Saturday 9 September 2017

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to another 'Mixed Up Saturday', yet again I have some fab photos to share with all of you, including some lovely photos of our Tracy with her friend Janice!!
So let's get started........


Tracy was kind enough to sent us the pictures of herself and her lovely friend Janice all dressed up in their New Outfits for last month's Hen Do!!
You both look absolutely gorgeous, you also look like you had a fantastic time at the Hen Do.

It was Tracy & Graeme's Wedding Anniversary last Monday and Tracy was a very lucky lady as Graeme treated her to the lovely pile of craft goodies above!! 
You got a lovely selection Tracy, the dies and embossing folder are fantastic.
It's our Anniversary next week, do you think Graeme could give Paul a hint?!!

Thank you so much Tracy for sharing your photos with all of us.



Janet has had her lace box out again, oh my goodness look at that beautifully decorated Journal. It is stunning Janet, the laces you have used are stunning, they make a perfect background for those little resin embellishments. 

I was lucky enough to get hand made Journal from Janet for my Birthday, it is the most amazing work of art, something lovely to look at on each and every page, it's all in green too!  I felt very honoured to receive something you had spent so much time making Janet, I will feature it next week so that you can all see how amazing it is.

Janet's last photo is of her latest purchase, two beautifully detailed Tonic 'Verso' die sets, it looks like you get loads of dies in each set too.  I can't wait to see the projects you come up with using these. 

Thank you so much for taking part today Janet .


Karen is going to a Baby Shower and was asking advice on ideas etc, just look at this gorgeous card that she came up with, it's brilliant! 
I think I have seen Val making these style cards too, it's such a fantastic idea.
Here is Karen's description......

"You may have noticed on the blog that I am going to a Baby Shower on 17th and was fishing as to what add to my card I will see what Charlotte wants to do but may go with Lynda's idea of buying flowers as the mum to be knows I will make a cardie/jumper for her

So here's the finished card and OH wrote the following poem for the inside.

Once little baby has arrived,
a little jumper I will knit.
Making sure the colour's right
and also, it will fit!
So, with this card I promise you
An exclusive Karen cardie
For to keep your baby warm,
ever so nice and toasty

The little jumper is made with 3ply on 2mm needles The "needles" are cocktail sticks with Hama beads (I knew I'd find a use for them some day) The sentiment is from a ScanNCut USB and the circles were cut in that too The "hearts" cut with SW Mew Arrival collection. I like the grey and white but I think next time I'd do it in pink and blue for a better contrast"

Absolutely Bloomin' genius Karen, love your verse too!!

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your card!

Thanks so much ladies for today's blog content, you will be pleased to know that I have found my Craft Desk, evicted some spiders that had moved in, blown away their cobwebs and a little dust! So I am ready to start drafting and I literally can't wait, so watch this space for some new projects and videos too! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Great photos always nice to put a face to a name. Lovely crafty purchases on show today.

    Karen-/brilliant idea for the baby shower card.

    We had a lovely meal out last night, got home quite late but I was wide awake at 5.30! Just waiting for the washing machine to finish the second load then I'll move. We've had very heavy rain & it still looks awful out so the washing won't be going outside unfortunately..


    1. We managed to get yesterday's washing dry inbetween the showers today.

  2. Morning Everyone
    from an extremely wet and windy Sheffield and it's still pouring down.

    TRACY- lovely pics of your night out and a really good crafty selection of goodies.

    KAREN- I love love your card. That cardy is so cute.

    My purchases this last week have really got to be my last for some time as that Season is coming upon so quickly and expenses seem to increase year on

    The Journal is off on it's way to France for our Friend Francoise who lives in Brittany and it has to be posted this week.

    This time I padded the front cover is a deep salmon brocade and then used the deep lace columns so that the cameos (Anita Blake ones) just fit nicely. The spine has a column of double half sided pearls with three lace daisies spread down it.

    The dies are TONIC VERSO and is a complete die to make an easel card. It has 15 dies including two which make a bow for the stopper. The name of the set is 'Laced Bow Easel Creator Die Set'.

    The second set is another Verso die set which has 19 dies in the set and goes with the name of 'Victorian Fraame Layering Die Set'. The biggest die is 187.5mm x 203mm so will fit the Gemini perfectly.

    I'm hoping to get to play some time this coming week.

