Saturday, 2 March 2019

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to the first 'Mixed Saturday' of March, I have some shopping and another in depth look Magazine Review from Michele, this time it is 'Simply Cards & Papercraft'

Do let's get on with the show.....

First thing I want to share is the Gorgeous Scarf (above) I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it, I loved the pattern, the colour, the buttons, everything!! So I took a screenshot and sent it to Karen, who also loved it, I then asked if she would be able to make one, she said she would have a go, so I found a link, amazingly Aldi had wool in at exactly the right time and also had the PERFECT colour match too, so Karen went and picked some up and got to work, I received it earlier this week and I was instantly in love with it, it is so soft and cosy and so perfectly made, I couldn't have wished for anything more perfect, so thank you so much my lovely friend xxxxxx

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Ladies,

Next magazine up for review is Simply Cards & Papercraft which has a fantastic free gift...Altenew layered daffodil Dies. 

Here’s one of the features showing done projects using the free gift.  

Here’s more ideas.

Some great craft projects showing that the free gift can be used on more than just cards. 

Interesting article showing 3 very different cards made using a sketch.

Some of these cards look great and it’s good to be able to read new products.

There also features inside the magazine using Vellum and another one using glitter card which we probably all have in our stash!

Happy Crafting,

Another amazing review Michele, I hadn't noticed this magazine last time I was shopping I love those Daffoil Dies though, Daffodils are such a 'Happy' Flower, the spread happiness and you can't help but smile at any card that features them.  So I think I might add this one to my list, I had noticed one that Lynda had bought from Moremags that I had missed, it had loads of Mixed media products in it, so I have added that to my basket. 

Craft Shopping

My Shopping

I mostly bought stamps this time, from Honey Doo, their samples are stunning and really make you want to buy the stamps, Amanda and her mum make some stunning card and flower samples, they are such a lovely family too.  A bit of a funny story....while I was browsing one of the stalls, Honey Doo Amanda's mum and her friend were pointing at Paul to get his attention, Paul being Paul thought they were pointing to someone else so ignored them, but they upped their game and made it quite clear that they wanted to chat to him, so beckoned him over, a little embarrassed Paul made his way over and they said ''can we pay you a compliment'', to which Paul replied 'err yes I ok'', (I had no idea that any of this was happening)  they said ''has any one ever told you that you look like 'Ant' from 'Ant & Dec', Paul laughed and said ''actually they have, we got asked in the theatre in London if he was too''!
he then stood chatting for a good while, I was confused at first because he is usually waiting with my wheelchair by the till of the stand. I just followed the laughing, 

I also got a new Aleene's Tacky glue, the bottle stands on its cap, so no clogged tip a Stampin Up Friend of mine swears by this glue but every time I try to order it on Amazon its out of stock.  I managed to get a couple of stencils, I was looking for Tim Holtz ones but had no luck, these were quite good ones though. lastly I got a couple of embossing folders from Crafters Companion, a pretty blue glitter card and a long woodware ruler for £1 and some acetate.  


Brenda, I left you at that Honey Doo Stand for five minutes and you bought half the stock!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
On a serious note you bought some amazing stamps and like I said under my shopping, the Samples just sell the stamps, the ladies do such an amazing job. 
A lovely selection of basic craft tools and ink pads too, I will say that Brenda has bought a lot of this for her lovely Sister Anne who after dipping her toe into crafting is already hooked, I know she will be thrilled with the goodies that you have bought for her Brenda, I'm not sure that you will be parting with any of those stamps though!
Thank you so much for sharing my lovely xxxx


Karen got some amazing craft goodies at the Stamperama show at Stevenage, so many of the Craft shops were packing up at Farnborough to travel up to Stevenage to set up for the Sunday show.  
karen bought a lovely selection of Sue's dies, I have seen some lovely cards made with those stained glass flower dies,  those (papercuts) edge dies are something different too, I love how they look, now I am not too sure about Sue's 3 layer dies, the jury is still 'out' for me on these, I am sure that you will make a card that changes my mind though Karen.  It's great to see that you WON a die from the Hochanda Tombola, our Margaret did too (last year), I have tried twice and got nowt, so that's it for me!  I see you bought some more Distress Oxide inks, they are just so lovely to work with, I am excited to see stamps in your shopping Karen, so excited to see you use them, some acetate for the Caught in Crystal technique, some lovely dies, embossing folders and that amazing Plaque at the back, what a wonderful sentiment, I bet you saw it and fell in love straight away Karen.
You did so well to say that it is such a small show, thank you for sharing your shopping with us. xxx


