Thursday 7 September 2017

A different looking blog today !!

Good Morning Ladies,

I wasn't able to upload a photograph to the blog today because the 'Blogger' Server wasn't allowing me to upload any kind of image!!
I was tearing my hair out trying to get any kind of image to upload, so I apologise for that, you'll just have to imagine the pretty 'Berry Burst' stamped floral card I had lined up to share with you today.
I used the Stampin'Up! 'Beautiful Bouquet' stamp set to create this card, I stamped straight onto the white card base making it a cheaper card for posting, I finished the card with a piece of 'Berry Burst' seam Binding ribbon and faceted Gem.
I hope you can picture it in your mind.  It will be a great test to see if it was anything like you imagined when I eventually get to share it with you!!

We had a frustrating day yesterday, I called to report the boiler not working at 9am, we were Goldman engineer would be with us within 3 hours, they class it as an emergency as we have no other source of hot water and because I am disabled it's not advisable for me to be carrying kettles of boiling water around!   After 4 hours and a couple more calls he turned up looked at the boiler, told us he wasn't suprised it had failed as it was a rubbish boiler!! It apparently needs a new 'Control' board.
He has ordered it but it can take from a few days to a couple of weeks, so I asked what we were to do for washing up etc, explaining that I can't carry kettle etc, he said there was nothing he could do, he instructed me to call the Carillion Amey Office again and get them to send an electrician to fix the Immersion Heater that has been out of order for years, another 3 hour wait and the chap arrives and does manage to fix it, even though many others have tried and failed! So that's our only source of hot water for now.
It took me back to my childhood and teenage years at home, the fuss that was made if you wanted a bath, because my parents had a coin meter, once the dreaded Immersion was switched on I can still see my dad watching the meter whizzing around!! There was always a debate as to whether it was better to leave it on all the time or just switch it on before you needed it, which if you wanted a bath seemed to take ages!  I think Mum and Dad would have preferred us to still have the communal Sunday night bath right into our teens.
So tonight when the girls came home from school I found myself sounding just like my mother, telling them that baths were a 'no go' for the next few days, I will add that wedding have two showers that they can use, that heat their own hot water, a luxury that we never had as children.  The girls wanted to know how we washed our hair without a shower, I think they thought I was joking when I said we used a jug and a sink of hot water, oh how times have changed, we didn't know any different back then.
It's the same with not having any heating too, the girls complained that their rooms were freezing last night, outraged at having no heating, yet this was another thing that we didn't have upstairs growing up, in fact I'm pretty sure we had Matt and Becca by the time my parents got central heating installed and had radiators upstairs!
We survived though, I also think that we weren't bothered with nearly as many illnesses!
That's my rant and trip down memory lane over for today!  I look forward to hearing your stories too.

Lilian, I hope you aren't suffering too much my lovely XXX

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I imagine your card is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it!

    Omg-what a dreadful day you had yesterday. I don't understand why these companies don't keep spare parts in stock-everything has to be ordered & then there's always such a wait.

    Had a nice play in my craft room last night as hubby went to a meeting at the golf club. I didn't produce anything worthwhile but it was nice relaxation for me.


    1. Hi Michele
      Lovely that you were able to relax a bit last night.
      Gentle hugs coming your way.

  2. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- I love the sound of today's card and have a beautiful picture in my mind. I hope it's the same one when you can get it loaded for us lol.

    You made me smile re Bathrooms and Showers etc. I was 7 before I even knew that Bathrooms existed. Until then it was the 'tin bath' in front of the fire on a Friday night and of course the enamel jug and bowl for hair washing. In fact it was still the jug and bowl when we had moved into a house with a bathroom. I had been married for 4yrs before we had a shower and then it was one over the bath. It wasn't until I had my first knee replacement 20yrs ago that we had a walk in shower. I do have to say though that I do miss a long soak with a good

    I'm not sure what is happening today but something will turn up.

    The CAFE is ready for OPENING and I've put the heating on this morning as it's a little bit more than chilly. It will soon be time for porridge on the menu for breakfast and home made soups for lunch.
    Have a good day everyone.
    HUGs are winging their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Hello Janet, hope you have a good day. You commented yesterday about phone calls. I have tried various ways to get rid of them, even asked one was he the undertaker and why were they taking so long? Recently we have been having numerous calls a day, mobile and landline. I came up with the idea of telling them these calls amounted to harassment ......... You really were beoming a pain in the derriere. I'm pleased to say they have stopped!!! xx

    2. I appear to be getting a lot recently And one was exceptionally rude I now tell them that there is a block and hope they get fined heavily or string them along for long enough that they get bored If I'm on the phone to them they can't harass someone else!

