Sunday 24 September 2017

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies,


Lilian has used such a beautiful image on her Challenge card this week, it has been die cut using one of  Spellbinders Grand Decorative Oval dies. An image this beautiful needs nothing to embellish it.  A stunning card Lilian, thank you so much for taking part.


Karen has gone for a Christmas card for this week's challenge, Karen I love this Christmas tree, it's so modern! Here is Karen's description........

"Here's my card
I have got curve dies but found this bit of paper in my stash from Serif and thought it'd got a nice "curve" on it!
The dies are Ultimate Crafts - Fancy Tree This is such an intricate Die I haven't used it very often I cut it in a sticky backed piece of white card and covered it with MCS glitter I then added a shadow of dark blue
The sentiment is from CE Paper Cuts - Merry Christmas Santa Bauble which I bought at Ally Pally After cutting the intricate part from the leftover piece of sticky backed card I trimmed it to an oval from ScanNCut covered it in glitter and also cut a shadow in dark blue ".

Karen you are so flipping talented with that ScanNcut, you amaze me every week! I am going to use that thing more if it kills me!! Lol !!
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely!


Janet has made a gorgeous Christmas card for this week's challenge, using Sue Wilson's 'Orion' Gemini Die and Sue's 'Filligree Poinsettia' with Holly Sprigs.
A beautifully designed card Janet, thank you so much for taking part .


Maria has designed a fantastic birthday card for this week's challenge, the die was a gift from Brenda, I love how you have used the die for detail on the bottom of your card, like Lilian's card with such a beautiful focal element you really need nothing else, your matching bow is the perfect finishing touch.  I hope you feel better today my lovely.

Brenda has shared 3 cards that work with this week's sketch, the first and third cards are 'Signature Brenda' cards to me, 'clean and simple' layouts, perfectly made with Brenda's stunning handmade flowers as embellishment. Simply Stunning !!
The 2nd card is a striking design that works perfectly, I love that colour combination too.  
Brenda I hope you start to feel better today, there are a lot of nasty cold bugs going around, Sophie started with one yesterday too, she felt really miserable all day. 
Plenty of rest is my prescription, maybe a little light crafting 3 times a day! 
Thank you for sending me some cards to share my lovely.

Michele used the gorgeous Apple Blossom Embossing Folder to create this card, with the matching Die to cut the black bar across the centre. I love this design, Monochrome can look so classy! 
Thanks Michele, I hope you are having a lovely holiday.


Lynda has used one of the Crafter's Companion 3D Embossing Folders to create her card this week, this one is called 'Ornate Lace' , it is so pretty, it actually looks like an appliqué design. Sue's 'Chrysanthemum' Dies create the flowers. I love how you have highlighted all of the design with Gilding Wax Lynda, it really shows the detail.
I hope the 'Grandma Duties' are going well. 
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely.

Margaret didn't have time to make a card this week, between having an operation and preparing this lot.....

Margaret you are a Superwoman!  you raised £240 for Macmillan, which is an amazing amount, but having tasted your cakes I am not surprised.
What an amazing achievement Margaret. 
Thank you for sharing your photo and fantastic news!

Well today I will be mostly in my craft room preparing tomorrows challenge and writing the blogs for the next couple of days, we have WiFi in our hotel so I can still update you all.
We leave early Monday for London, we are staying two nights, we are seeing 42nd Street on Tuesday Evening and then on Wednesday we are doing a river cruise and having afternoon tea at an amazing hotel in Greenwich. I can't wait to spend some quality time with Paul. So this is the perfect 50th birthday gift.

Have a lovely Sunday ladies, 

Love and hugs,


  1. Morning Everyone
    SUNDAY and so CCs on the display board making the CAFE look so festive and jolly.

    I love all this week's entries and it just shows how we all look at the same sketch so differently doesn't it. Not one card looking the same.

    Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's challenge.

    MARGARET- hope you're sight is much better today and that you're not in any pain.

    Well the CAFE is OPEN as usual and it's Roast Chicken on today's lunch menu. Please get your orders in early.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all with extras for Dear Friends who are in need. xxxx

    1. Can I have double helping of sage and onion stuffing please Janet. I'll be there about 1. xxx

    2. Hi Janet, your CC is beautiful. I do love red and white for Christmas cards. Please may I have your roast chicken but Val can have my share of the stuffing as Im not keen on it. Have a good day x

    3. Hi Janet please could I order roast chicken & all the trimmings just what I need to save me cooking. Thank you my eye feels better but cold really coming out

    4. Thanks for the chicken today Janet.
      Love the Christmas card you made, I think I might have these dies.

  2. Can I have Yorkshire puddings with mine please I'll bring along some wine to share too Thankyou

    1. Hi Karen. I do love Yorkshire puds, please can I share yours then I will bring apple pie and custard for you all. Have a good day x

