Tuesday 12 March 2019

Distress Oxide Thanks

Good Morning Ladies,

It was so lovely reading how all of you met your partners yesterday, so many of have been married for so long.  Although I did giggle at the thought of CU doing the 'Gay Gordon' 💃🕺! I'm sure he was very light on his feet back in the day. A lot of your stories were a lot more romantic that a chance meeting in Sainburys!  Thank you for taking part my lovelies xx

Today's card was made as a bit of an experiment, I wanted to check out a super cheap stamp and die set that I bought from China, I was fully expecting the stamps not to take ink or to squish and not give a good impression when I used them but they didn't, I will say that I thought that they die wasn't going to fit over the sentiment properly to cut it out but it did it fine.  I was very impressed for the price.
To make the background of the card I took the Stampin Up 'Hardwood' Background stamp and stamped it onto white card using Versamark ink, I then added clear Embossing Powder and heat set, I laid my background piece onto my glass mat and reached for my Distress Oxide inks, I used Squeezed Lemonade, Worn Lipstick and Seedless Preserves inks and blended them together, I let it sit for a few minutes while I stamped and die cut my sentiment and then wiped over the background with a damp baby wipe to remove the excess ink off of the Embossed areas.,
I had a spare piece of card so I made another blended background in the same colours and used that to die cut some flowers, so that they matched the background. I die cut them, shaped them and added coloured gems to the centres. I arranged a few around my sentiment.
A little different but I kind of like it xxx

Not much planned today, just playing in my craft room hopefully, what have you all got planned?

Whatever you are doing today I hope you have a good day.

love and hugs to all



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely card. The colours are great & even better to know that your Stamps+ Dies from china fitted together.

    Fairly busy day yesterday at work, lots to catch up on but today looks horrendous. Ended up working late as we had s query which needed sorting out and everyone else had left.

    Calling at my Dads on my way home-need him to sign yet more paperwork for Power of Attorney plus I want to return the leaf blower we used last week. We’ve bought him some cans of Guinness as a Thank You.


  2. I’ve gone anonymous again So will keep this short
    A pretty card SANDRA I must have another go trying to blend DO I have usually been pleased with the dies I have bought from China Only one set has let me down It cut beautifully but it was so fine I wrecked the card trying to remove it
    Have a good day ladie I’m out dancing later Karen

    1. Hi Karen. Enjoy dancing this evening. I see there are some crochet animal kits in Aldi if you haven’t already seen them x

  3. Morning Everyomne
    from a very very wet Sheffield this morning.

    A pretty card SANDRA. All the dies I have bought from China have always cut beautifully and for the prices paid are really good value for money.

    Off to K&N this afternoon so fingers crossed the rain has eased somewhat before I have to go out. Looking forward to catching up on gossip etc.

    The CAFE is OPEN and again the brolly bucket is by the door. Help yourselves to drinks etc.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all with extras for Dear Friends not feeling too good. Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. I hope you don’t get too wet or blown around getting to and from K and N later on but no doubt you will enjoy catching up with your friends anyway x

  4. Hi everyone,
    Love your card Sandra. The background is really unusual.
    I've also always been pleased with the dies and stamps I've bought from China.

    I have two friends with birthday so I'll be calling on them later with their presents. I'm trying to walk a bit further each day to get my leg muscles working. It's slow going but much better than it was.

    Sandra Lilian and Maria sending hugs to you and anyway else not feeling so well today.x
    Special thoughts for Pat and Pete.x

    Love Valx

    1. Hi Val. I hope your walking is improving all of the time. Enjoy seeing your friends. I was very envious when you said you were going to be sunbathing. I so wish we had the same weather but it is still very wet and windy here at the moment. I am counting down the weeks until we head off to warm and sunny Corfu in May! Sending you hugs x