Margaret got some lovely craft goodies at Farnborough, some great basics like card blanks, finger daubers are so easy to use, perfect for adding ink to the edges of things and for more precise inking.  I can see that Margaret also visited the lovely ladies at Pink Frog where she bought the flower die and the little booklet that they produce showing how many different flowers that you can make with each of their dies.
Some other lovely dies too, something for every occasion I think!  Margaret then went on to buy some gorgeous decorative papers, that Nature's Grace one is stunning, I have tried so hard to find a larger pad that 6x6 of it but we must have missed it's initial launch. 
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping Margaret xxx


Lynda treated herself to 3 of the bargain magazines that I told you about in the blog last week, all three of these magazines came to under £10 including postage and just look at how many stamps and masks etc that you get. an absolute bargain, the stuff doesn't age either so it doesn't matter if they are back issues.
Thankyou for sharing them with us Lynda xxx


Just as you would expect from our Michele, she didn't pay full price for these goodies, she bought all of this as well as  4 packs of A4 card, cost Michele 81p plus her Voucher for commenting in that magazine.  Our Girl certainly knows how to get the best craft deals doesn't she!! 
Amazing job Michele, thank you so much for sharing it with us xxxx


Sue, you bought a lot more than I thought you had, lots of lovely little dies, something for all occasions by the look of it, some lovely new Oxide inks and essential applicators too, those woodware ones are fantastic.  I absolutely love the Create a Scene Unicorn Lightbox from Inkyliscious, what an amazing idea, I know a certain little girl that will have a huge smile on her face!! That gorgeous Natures Grace pad that I have too, with matching bows etc, a Scrapbook album, bargain ruler (as both of ours have disappeared), love that Grunge board plaque too.  I hope you bring some of this with you on Wednesday so we can play.  
Thanks for sharing Sue xxxx

Ladies as always, thank you so much for sharing all of your crafts, shopping etc, we all love to see what each other buys, especially people that don't get to go shows etc as you might not notice some of the things on line. 
I can't wait to see what you all make with your new craft products. It will be lovely to have the Saturday Wall covered in your craft makes.

Well I hope to spend some time in the craft room today, playing with some of my new goodies too, making a few Challenge cards as I think that TicTacToe is a good one for all kinds of card making techniques.

Have a lovely weekend ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you



  1. Morning Everyone
    MICHELE- thank you for the review. A very interesting one this week.

    KAREN- Oh what a beautiful scarf. What sort of yarn did you knit it in please.

    Wow what a bumper bundle of buying you all made. Was there anything left for the next day lol. Loads of interesting buys and I cannot wait to see some results.

    Busy busy here today.Carpet fitter this morning and then shopping this afternoon. I shall be so pleased when we're back to normal and everything is back in its place.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in for a cuppa and a chat. There will be cream scones/muffins later this afternoon for you all. Take care and stay safe. HUGS should be reaching you all very soon.xxxx

    1. Thank you Janet It’s crochet and I used Aran yarn from Aldi with a 5.5 hook Since making the scarf I have seen several videos on YouTube They have used DL or Aran
      As I’m anonymous I’m keeping things short

    2. DK not DL
      Karenlotty xx

  2. Thank SANDRA for sharing my scarf I loved making it and it is an easy one to do as it’s only a 2 pattern row consisting of trebles
    I love all the goodies on display You’ve all bought some lovely Honey Doo stamps I did look and stroke a few but was nearly spent by then I also fell in love with a new brand of die that was at Stamperama- GUMMIAPAN
    Great mag review MICHELE- thank you
    Hope the move goes OK for the sheep
    Take care all I really must do some swearing and ironing tthos morning

