Sunday, 10 September 2017

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies,

Michele set you an Amazing Challenge last Monday, that Challenge was to make a Black & White 'Monochrome' Card.

As usual, you amazing ladies totally 'aced' the Challenge, so I won't make you wait any longer, here we go..........


Janet has entered 5 cards into this week's Challenge, 5 very different, stunning works of art!
The first card is a gorgeous birthday card, I love how you have 
cut some of the flowers into the card and then added the large matching black flower for balance, a gorgeous design Janet.
The second card, is a WOW, I adore that 3D Embossing Folder from Crafter's Companion, it actually looks like a stitched appliqué! It has enough detail to be the main focus of the card meaning you really don't need anything more that a pretty background and a sentiment.
No.3 Is a beautiful 'Art Deco' style card, such a beautiful image, I love the accent stamps too. A real timeless card Janet, my MIL buys me an Art Deco card every year, I'm not sure if it's because she likes them or she thinks I do, they are always stunning cards, maybe I should design an Art Deco card for her next year, I have one or two Debbie Moore CD-ROMs gathering dust!
A man card for No.4, using one of Janet's newer stamps, with a wood grain effect embossing folder.
Last but not least a stunning Silhouette Card, just gorgeous, I love that black lattice background too Janet, the bow and Stick pins are the perfect embellishment for this card.
Janet, you are amazing, thank you so much for sharing so many fab cards with us.


Karen has entered 3 beauties this week, the first card Karen has made features one of the original and one of our favourite Sue Dies, "Lyra", I think so many of us have this die but we just don't remember to get it out, so thank you Karen for reminding us how fabulous it is! 
Karen's second card is a fantastic design, that works perfectly, the different papers that you have used for the flowers mix and match brilliantly. The squares Karen cut with her Scan 'n' cut, the flowers are SW Camelia dies.
The third card is a blast from the past, a 'Spirelli' card, I haven't seen this technique for a long time, it is so effective, it looks like it takes ages too, the Daisy and ribbon finish the hat perfectly! 
Thank you so much Karen, for 3 Fabulous cards.


Brenda, OMG, such a gorgeous card, it's striking and beautiful at the same time.  Brenda has used 'That Special Touch' 'Wavy' mask, with some Black texture paste, it looks amazing, another thing I purchased and have never used! 
The gorgeous spray of flowers in the corner is just the perfect contrast, adding softness to the striking background!  I love it !
Thank you so much Brenda for taking time out of your room removals to make a card for this week's challenge.


Lynda, despite going through so much has managed to make two cards, two gorgeous cards at that! 
The first card uses some beautiful black lace (i can't use those two words without thinking of the 'Agadoo' song) !! , With a beautifully detailed SW Butterfly die cut in black and white to match tie the colour theme together.
Lynda's second card uses some of the dies Lynda bought from 'China', that butterfly frame is gorgeous Lynda, the butterfly and foliage are beautiful.
Thank you so much my lovely.


Michele, two more amazing Challenge cards from Michele, the first a Fab Halloween card, the second a Super Pretty card, so delicate which can be hard to achieve with Black and white cards.
Here is Michele's description....
" These are my challenge cards. The first one I think was made using a Memory Box Die. On the he second one I've used a Darice embossing folder & the spider is a die from a set (spider & Web) off EBay, very cheap."
Thank you so much Michele for two (actually 3 ) stunning cards.


Lilian, wow, I love this card, I have this die so will be having a go at this card, I absolutely love the black and white heads on the poppies! Setting them in the frame really showcases the whole of the die, I would love this framed on my wall!
The black and white ribbon bow, works so perfectly with those flowers too.
Did you stamp the poppy heads or is it paper? 
I know you have been really suffering this week Lilian and I want you to know how very grateful I am that you still made time to make a card for Michele's challenge, but please don't ever feel like you have too. 


Maria got out from under her fleece throw to venture into the kitchen to make two lovely cards for this week's challenge. 
The first is a die cut 'Tea Cups' card, I believe it's a Crafter's Companion die (but I maybe wrong), the way you have mixed and matched the layers highlights all of the lovely detail in those cups Maria, so hard to achieve with just two colours. 
Your second card features a stunning Stamp, oh Maria it is so pretty, I would love to see this one coloured in too!  Such a beautifully detailed image, the embossed background works really well too, which E folder did you use please?? 
Thank you so much Maria, I hope you are snuggled back under your throw as we speak. 