    The CAFE is OPEN and of course the heating is on and an extra brollie stand is waiting. I'll be putting some goodies behind the counter later this afternoon after I've been shopping this morning.

    Have a good day and hugs are on their way to you all.
    MARGARET- hope all went well yesterday. xxxx

    1. Thank you Janet That journal is a real work of art

    2. Hi JANET wow your journal is amazing what a lovely gift a work of art.
      Love your Dies my friend bought the same sets the large one is stunning. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
      Big Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Hi Janet
      Your Journal really is a work of art. Your friend in France will be over the moon to receive it.

  3. Ooh I always get a little thrill to see my efforts in "print" but I think we all do, don't we?
    What a glorious journal JANET and as SANDRA says it must take you she's and a lot of love goes into it too Great looking buys too
    You look fantastic Tracy and quite rightly looked like you had a brilliant time I love your buys Can I ask you is all of the card stock Centura Pearl or are the mixed colours different and where are they from I love those colours
    I am now going off to iron out T shirt "backs" for tomorrow's Harefield Hospital's Fun Run - I must send SANDRA a photo of Team Gary Then I will be printing ribbon labels for the cardies I take for the League of Friends to sell etc
    We have glorious sunshine at the moment I wonder how long it'll last
    The cafe looks very pretty JANET
    BIG HUGS to PAT PETE LYNDA TERRY and others that are feeling a bit under the weather xxx

    1. The main dark pack is Centura pearl. The loose stuff is a mix of creative expressions and another company that I can't remember which was pearlised card. They had dookits in craftworld that u help urself per sheet.

    2. Woo interesting As sometimes I don't want 50 sheets of one colour

    3. Hi KAREN I love your card it's gorgeous I'm sure she will love it & the flowers. Good luck at the fun run Go Team Gary hope you raise lots for the Harefield Hospital Hug's Lynda xx

    4. Hi Karen
      What a lovely card you've made for your the lady whose having a baby. I bet she'll be thrilled. Good luck for the run, go team Gary.

  4. Morning Sandra and ladies.

    SANDRA, Glad you found your desk and you can now start creating.

    TRACY, lovely photos. Look like you're having a good time. Great crafty buys. Love both dies.

    JANET as usual your lace work is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Sandra journal.

    KAREN love your baby card. Lovely idea for a shower and great poem.

    I made 2 black and white cards at craft club yesterday. I can't say I'm enamoured with them but now run out of time so I'll send them to Sandra later.

    I'm going up to our nearest shopping arena today which is about 30 minutes drive away. It has some lovely shops including Primary and C+A. It's my friend Licia's birthday when I'm over in the UK next month staying with her and I'd like to buy her something special to cheer her up as she just found out her son, who is just 50, has liver cancer. He had cancer in a kidney which was removed about 3 years ago and has been fine since but now sadly it's come back.I think this is the 6th person in the last few weeks, including our lovely Pat, who has some form of cancer.

    On a lighter note Wendy and I have booked to go to a craft class on Thursday to make a floating tea cup. Should be fun. It it's any good I'll send Sandra a photo from next Saturday.

    LILIAN I hope you had some good news at the docs yesterday. Xxx

    Hugs to all especially those that are poorly or sad.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thank you Val That craft class sounds fantastic I have seen a few on Pinterest and they are so pretty I wish there were craft classes like that near to me Well any craft classes to be fair Enjoy your shopping trip

    2. Hi Val
      Hope you managed to find something nice for your friend.
      Very sad her son's cancer has returned Sending some HUG'S.
      Enjoy your craft club with Wendy. I love those floating tea cups I would love to know how they are made.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Hi Val I also wish we had a few classes around us as well. My friend used to own a small craft shop in Millets farm in Southmoor. But when the company who owned the building put up the rent she decided it wouldn't pay and retired. She only did stamping though.
      I hope you manage to find something nice for your friend. Sad to hear her sons cancer has returned. Sending gentle hugs her way.
      I don't think I've ever seen floating tea cups so I'd be interested to see what they look like.