    3. Hi Brenda
      I can block these phone calls if we have a phone number. There even coming through as a withheld which to me means Drs or Hospitals. We're on the TPS, but seeing as BT sell these people our phone numbers we don't stand a chance. BT ought to be fined for doing that,

  3. Morning Sandra and all,

    WOW Sandra what a day. We take our appliances for granted until one breaks down. I had the same sort of childhood. Freezing cold bedroom, Friday night bath and having every pan on the gas stove to heat the water for it.We still had a coal fire until I got married so we had an over hot living room and a cold rest of the house. We had an outside toilet as well and running down the yard in the snow or rain wasn't much fun. Like your girls, Lynn and Barrie look at me horrified when I tell them about my childhood but as you say we very really got colds. Hope things get sorted for you

    I had a lovely day out yesterday with my brother SIL and friends yesterday. I haven't laughed so much for ages. Lovely meal in a lovely setting and beautiful weather.
    What a difference, have woken up this morning to thunder, lightening and heavy rain. Shouldn't complain though when I see what the poor people in some parts of America and the Caribbean are going through. Whole islands flattened. Must be devastating for them.
    MICHELE I hope all your family are safe.

    I'm meeting my Thursday friend for a coffee later. Must get the umbrella out again.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Hugs to all that need one. Xxx

    1. Hi Val
      It seems odd to hear of rthis type of rain in your part of Spain. I know when we were in Salou two years ago we had torrential rain. Hope it eases up soon.

  4. Your card sounds great Blogger can be so frustrating
    Your day sounded horrendous but I als had a little chuckle as it brought back memories I remember my dad doing the same as your dad SANDRA As young children we lived in a new house and the bathroom was downstairs which meant we could warm up afterwards in the only room that had heat - the living room!
    Craft club tonight I shall only be taking a piece of knitting or crochet to do as it's the easiest thing to carry
    Hope that all those in pain have a better day today xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Oh my goodness, I bet you wish you could be back on holiday after yesterday. I agree with Michele. Why on earth don't companies keep stock these days? I assume it's because they can keep the money in the bank and don't care about customer having to wait!!! "Put the immersion on/turn it off please" was a phrase that I remember well, and also having to watch how much hot water went in the bath if someone else wanted one too. The radiator that Pop fitted in the bathroom was wonderful as you had a warm towel after a bath, what luxury 😁
    I have an image of your card in my head so it will be interesting to see yours. I hope you can get blogger to play nicely. Have a restful day my lovely.
    How inconsiderate for Brenda and Lynda families to have birthdays on the same day as Ally Pally! 😊 Of course I am only joking but it won't be the same without you, we will miss you 😢
    Lilian, I really do hope that you are feeling better. Hugs are on the way as I type (very slowly) X
    Pat, I'm glad you know what dates are what now, at least you can make Ally Pally thank goodness X
    Maria, I'm so glad you managed to sort out how to get to Ally Pally too. I hope you're not trying to do too much with that knee! Your hugs are on the way x
    Michele, I hope your family is safe in Florida. Such a dreadful time for everyone in the path of Irma. My heart goes out to them all X
    It's moving day today so yet more packing for us today
    I think I have forgotten how to make a card! 😢😢😢
    Wishing you all a good day
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Lilian, Pat and all in need. Take care xx

  6. Ahh my comment disappeared again. I don't think I pressed publish though.
    Shame that blogger wouldn't let you upload a card Sandra. Well all just have to use our imagination won't we.

  7. Ladies I have a bit of a problem...
    Blogger is saying that I am not a blog Author and that I need to start a new blog!!
    If any contact details change i will email you all personally.

    1. Thanks Sandra. What a pain that they're not recognising you.

  8. Hello All, sorry did not get in yesterday, felt sick and faint most of the day( sorry too much info)

    Thanks Sandra for showing my card, it turned out a bit brighter than planned, so used wink of Stella pen, have tried crafters companion pens but find they are too heavy, the stencil is one of John next door new ones they have nice small pats, I think the ink pad was moonlight white. The stamp belongs to my friend,it's a penny black make, loving that brand at the moment.

    Your card is showing now Sandra, it's lovely.

    Going to have a cup of tea now which my "pet" has just bought me, he has been a trouper while I've been unwell, although I find it difficult to sit and let him do all after always being in charge of kitchen, ah well let's hope this new young dr will have some new ideas tomorrow.

    Have a good all, Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Sorry to hear you were unwell yesterday. I hope your feeling much better today. It's great that your Pet can take over when your feeling unwell.
      Didn't know your card was made with a stencil. Thought you meant the whole thing but then you said you'd used a Penny Black stamp. Must look at Johns stencils to see which one you'd used.

  9. Your card is lovely A big favourite with me (amongst many!)
    Sad to read a few can't make AP Now I'm not very techie at all but perhaps we can Skype/FaceTime you all from AP using their free wifi....? If someone knows how that is...

    1. U can FaceTime anywhere as long as u have signal and the persons number although I'm not sure if u can do a group FaceTime never tried it lol. Obviously face time is just for apple users where Skype can be used for any model. Never got the hang of that lol x

    2. Hi Karen
      I know you can group Skype. But seeing as both Brenda and Lynda will be at parties might be a bit awkward.

  10. Hi Sandra.
    Lovely card I do love flowers. I'm still not keen on stamping although I have been stamping loads os snowy the snowman for my cards this year lol. Getting better and I love colouring his hat n scarf lol.