Val, now Val two fab-u-lous cards from you this week Darling!!!  You get a 10 from me!!  (Oh I am excited that Strictly is back)! 
Seriously though you have used some lovely monochrome decorative papers in two completely different ways,  both work beautifully, you really have an eye for detail, every detail is perfectly spaced and sized, your edges and layers are always finished to the highest of standards.  So no 'E' for Effort (as you say), reality is actually 'A' for Effort for sure!! 
Thank you so much my lovely for taking part.


Margaret has made two cards for this week's challenge despite it not being her favourite colour choice, which is dedication !!  Thank you my lovely for stepping out of your comfort zone to create two amazing cards, the first has a beautiful bird image stamped on it, with a brilliant sentiment. The second card has a gorgeous de-bossed tree as it's focul point, something that you could use for so many occasions. It really does make a perfect Sympathy card, it's such an simple image that could have very deep meaning, a tree is a very strong image.  I love this card Margaret.
Thank you so much my lovely.

Thank you so much ladies for going to such great lengths to make Michele's Challenge a success, I know she will be thrilled when she opens up today's post and sees so many amazing cards.

Michele thank you so very much for giving me three weeks off of choosing and making cards for the challenge.  It has been fantastic seeing someone else's challenge ideas, feel free to take the reigns at any time my lovely!
The same goes to any of you, I am happy for anyone if you to choose the weekly challenge, even if you just want to suggest an idea, just let me know.

Now I am so Bloomin' excited to share with all of you a photo of our very Dear Lynda & Capt Underpants new arrival.......

This darling little Chihuahua is "Baby", I know she will never be able to replace Annie or Bambi, but she will help fill the huge hole that they left in your hearts.  I think that the silence is as much of a reminder that you have lost a beloved pet as anything else, I am guessing that silence will be long gone.  You have the added bonus of knowing that you gave Baby a loving home rather than her having to go to a shelter.  
Give Terry a huge hug and tell him to not blame himself, nobody could have guessed that they 'may' have been the cause of Annie and Bambi's breathing problems. 
I wonder how many times you will call "Baby' 'Annie or Bambi !! 
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your happy news.

Have a fantastic day ladies, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Flying visit Off to Harefield Hospital in a mo
    WOWSER! What beauties and many of us sent more than one card! There's quite a few ideas I'd like to borrow
    For example I still haven't used my 3D folder and I have pots of texture paste that I forget to use! I must must try again
    Off for a shower now
    BTW Baby is a real cutie and I know will be much loved xx

    1. Hi Karen. Three lovely cards. Especially love the lady with her spirelli hat.
      Hope everything goes well today. Xxx

    2. Hi Karen
      Great cards today. I also love the spiral hat.
      Hope everything goes ok today and the rain holds off you you. X x x

    3. Hi Karen Love your cards,how did you make the hat ?
      Good luck and have a fun day, hope the rain stays away while you do the run at least xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW WOW WOW what an array of pure gorgeousness this week. Every card is just a piece of art and I'm so pleased that we managed to get an extra display board in the CAFE lol. If we carry on like this we'll need new premises much larger ones too hehehe

    LYNDA- the pics of Baby are beautiful and I just know how lucky he/she is to have found such a loving home.

    It's quite cold here this morning so much so that I've got the heating on (it's on clock so will be going off soon) just to warm up the house.

    I'm not sure what if anything is planned for today.

    The CAFE is OPEN and Roast Pork is on the menu today. Have a good Sunday whatever is planned. Hugs are on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Wow Janet, 5 lovely cards. You'redefinitely the queen of art deco.
      Could I put my order in for a roast pork dinner please with extra crackling and apple sauce.
      Enjoy your dayxxx

    2. Hi Janet
      WOW 5 CC from you today I love them all but the 3D embossing folder just pops right out too me.
      Thank you for your kind words for "Baby" she has filled a Big whole but my girl's will never be forgotte.
      Hug's on there way xx

    3. Hi Janet
      5 stunning cards on show today. I have the die you used for the first one and the embossing folder for the second.
      It's also cold here as well also raining. Pete was hoping to go canoeing this afternoon, but no chance of that today.