  3. Morning all.
    wow how many fabulous cards made out of this weeks challenge. Love them all, well done ladies !

    Margaret- hope your eye sight is better, take it easy for a few days. Wowser just look at all the cakes, I just put on a stone hihi Well done for raising so much money !
    Brenda- sorry to see you got a cold, hope you taking it easy too and soon feel a lot better, sending you hugs.
    Lynda- have fun child minding, guess it is a bit different from when it's only you and Terry at home and now Baby too
    Tracy- cheeky saying by looking at the photo you are the baby in the cafe' hihihi Know I said it because I believe you are but don't know your Birth date so can't be sure.
    Have a good Sunday as possible and if in pain I wish you a better day,
    My friend have once again let me down for ww this morning so hubby is taking me just so I can see how much the damage is from this week. Only think how much more money I would have had at AP, oh well.
    Love and many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria. I hope you got on ok at WW. How are you feeling today, in less pain I hope. Sending you hugs x

    2. Hi Maria hope WW was kind to you & didn't gain any lb's. Also your not in so much pain today 💐 Some flower & many HUG'S coming your way my friend.xxxx

    3. Hi Maria yes feels better today but full of a cold. Hope you are not in too much pain today & ww was kind to you. Hugs on

    4. +3, didn't I do well Lol pain still there but will try to go for a walk this evening. Going outside to do some cutting out in the sunshine, it's a lovely day. Unfortunately I have mislaid one die I need, can't find it anywhere xx

    5. Hi Maria
      Great card today. I hope you did well at WW this week. I managed to work that one out, I gave myself a pat on my back as I don't usually get abbreviations. I hope your not in to much pain today either and you managed your walk.

  4. Good morning everyone
    What can I say but WOW! The cards are amazing Lots of inspiration I have made a card similar to BRENDA's 2nd one using SW daisies Thanks for the nudge
    Congrats MARGARET on raising so much at your coffee morning We are having one at work this week
    I use COLALL for matting and layering only SUE It has lots of wiggle time and providing you don't wait too long it will rub away if (like me) you get a splodge in the wrong place Is that what you use it for BRENDA I still use. CS for intricate dies etc
    At the moment I only use my ScanNcut for mats and frames SANDRA or cutting from a USB

    1. Thanks Karen jope yours goes as

    2. Hi Karen
      Love your Christmas tree Die. Must have a look at that one.
      I hope your coffee morning goes well as well.

  5. Morning Sandra and all,

    Stunning cards this week, every one is beautiful. Sorry time just ran away with me this week Sandra.

    Thank you for all your comments yesterday re my photo. So lovely to read that so many on you met your husbands to be at an early age.

    MARGARET glad your op went well and many congratulations on doing so well at your cake bake and on raising so much money. Hope you're feeling back to normalish today. Xxx

    BRENDA so sorry you've come down with a nasty cold. They really bring you down don't they? As Sandra said have lots of drinks and plenty of rest. Xxx

    PAT so sorry you're still in pain. Good luck tomorrow for you and Pete at the hospital. Hope all goes

    LYNDA hope the baby sitting is going well. He sounds such a good little boy. How is Baby with children. Hope she's now settled in with you. Belated birthday wishes to Terry xxx

    Have a good day everyone. Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val baby sitting is fine ( Joseph is 12 & nearly as tall as me ) he is no trouble.Baby is ok with children ( Charlie our neighbor she has three small children ) so used to them she is amazing seeing she spent most of her life in a cage untill she rescued her.
      Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Val, thank you, I did sell alot before hand. & had several donations from people who could not make it. Eye doesn't feel too bad but could do without this

    3. Hi Val thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow. My hand and leg should be uncovered and well Vaselined. However, as the piece on my hand is so large I have to have it covered at night and my leg so as not to get stuff all over the bed sheets,

  6. Grr I'm back to using my iPod and pressed publish by mistake!
    So, I am at basic stage It is brilliant for cutting ovals in different ratios eg the sentiment on my card today and frames I don't have to faff around trying to line dies up to create a frame
    Enjoy London SANDRA I hope SOPHIE is better soon
    I hope your eyes continue to get

    1. get get better MARGARET
      I hope things are improving for you PAT and all of your appointments go well (and PETE) PS I owe you an email I will get there eventually!
      I had text from daughter to say they arrived and that hotel seemed "nice" and will be exploring more today

    2. I'm glad that your daughter etc. have arrived at the hotel safe and sound x

    3. Hi KAREN pleased your daughter has arrived safely we still worry about them don't we I'm the same my daughter has gone to Italy & always say let me know when you land.( this is why we are doing grandson duties).Hug's on there way xx