    1. I know Gummiapan, Swedish house crafts. I got Magnolia Tilda digi from them for my nieces graduation, she is funny as she have't got a mouth or nose but still cute

  3. Morning ladies.
    oh wow! just look at all the shopping. How wonderful to have so many new things to play with. Love the stamps you bought and papers too.
    Thanks Michele for the magazine review, some nice things in there.
    Karen, what a gorgeous scarf, Love the colour and the knit.
    Well done everyone.
    Not doing too much today as the night was a tough one so a day with my nose in a book sound more right while the boys taken over the tv for football watching.
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    I love your scarf and the colour is gorgeous isn’t it. I can see you getting a lot of wear out of it. You got some beautiful stamps and stencils and I’m looking forward to seeing how you use them. I wish I had seen Paul’s face when he was called over to the ladies as I’m sure it was a picture lol. I hope you have a good weekend my lovely xx
    Karen you really are our knitting and crochet queen. Sandra’s scarf is gorgeous. I bet you would get loads of orders if you do take orders as you do for your cards. You got some great new goodies from the show. I will look forward to seeing what you make with Sue’s three layer stamps as I don’t think I have seen them before x
    It looks like we have bought lots of different things between us ladies. As is often the case we all buy mostly different things but Honey Doo stamps are definitely a favourite aren’t they. I am going to have a good play today especially making some backgrounds with my Distress oxides and blending tool.
    Mum I hope you get to craft too while Pop and Chris carry on with the DIY. Good luck with getting Pop to understand how to use the tv for You tube etc. though! Love you xx
    Lilian, I’m sorry that you have been in bed most of the week. I hope you start to feel better very soon. You have had far more than your fair share of illness lately haven’t you dear friend. It’s hard to stay well once your resistance is low though isn’t it. Sending healing hugs x
    Cheryl, I hope the short time spent doing tests have given the docs enough information to be able to help you x
    Enjoy your day everyone whatever you do. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hi everyone,
    Wow what a bumper Saturday. Just shows what you all can do when you're let loose at Craft Fairs.
    Karen I love your scarf. Such a beautiful colour. What kind of scarf would I look up?x
    Michele Thanks for great mag review. Those daffs look so pretty. Love the goodies you bought with your voucher.x

    Ladies love all your purchases. Hope you all have a lovely time playing with them.

    Sandra I bought some Aileen's tacky glue recently but must admit I'm not impressed with it. I think I'll stick to Cosmic Shimmer in future.

    Off to meet up with friends for a coffee later. Another beautiful sunny day here so I'm happy to say we'll be sitting outside.

    Hugs to all with extra for poorly

    1. Thank you Val Try looking up braided scarf I will try and send you the link later

    2. Thanks Karen, just looked it up. I can crochet a bit and think I could follow that pattern. Will let you know how I get on. Just love the colour youve used but I've got lilac wool so I'll use that. Xxx

  6. Good afternoon Sandra & ladies
    Wowser some fantastic crafty buys from you ladies love everything especially the honey do stamps.well done everyone. Thank you Sandra for telling us about More Mags some good bargains I thought with my three.
    Just waiting for Lisa to arrive so will be nice seeing her.
    Lisa has just arrived so will pop in later.
    Hug's for everyone
    Love Lynda xx

  7. Afternoon Ladies

    Only just able to comment-been unable to log into my google account all day!

    Wonderful knitting Karen.

    Fantastic selection of crafty shopping today.

    My happy birthday Die, Easter bunnies & the calendar stamps were from Printable Heaven = bargains! The other 4 items are from Crafters Companion-I used my free gift voucher. I also bought 4 packs of A4 card.


  8. Margaret Palmer2 March 2019 at 15:34

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely scarf Karen has crocheted for you, gorgeous colour as well, well done Karen it is beautiful. Thank you for showing all our goodies we did do
    Michele thank you for comprehensive review, didn't you do well with your prize.
    Lilian I am sorry you are on antibiotics again, you must be fed up with it, hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need them love