    Sounds like I've had a week from hell although u did bring back memories for me regarding the Sunday bath. I got to go first then my sis got in after I was finished lol. We used to have that 50p meter thing to fill for the electricity and bs k then we had s coal fire which heated our radiators. I'm only 43 but it's made me realise how lucky I am now to have all these modern things. Like u said to wash hair it was either in the bath or ur head in the sink with a jug of water which I do on occasion if I'm running late for work lol.

    Love to all xxx

    1. Hi Tracey
      I'm washing my hair in the sink at the moment due to my hand partly being out of action at the moment.

  11. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I quickly popped in this morning, we were going out for 930 and it was all a bit of a rush. Went to hairdresser friend and we both had our hair done, from there we went to our daughters, didn't stay as everyone was out at work or school just drop something off, then we went to the tip, after that to Asda (we did wash your hands before we shopped) then it was back home for very late much-needed lunch. Now I think I need a rest.
    Sandra I reading your description of your card this morning, I had a lovely picture in my head, but seeing it now it is even more beautiful than it
    I imagined. I love the colours you have used. I hope you get your problems sorted out with blogger, Technology is wonderful but it's working! But boy does it give us a headache when it plays up!
    I hope your boiler gets sorted out soon. As a child I was very fortunate my family always had a bathroom. The first I can remember was in Coventry my father worked on the railway and we had a stationmasters house which is no longer required for the stationmaster. It was a lovely house with a great garden. After that, family moved to Leicestershire where we had a new council house with hot water and radiators. It was only when I went to my grannies house in Warwickshire did I experience the tin bath. But even worse when we went to Southern Ireland, grandparents had no running water water was collected from a well up the road and I will not describe the toilet arrangements, to say primitive would be an understatement. Strange as it may seem I have wonderful memories of going to Ireland and all the conveniences we had at home were never given a consideration when we were there. It really was another world. We even had to milk the cow, and cooking was on an open fire. I can still remember the wonderful taste of the bread. Oh memories, see what you've done to us Sandra. Ha ha XX
    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I to use to go to Southern Ireland when I was small. Limerick down was the river is where my mums parents lived. I to remember the baked bread in the oven. Round and flattish but I can't remember what it was called. Yummy yummy. My Dads parents although they did live in the middle of London, moved to a tiny village outside Thame called Morton. A thatched cottage, line you no running water just open fires as well. The toilet was a bucket outside, but they had wonderful flowers and fruit trees in the garden. They always had rabbits and hares hanging up in the kitchen. We didn't milk cows but got outperform milk from the milk churns at the bottom of the farmers drive before the lorries dame and picked them up.

  12. Hi all.
    Love the card Sandra, lovely colours.
    Sorry but have been busy today so haven't even read your posts yet but will after dinner so I might be back, hoping tho that you all have had a good day as you could and plenty of crafting/ Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

  13. Hi Sandra
    Lovely lovely card today. Love the colours you've used.

  14. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a day you had yesterday hope today gets better. Your card is just what I love, very simple but so effective as I have learnt from watching you, lovely thank you for showing us.
    Your story about bathrooms made me smile, my Dad was a farm worker so we lived in a farm cottage in country side, water was from well in farmers garden which was across a field, toilet was outside, cooking done on oil cooker, & regularly during summer we had 4 or more visitors staying, how Mum managed to produce the lovely meals I shall never know. I was 17 when we moved to Royal Wootton Bassett & had an indoor toilet & bathroom, how times have
    Lilian sorry you still feel poorly, hope seeing a new Dr. he will see something the others have missed, sending you gentle
    I have had busy day, food shopping then spent 2 or more hours up with Alan at hospital for another pre- op for his hip, hope all is well this time.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Let's hope that Alan manages to have his op this time.

  15. Hi again,
    oh I have loved reading about the beginning before heating and running water and having bath in the tin baths :-) I never had that at home but going to my grandparents we had outhouses for the number ones and twos but as I'm scared of spiders I usually went in the bushes around for the number ones, just had to be careful for stinging nettles Lol Inside we had water but no hot so we had to have the fire going if we wanted any hot water. So many wonderful memories. I hope you soon have the boiler sorted Sandra and everything is back to normal,hugs.
    Brenda- hope you got some piece and perhaps a little nap. Take care.
    Pat- hope you ok. Take care and I'm sending you and Pete some hugs. Glad he got back home safe and sound (men)
    Lilian- sending hugs and wish you better, take care
    Tracy- I love Snowy and his family so love to know where you bought him from ? Hope your back is better and you take care.
    It's late again and another day is nearly gone. I did washing this morning and managed to hang it outside yay it wasn't sunny but warm-ish and a gentle wind. House needed some hovering and I had just finished when my neighbour popped around and she stayed for a few hours. We have both gone off the wagon reg our eating so this Sunday will be "fun" ;( Just watching the news about IRMA, so scary. Hope your family will be alright in Florida Michele.
    Wishing you all a good night and hope the bedbugs leave you alone hihi Hugs, xxx