Tuesday 19 September 2017

The birthday celebrations continue...Brenda's card today!

Good Morning Ladies,

My 50th Birthday celebrations continue, this is so much fun, I will have the longest running birthday celebrations ever by the time we get back from London next week.
We are all booked to go on Monday, we will stay two nights and return home Wednesday evening, this should give us time to do more, last time we were rushed and Paul was exhausted by the time we got to our Afternoon Tea, so we are spreading everything out over 3 days, I can't wait, the reviews of the hotel are really good too, so fingers crossed, we will get to relax.

Today's gorgeous card was made by Our Brenda, it is so pretty, gorgeous shades of peachy/pink and cream, accented with Gold Mirror card, the die cut centre piece is stunning, Brenda has created this by die cutting both sides of the 'So Detailed ' thinlits back to back on a piece of card, this gives you the gorgeous centre piece.  The papers are from the 'So In Love' collection too, such gorgeous subtle shades.
The part of the card that catches your eye is the beautiful hand made wired pearl and ribbon rose embellishment, Brenda it is exquisite, so detailed and pretty, you would make a fortune if you set your self up a 'Sweat Shop' selling these.
A truly stunning card that I will treasure forever, thank you so very much. XXX

Hoping to see Sue today, I am looking forward to sharing my excitement over the Distress Oxide inks with her, I'm going to try some different techniques with them today I think. Watch this space!!!!

I hope that whatever you are doing you have a lovely day,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-another beautiful birthday card., you must have a really lovely collection of cards.

    I think 3 days in London sounds perfect-which night are you going to see 42nd Street??

    Thank you for you well wishes yesterday-I was in my meeting for 3 hours!! It was an experience I never want to have to go through ah. Now all I can do is wait for someone to inform me of the decision, at least they can only email me at work & I definitely won't be looking at my work emails!

    I have a managers meeting this morning then we have quite a busy day. I'm going straight to the hairdressers after work so I'm going to pick up Fish & Chips for our tea tonight as a treat.


    1. At least the meeting is out of the way I bet you can't wait to put your "Out of Office" message on!

    2. Hi Michele, it's out of your hands now and once you leave work for you hols you can switch off the phone and hopefully just relax.xxx

    3. Hi Michele, So glad you have got the dreaded meeting out of the way and as Karen said I'm sure you'll be more than delighted to put your "Out of Office" message on. Just put it all behind you and look forward to your holiday xxx

    4. Hi Michele
      So pleased your meeting is over & done with. As everyone said put your out of office message on.asap
      When do you actually go on holiday Michele hope you will be able to relax & enjoy self.Hope you enjoyed your fish & chips.
      Hug's xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    We have a little sunshine at the moment but it's a little more than chilly. Ah well Autumn has definitely made a start. Most of the trees have started shedding their summer colours and turning into trees of varying shades of gold. They look so beautiful but also bring a reminder of the Winter to come.

    Another Beautiful birthday card SANDRA. It is so delicate and I just know it will go into your Memory Box.

    BRENDA- your rose and pearl bouquet is just gorgeous.

    The CAFE is OPEN so all you have to do is pop in for a while; take a seat and feast your eyes on our gorgeous display boards.

    LILIAN- It was lovely to see you pop in yesterday to let us know you're on the mend at long last.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.xxxx

    1. Hello Janet, Thank you for your comment.xx
      The Café looks lovely this morning you have created a beautiful display board. xx

  3. Such a pretty card BRENDA No wonder SANDRA wanted to show it
    My La Pashe sheet arrived yesterday Thank you for the offer MARIA but I think I am going to enjoy cutting this one out as it makes me smile every time I look at it
    I hope to do challenge card later AND re make a work colleague one because there's one little bit that's really annoying me! I.e. A die cut letter that isn't straight!

    1. Thank you Karen XX have fun using your La Pashe decoupage, I would love to see it when it's finished. xx

    2. Hi Karen hope cutting your La Pashe decoupage goes ok.
      I had a lot of them when I was into decoupage I think I might still have some somewhere. Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Hello Sandra and all,
    That was a surprise opening the blog and seeing the card I made looking at me! Thank you for sharing it. xx
    I hope you managed to get to sleep last night Sandra, I know you have a big problem sleeping when Paul is away AND now it's only three more sleeps to go!
    Have fun playing with your Distress Oxide inks. Mine still have the cellophane on, I will get to play with them one day - soon.

    Have a good day everyone, we are off out to look at TVs. The one we have was bought for the other lounge and is far to big for the room we have moved into. OH is even talking about changing the sofas and chairs, they are also to big. It would have saved a lot of money if we had stayed where we were.

    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I hope your TV shopping was successful & not too expensive for you. Did you look at new furniture as well.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Hello Lynda, Yes we have got the new TV and yes John suggested we look at furniture while we were so close to the shop. I was beginning to feel light headed by the time we called it a day. We have a few ideas but haven't decided on anything yet. We have cream leather at the moment and I'm inclined to stay with a similar colour. Watch this space!!!
      Hope all is well with you and Captain U/P. Has Baby settled down and is she being a good girl? Hugs xx

  5. Hello All, it was lovely earlier, large black clouds are looming.

    Brenda super card, love the little spray of flowers, my fingers are no good at doing these little things any more.

    Sandra hope the days aren't dragging too much with Paul away.
    Please don't tell me how good the oxides are, I'm trying to resist, although I am weakening, trouble is I like to have all the colours.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hello Lillian Thank you for the comment. Like you I have been resisting the Oxides, thinking why do I need more ink pads? Then I was watching a demo on the Pink Frog stand on Saturday and I began to appreciate the difference (I've resisted looking before) the colours are so gorgeous Anyway I have started myself off with four, just to see how I get on. xx

    2. Hi Lilian hope you didn't get any wet stuff today.
      I also would like to try the Oxides but have so far resisted think I would have bought some if I had gone to AP.
      Have a good evening. Hug's Lynda xx

  6. Good evening SANDRA & all
    Sorry late we had friends turn up this afternoon & this morning had Hospital
    Then took Baby for a walk up the park think she enjoyed it better than up the high street as she is so nervous around lots of people.
    BRENDA your card is gorgeous I love your hand made roses your so talented.
    I have commented on way down
    SANDRA hope you had a good day with Sue & you now only have three sleeps untill Paul gets home 💕😄 You have your trip to London to look forward too.
    Looking forward to seeing your makes with your new Oxides ink pads.
    My cupper has arrived so Love Lynda xxx

    1. I've left a comment for you above. Thank you for liking my card for Sandra. I'll say it again- you were both missed at AP on Saturday xx

    2. Aw thank you Brenda we mist seeing you all too. Really your card is stunning. Glad you got your TV
      Love Lynda xx