    4. Wow 5 fantastic cards Janet. You really got the black and white challenge wibe to perfection. Love the last one with it silhouette lady, beautiful.
      Roast pork sound nice, see you later for some. Take care xx

    5. Beautiful cards I really must try the 3D folder again because the result is stunning I love that art-deco image too Perfect for this theme

  3. Morning Ladies

    WOW-what a truly amazing collection of challenge cards. They're all stunning & all so very different.
    Lilian-once again I'm hoping I can use your card idea to make one of my own. I just love it.

    Worrying messages from my in Laws in Florida last night. Irma had changed direction and is heading straight for them (they're near Sarasota). They' were explaining what they stocked up on, how they'd stored important paperwork etc.
    We haven't had any more messages so I'm hoping they're managing to sleep, they're going to check in with us (& other family) every 2 hours so we know they're ok. A very worrying time.


    1. Hi Michele
      Thank you for this weeks challenge love your cards.
      Sorry that Irma is heading towards your family Michele you must be so worried I have my fingers & everything crossed for their safety. They are in my thoughts & prayers too. Huge Hug's Michele xxx

    2. Hi Michele, lovely cards and great challenge So hope your family come through Irma safely. Thoughts and prayers for them and everyone caught up in this disaster. Xxx

    3. Hi Michele
      Two lovely cards today although I wouldn't make the Halloween one as I don't like spiders.
      Hope the family come through this worrying time. Hurricane Irma is certainly wreeking havoc over in the Caribbean islands and America.

    4. Hi Michele,
      I'm with Pat, can't have spiders anywhere and especially not on a card Lol Otherwise great cards and thank you for the fun challenge. Hope you family will be Ok, so worrying with everything that happening with these storms and earthquakes in many country's. Take care xx

    5. I hope your family is safe I remembered that you had said they were Sarasota way I hope the lines stay open they can can stay in touch
      I really like your Hallowe'en card and will look out for that folder Take care and try not to worry too much

  4. Morning Sandra and all,
    Lots of lovely cards today. Every one a treat.
    LILIAN I have that poppy die but never thought of paper piecing it. Lovely idea.

    LYNDA Baby is adorable. I bet she'll be so well loved in her new home.

    Just off to the Market but will be back in time for my roast dinner Janet.

    May go to bed for a couple of hours later (after I've watched John Lockwood on Hochanda) as I didn't sleep so well last night. I had restless legs and I wriggled about the bed most of the night.

    Have a good Sunday everyone. Hugs for all not doing so good.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thanks Val she is adorable isn't she. Have good trip to market & have a nice rest later. I also had restless night with my legs & feet.
      Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Val, great cards. Like the papers you used for it all. Hope the market was good. Lots of tourist around still or has that slowed down a bit ? Take care xx

    3. Great cards Val I love your "Happy Birthday" die I think MICHELE has used it in the past
      I get restless legs I have a bar of soap under my sheet which I think helps with cramp but it also helps my restless legs I don't know how or why but it relieves the restless legs a bit too

    4. I'll try that tonight Karen, thanks. Hope the run went well.

      MARIA the holiday makers with children have dwindled away but just adults come out on holiday now plus all the expats who went back to UK for the summer are slowly returning so it's pretty busy still. Xxx

      LYNDA hope you have a better night tonight. Xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    WOW so many wonderful challenge cards today again each one different but all gorgeous I loved this challenge thank you Michele.
    SANDRA thank you for sharing our new Baby's picture. She is adorable
    ( she blends perfectly with the carpet / rug HaHa ) she has filled a big hole but we will never forget our Two lost little girls.
    We are off to Darren's later so no cooking for me today. Just Harry cuddles yay!
    So must go & get showered & wake Terry up still💤💤 will pop back when we get home.
    See you later Love Lynda captain underpants & Baby xxx

    1. Hi Lynda, aaaaaah she is adorable. Of course you never forget your two other girls but hopefully this little one will keep you busy and on your toes during the days to come. Have some wonderful Harry cuddles today. Like your two butterfly cards :) Hugs xx

    2. Hi Lynda
      We went to Yarnton as usual so no cooking for me either.
      Isn't Baby so cute and of course you'll never forget your other two girls.
      You mentioned about Terry's asthma, but, apparently all birds that we can have carry diseases for other animals and humans. I was telling Doreen how you got baby and a man sitting behind me told me that.
      Have great cuddles with Harry today.