    4. Hi Karen
      I'm glad your daughter has arrived safely. Always good to know.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Such a lovely sight on entering the Café today. All of your wonderful CC's to admire. As soon as I opened the door I realised I hadn't sent a pic of mine to you Sandra, sorry about that. I thought I had done it along with the shopping pics from AP!
    Sorry to hear Sophie has a cold, hope she shakes it off quickly. I love your prescription that you gave to Brenda, I'm sure it will work 😊 Poor Mum has also gone down with a cold, we thought it was just all of the eye drops that she has had but sadly no. I hope you manage to avoid getting it off of Sophie. It sounds like you are going to have a great time in London, fingers are crossed for good weather for you both my lovely xx
    Mum, make sure you relax today please. Love you xxxx
    Pat, I will be thinking of you and Pete this week. Enjoy your roast dinner today as I assume you and Pete are taking Doreen to the garden centre restaurant as usual. That's one less meal you have to cook and then wash up. I am so lucky that Chris does most of our cooking which I don't like doing, but I do the washing up happily. X

    1. Published too soon !!!
      I hope you all have a good day and are enjoying the lovely sunshine that we have here too. I must do the ironing then hope to get to craft later on. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    2. Hi SUE wishing you a good Sunday & lucky you with Chris cooking dinner can he stretch another two dinners 🍽 for me & Terry HeHe.
      Have a lovely Sunday sending Hug's xxx

    3. Yes Sue, we're off to Yarnton soon for lunch. My hand and leg need to be covered before we go as no sunshine must get to it yet. I assume we'll go to Thrupp as it's nice.

  8. Good morning SANDRA& everyone
    Gorgeous CC as usual love Sunday's it's lovely seeing all the fantastic cards you all make from one sketch.
    I hope Sophie feels better soon & doesn't share it with you all.
    SANDRA enjoy your time in London sounds like your packing so much into your time there. Have fun in craft room today.
    I cut quite a lot out yesterday with my little Sapphire machine boy my arm aches this morning with all the handle turning.we are just having a lazy day Joseph has gone out with his friends on his bike. CU is 😴💤💤💤💤 so know change there HeHe 😂 😂. It's sunny today so might just sit in the garden for a bit Lisa has a New patio & comfy new furniture so I can read my new craft mags.
    MARGARET hope your feeling better now & in less pain with your eye sending HUG'S.
    PAT How are you my friend hope your also in less pain today & all your appointments go fine for you & Pete gets better news this time.BIG HUG'S coming your way.XXX
    Just going to get a shower & Brighton myself up,had a bad headache the last few days so hopefully won't turn into a migraine.
    Wishing you all a good Sunday Sending you all Big Hug's love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda thank you for the hugs, eye not so bad could have done without this cold.Hugs to you

    2. Hi Lynda
      I hope you enjoyed your time in the garden. I hope your headache doesn't turn into a migraine. I used to suffer with these, but with tried and tested medication I don't have any any more.

    3. Meant to say Lynda what a great card you made. I have this embossing folder. Well Sandra has them at the moment.

  9. Hello All, wet and drizzling here.

    The cards are a super, I realised that I have put my topper on up thr wrong way !
    Only noticed it this morning, struggling a bit with crafting these days. Think I'll do a bit of craft sewing instead of card making.

    Have a lovely Sunday all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Sorry to hear you've had rain today. We've had quite a nice day here. Lovely card you've done even though the topper isn't the right way round.

  10. Margaret congrats on the money you raised , wonderful effort.

    1. Thank you Lilian, even with it being upside down your card still looks

  11. Morning Ladies-well it's early myhrre in New York!!!!

    Another great collection of challenge cards.

    It's been a busy few days & very warm so we've been quite tired by the evening.
    We're hoping to walk across the Brooklyn bridge this morning then go to Central Park this afternoon. We fly to Florida tomorrow morning so we can start to relax then!

    Sandra-I'll miss discussing the next challenge. I hope you have a brilliant time in London & im sure you'll enjoy 42nd Street.


    1. Hi Michele
      Great card for the challenge. Enjoy your time away. I'm envious of your holiday.

  12. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely selection of cards today, hope to join in next week.
    Thank you for showing photo & comment, it is such a worthwhile cause.
    It sounds as if you are going to have a lovely time in London just enjoy, you deserve time
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret
      What a fantastic amount of money you raised, well done.

  13. Hi Sandra
    Love everyone's card today. What a huge selection and as usual each one is different.
    Enjoy your time in London with Paul. Sounds like your going to have a fantastic time. You both deserve some me time together.
    Margaret, what a fantastic amount of money you raised for Macmillan. Looks like you made a load of lovely cakes. I loved the Lemon and Coconut cake you bought to Ally Pally. Hope your eye is improving.
    Hugs to all who need them today.

  14. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a brilliant selection of Challenge cards. I love them all. Maria so pleased the die was useful. I wonder what Sandra has lined up for us tomorrow.
    I hope Sophie is feeling a bit better, make sure you dose her up before you leave for London.
    I've had a lazy day, have rested and slept on and off all day. I moved myself late afternoon to make dinner, John had prepared the potatoes and vegetables (he always says it's his job and I don't argue!) so most of the work was already done for me.
    Have a safe journey tomorrow Sandra and Paul and a lovely few days in London. You always know if you pass this way you are more than welcome to come in. xx
    Sorry ladies it's time I headed to my bed.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  15. Hi ladies.
    All stunning cards this wee u really do inspire me xx