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Todays card is lovely, I love it. The colours work beautifully together and those little flowers are so pretty aren’t they. I’m glad to hear you and Paul had a good anniversary on Sunday. It is great to hear how you all met. Chris and I met at my village youth club which one of his brothers ran with a friend of mine. They decided that Chris and I would be a good match so made sure he came over to the club each week then they made sure that when we went ice skating the only seat left on the coach was beside him, watching a film, on the refreshment table rota etc. I was always beside/with Chris. Their plan certainly work as we celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary this year!
    Sandra I hope you aren’t feeling quite so bad now my lovely. See you in the morning xx
    Lilian, it was good to see you on the blog. I’m sending you gentle hugs and hope you start to feel much better very soon, and that you get some relief when your knee brace turns up x
    Mara, sorry you are still not feeling too good either so hugs are on the way to you x
    I have had a few very busy days but today is going to be a quiet one crafting, or that is my plan at the moment! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Sandra, Lilian, Maria and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Thanks for the heads up re amigurami kits in Aldi I will take a look.
      I have naughtily bought myself the Kerry Lord's Birds Menagerie book It arrived this morning So I will enjoy reading that this afternoon. She's got a new Animals Menagerie coming out in September!

  6. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Our weather is still horrible strong winds & cold with heavy rain expected late. So me thinks craft room. Enjoyed read how you all met your other half's. Sand glad I made you smile picturing CU doing the Gay Gordon & yes he was a lot slimmer then.
    SANDRA I love your card today it's beautiful. I must agree the dies & stamps I've bought from China have all been good stamped & cut well.
    I'm off to craft room now will pop back & catch up with everyone.
    Hug's & extra for Sandra Pat&Pete Maria Lillian & Val
    hope you all feel better soon
    Love Lynda xx

  7. Margaret Palmer12 March 2019 at 12:33

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra lovely card today, pleased you feel up to crafting again. Hugs on way.xxx
    It is very wet & windy here hope you all keep safe.
    Sending hugs to Sandra, Lilian, Maria, Val & all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  8. Hello All, we have another storm brewing here, strong winds and torrential rain.

    Sandra love your card today, the ink blend is lovely, still resisting buying the new inks, but seeing yours I might weaken.

    R away in London today, caught early morning train, will be late tonight.

    Have some friends calling this afternoon, haven’t seen them for ages so that will be nice.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

  9. Afternoon all.
    Gorgeous card Sandra. Love the EF. Wonder if you would get the same effect without doing the Embossing first ? Love the colours together.
    Sue- you were meant for eachother :>)
    It's lovely to see that most of us have been lucky and found our best friend. My OH have to be very patient tho to be married to me as some days can sadly be pretty grey. I also joined ww again this morning. I'm telling you because hopefully that will make me stick to it. Hope you don't mind. Awful weather, have some jobs to do indoors and hope to do some colouring in for cc.
    Do any of you have a under stairs cupboard ? Ours is a dumping ground for everything!! and need a real clear out so that's a job for tomorrow with the help of Son.
    If you going out for K&N ,dancing or taking the dog for a walk, take care and wrap up.
    Love and warm hugs to you all xxx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Sandra I love your card today, the EF you’ve used is perfect, the colour blending is just superb and I have to say I love those dear little flowers. xx
    I have yet to buy dies from China. I’m really tempted as you all seem to have had good results. It would certainly make my pennies go further - as I keep buying craft items for my sister.
    We have had a busy couple of days, mostly medical appointments, now John has gone off to the hospital for a knee X-ray, and we are both waiting for appointments for a scan. Is it the age or are we falling apart. (I think the latter!) HaHa

    The weather is predicted to get worse this evening and through the night, keep safe and warm everyone. We were out this morning I had my brolly up, well the wind stopped me in my tracks and I stumbled backwards, we both laughed and said if we had been going in the other direction where would I have landed ..... and I’m no lightweight. The weather here compared to most of you is relatively mild, so I dread to think what it must be where you are. WELL except Val who is enjoying much warmer and hopefully less windy weather, I Hope! xx
    MARIA ‘Good Luck’ sorting out the cupboard under the stairs. We used to have a cupboard under the stairs but some years ago John removed it, it was just a glorified dumping ground. The hallway is less of a corridor now and looks brighter. Things that were stored there have been found permanent homes, it’s just works so much better.
    Take care everyone and keep safe, love Brenda xxx