    3. She is gorgeous and will help to ease your pain a bit But Bambi and Snnie will never leave your heart

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Well what a stunning array of cards today. Ladies you have surpassed yourselves. So many cards and each one different.
    Sandra, I do know that Maria's teacups Die isn't the Crafters Companion one, unless they've done two of them. I have their one if you remember.

    1. Hi Pat, you're right . The teacup stack I used is by Poppystamps and I used the fall out bits to make them up in mixed black and white. Therapeutic, nearly like a jigsaw hihi Hugs for you and Pete xx

    2. Hi Maria
      I thought it would be. I looked, but it's out of stock now. I have the Crafters Companion one but yours is nicer. Perhaps I'll find it at Ally Pally.

    3. I love that die MARIA I have one by Dreamwavers which is similar but not as lovely as this one to paper piece

  7. Hi everyone.

    What a stunning array of beautiful cards as usual on a Sunday. My fav this week is the Art Deco lady. I don't normally like that sort of card but it really just jumped out at me. Stunning

    Lynda what a cute wee addition u have she's sooo cute x love to u and terry xx

  8. Hello All, very wet and windy here, also so cold but no heating on !!!!

    What a great lot of cards today, you put me to shame, I struggled to do one, didn't have any spotty paper so embossed with white embossing powder.

    Lynda, lovely pics of your new little sweetie, hope she settles well.

    New tablets, not making any difference yet, still only had them on Friday, dr said couldn't do anything for the nausea, so not much "get up and go "at the moment.

    Have lovely rest of Sunday, hugs to all Lilian .

    1. Hi Lilian, not sure how you managed to make the embossing powder so perfectly small and big dots but I love the poppies die you have used. A lovely card.
      I have the meds called Metoclopramide for nausea and so far, touch wood . Hugs xx

    2. It's a lovely result I have that die and not used it in ages So thanks for the reminder

    3. Hi Lilian
      You had great results with your embossing. Not to sure I'd be able to manage that myself. Hopefully the new mends will kick in soon. Not to sure why you can't have mends for your naueau if they've been prescribed for Maria.

  9. Hi Sandra and all,
    have had a long look in the galleri with black and white CC's today and so many different ones again. Lilian- your poppies are lovely. Margaret- love the songbird and Brenda- the swirly mask is lovely too. I might make some more black and white as standby's and then when a card is needed it is easy just to put some coloured flowers or ribbon to it, that's what I'm thinking now anyway, doesn't mean it will be done tho Lol I'd like some more cc's tasks with just using 2 colours if it's ok. It got me thinking, could still use it with a sketch maybe..... Perhaps a nap are in order for us who haven't slept well for some nights, not nice with restless legs and pain. had liked to go for a walk but it is pelting down so I rather stay indoors and start thinking what to make for X-mas cards this year, it usually takes me some weeks Lol
    Sending warm hugs to you all, Maria xoxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Gorgeous cards you've made. Love your cups but this Die seems to be out of stoc. I think yours is nicer than mine which is the Crafters Companion one. Love the stamp as well. Hope you manage to get some drafting done today.

    2. I agree with Pat it is a lovely die set Might try tracking it on eBay

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of cards & all so different, given me lots to think
    Michele thank you again, hope & pray your family are safe, sending
    Karen hope the run goes well, how far do you run?xxx
    Lilian hope meds kick in soon hugs on
    Lynda your "Baby" is gorgeous & such a lucky dog to come to you & Terry, sorry about the parrot, perhaps Terry's asthma will improve as well now, hugs on
    Pat hope all goes well tomorrow will be thinking of you, hugs on
    I lost first comment so will go now before this one disappears, sending hugs to all who need them love

  11. I'd tried that Karen, but you might have more luck than me. I didn't look very far as I don't usually use eBay.

  12. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a fantastic display of beautiful cards, you really have excelled yourselves, each and everyone is a masterpiece. Thank you Michele for setting this challenge. I wonder what Sandra has got planned for tomorrow?
    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday, I cannot believe how much time it has taken to move the sitting room across the hall. Mind you we have been doing a deep spring clean along the way. The only problem we have left to solve is getting the TV to connect to wifi.
    Have sorted out daughters birthday arrangements, I suggested they all come to us on Sunday for a birthday meal. They said yes!!! AND I can get to Ally Pally on Saturday Yippee.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx