW WOW WOW what a bumper bundle of creativity for this week's Challenge.
    There are so many beautiful cards and all so different that all the display boards have had to come out of

    I'm so pleased we don't have to choose a favourite as I just couldn't do that.

    We've got to pop out to the Opticians this morning for a slight adjustment to Jim's new specs and then back home.

    The CAFE is OPEN and the lunch menu for today is Roast Beef so place your orders asap.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. It’s a good job we have the extra boards isn’t it. Yourcards are all great. I did giggle at the saying on the second one 😀 Please put me down for today’s roast x

    2. 3 lovely cards today Janet. The 2nd one looks like a whatnots one with that saying on it. Just the type of humorous ones they do.
      Roast beef sounds wonderful. Hope Jim’s specs will be ok now they’ve been adjusted.

    3. Lovely cards Janet, the baby one is so cute.
      Roast beef, yes please!!

  3. Another beautiful selection of cards ladies Some have given me ideas to explore For instance, somewhere in my chaos I have a kit that has never been touched (thank you JANET)
    I need to hoik out my stencils and “play”
    I love that sentiment on MICHELE’s card about “having better things to do”
    I have to admit I was pleased with my card I was determined not to use Serif as well as dies
    I’m off to London in a mo I’m going on a Heretics and Horror walk with a couple of friends Apparently we are going to start with how we lived during the plague then Fire of London etc etc As well as being fun and informative I think it’ll be quite thought provoking too
    Whatever you’re up to have a lovely day

    1. Wonderful card Karen and no Sherif in sight :>)
      Have a fun walk.

  4. Hi Karen. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Your card is absolutely fantastic, I love everything on it. No one would guess that you are not a “seasoned stamper”. The walk sounds very interesting, I hope you and your friends thoroughly enjoy it x

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Wow a stunning display on show today. And Karen your stamping is fantastic. Michele sent me some hedgehog sheets of the ones that were shown on here awhile back. Didn’t manage that as I wanted to finish off 4 Groovi cards that I’d started awhile ago. I did send them offf to Sandra last Sunday for the challenge but not to sure what happened to them.
    Hope your feeling much better today Sandra.
    I’m assuming part of your garden will have to be fenced off Sandra if your wanting to see the lambs frolicking in it as it’s completly open. Or else they’ll be running all down the street. I can just see the picture now your neighbours running after them but not knowing where they came from.
    I’m me again on blogger, so still none the wiser what’s going on.
    Hugs to all who need one today.

    1. Love your groovi work, I'm sure we get to see them soon. Hugs x

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Wow, what a wonderful collection of cc’s. And it clearly shows that dies aren’t needed to
    make beautiful cards.
    Sandra, I hope you are feeling better as each day goes by. Watching the lambs gambling in the garden will be a lovely sight. Big hugs for you my lovely xx
    Mum, I hope you manage to get out in the sun again today. I had to smile when you said that Doreen has got herself a Gemini after seeing yours. I can see you having lots of crafty afternoons together coming up. We will have to all get together won’t we. Love to you and Pop xxxx
    Lynda, your cards are all lovely. I particularly love the two stencilled ones. That stencil is really pretty. I hope you aren’t in too much extra pain today and the doctor rings you tomorrow to sort out your meds. Hugs are on their way to you and CU xx
    Maria, both cards are so pretty. I love the gentle colours you have used. What ink did you use on the shaving foam technique card? Hugs are coming to you x
    Lilian, what a wonderful card. The “relax” in the sentiment is just what the card makes you feel (not that you could persuade me to go up in a hot air balloon for all the dies in China! 😊) Gentle hugs for you x
    Val, any little girly girl would love your lovely sparkly, pink and pretty card. Is this this card for the shop? I bet it won’t be on the rack for very long. I hope you are enjoying some lovely warm weather x
    Brenda, I hope you aren’t too busy at the moment dear friend and can have some “me” time x
    Cheryl, I hope you and Milly-May are having great fun together x
    I am going to continue some painted background (a new techinque for me!)
    cards that I couldn’t get finished yesterday once we have a late breakfast. I really should get outside the front of the house and do some weeding too. I hope you are all able to enjoy some nice sunny weather.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue. I didn't have any of the right stuff to use so I used some old Starlight Metallic Paint from Imaginations crafts. If I'm ever doing any more I should probably get the proper inks but did find the shaving foam technique a very messy business hihi hugs

  7. Margaret Palmer24 March 2019 at 11:09

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what an amazing selection of cards today, just shows you do not need dies to make lovely cards. It is so good to know you are feeling better & I am sure the lambs keep you entertained, enjoy the
    Janet please can I have roast beef with all trimmings.
    Lynda hope you are in less pain, hugs to you &
    Well it is a beautiful sunny morning hope you all have some of it, sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Pretty cards Margaret. Have a nice day. Hugs for you and Pop x

  8. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Lovely sunny day today
    WOW gorgeous & stunning card's on show this morning a lovely challenge you chose KAREN it dose make you think of other products rather than Dies.
    SANDRA pleased your feeling better. Enjoy watching the baby lamb's running round your back garden. Please take some 📸pictures of them would love to see them.
    We had a lovely afternoon/evening yesterday Harry was a real pleasure he was sitting with me & he kept saying nannie I love you. He just melted my heart he was showing me how he can now write his name without copying it & Sam has been teaching him adding up. He made me a lovely card with a picture of me & him with a lovely spray of flowers he said on it happy mothers day it was really lovely. 💐 So looking forward to seeing him for a whole week when we are on holiday.
    Well must finish off the housework as want to spend some time in craft room
    Hug's for everyone & extra for our poorly friend's love Lynda xxx

    1. Some fantastic cards Lynda, can really see the shine on the first two. take care x

  9. Hi ladies,
    Wowser. What a bumper bundle of amazing cards and not a die cut insight.
    I've been making children's age cards for the shop all week, so I'm really prepared for next week's challenge.
    We had a great time at the Country and Western evening last night. Sadly my poorly legs wouldn't let me attempt the line dancing but I sang myself hoarse. It was in aid of the local children's orphanage and a few charity events are taking place to pay for a day out for the children at the theme park in Benidorm during the summer.
    After some rain this week Sue we know have lovely sunshine again. Lynn and Paul are busy in the garden renewing some green fence covering. Gracie and I are staying out of the way.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.
    Love Valx

    1. Great card for a young girl. Yummy cake :>) Glad you had a good evening. Enjoy the sunshine. hugs

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What an amazing selection of non-die cards, each and everyone deserving their place on the display stand. You really are brilliant ladies, putting the stops out and making this blog what it is, I’m just in awe of your amazing talents.
    Sandra I can feel your excitement waiting to see those little lambs skipping around in your garden, it’s always such a beautiful sight watching them. How many lambs did Matt’s sheep have this year? I’m assuming the ones in your kitchen were in need of extra TLC. xx
    JANET if it hasn’t all gone - I would love to have some of your delicious Roast
    Beef. Gosh as I type those words my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    It’s a beautiful sunny day here much to nice to stay indoors, thinking about going into the garden. Just about to have a coffee then will have a little potter before I make lunch.
    Take care everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  11. Hi ladies.
    Wow,wow so many fabulous cards, I love seeing them all on the Sunday.
    Lilian, love your card, would love to go up in a hot air balloon. Thought about it when in Cairo but silly expensive.
    I will drew down some of Michele's layouts , think they look fun.
    Like Brenda say it is too nice outside to be indoors so I started this morning with some weeding and thinking of doing some light digging, well that's a thought, will have a drink first so maybe the thought goes away :>)
    Have a nice day everyone, love Maria xx