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I bet you cannot wait to get back to your beautiful cards, so pleased you found your desk. Thank you for showing the lovely photos
    Tracy lovely photos looks as if you had a lovely time & love your gofts from hubby. Hope your back
    Janet lovely lace work from you as normal & your dies look very good value. I have my op. on 22nd of Sept. so 2 weeks to go yet. Enjoy your
    Karen your card is perfect, how on earth did you manage to knit with cocktail sticks?? Have you looked up U3A in your area? They usually have plenty of craft classes, my embroidery group is one, in our area you pay £32.00 per year, 1st Sept. start of year & can join as many groups as you want, not all areas charge the same some you pay per class, just a thought for you to think
    Lilian hope you got some answers yesterday, hugs on
    Lynda hope you are well not seen you in for couple of days, hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need particularly Pat love

    1. Thank you Margaret I will look into U3A
      I did the knitting with 3ply wool on 2mm needles first I found out at my craft club that Miniaturists use piano or floristry wire to knit with!

    2. Thank you for missing me Margaret I'm ok Hug's Lynda xx

  6. Morning everyone.

    Thank u Sandra for sharing my photos and craft goodies. I can't wait to get going with it when I get time. I don't feel as tho I'm having much of a holiday as zac(the dog) has a routine that we are supposed to stick to lol. He's a doddle to watch but it's a lot of work and walking as he needs walked about 4 times a day lol. I'll be a size 8 in no time lol.

    Love to everyone xx

    1. Hi Tracy love your pictures you & Janice look lovely glad you enjoyed yourself. Wow your craft goodies look great Happy belated wedding Anniversary for you & Graeme Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Hi Tracey
      Love the pictures of you and Janice. Belated wedding Anniversary wished. Love the goodies who had.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Yesterday's Christmas card is beautiful, I love it and the traditional colours you have used. I hope it warms up a bit for you until you get your boiler fixed. I'm counting down the days until I get to see you, only 3 sleeps now 😁😁😁 xx
    Tracy, it's great to be able to put a face to your name, you all look like you had a great time at the Hen party and what a lovely gift from your hubby, please share whatever you make using the lovely dies etc. X
    Janet, what beautiful lace and embellishments you have used on the journal, so pretty for whoever receives it. Your new does look lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing how you use the second one in particular as I haven't seen that one before 😊 X
    Karen, what a brilliant card and what a gorgeous little jumper, that must have been so fiddly to knit on the cocktail stick needles! Your cute card is going to be treasured, it is so different to anything you could buy in the shops 😊 X
    Lilian, I'm sorry that you are still not well but I hope the new doctor was or is able to find the cause of your blackout X
    Lynda, I hope you and Terry are as well as you can be. It's not the same without you. Sending big gentle hugs to you both xx
    Pat, I hope you and Pete are as well as possible at the moment. I'm sure you enjoyed seeing Sandra. Sending hugs x
    I hope I haven't missed anyone out that is struggling at the moment.
    I'm having a lazy day after a very busy week, we are just very grateful that the heavy rain held off until after SILs house move! But we are all very aware of everyone in line of Irma and know we have nothing to complain about. I can't even begin to imagine the deviating results Irma and the following one are causing. Words fail me but everyone affected are very much in my thoughts.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Terry, Pat, Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

    1. I certainly will share with u all what I make mrs b. I tend to go more contemporary colours than traditional lol. Xx

    2. Thank you Sue I cheated and used needles to knit with (2mm) and transferred the work to cocktail sticks

    3. Thank you for missing me Sue we are fine just things got in the way
      Hug's Lynda

  8. Hi Sandra and all ladies in the cafe' today.
    Wonderful to see you Tracy, after everything you gone through you look fantastic and you all seem to had a great time at the hen do. Fab shopping, have fun playing with all the lovely things you got.
    Janet- Gorgeous journal, your friend will love it. I love the big round die you bought, I want it ! Can't wait to see a photo of how you made a card out of the second die.
    Oh Karen- you have made the cutest of cutest card there is! It must been so fiddly to make the little cardie, well done .
    I hope you all have a nice relaxing day. The weather was nice here this morning but have now gone over and it looks like the rain is on it's way. We had some real big thunders yesterday so hubby complained when the Cricket went off for a while. The Cricket is on again now and then he got football to watch later so I will be in the kitchen doing some crafting alright Lol I tried yesterday to make something with embossing powder but it didn't work very well so will have a go later and see if I can get it right or I will blame the stamp or the powder.
    Had a little visit to Lidl this morning for some croissant and some other bits and pieces.
    Lynda, Lilian and Pat- sending you healing gentle hugs and Tracy I hope you back is better and to anyone else I sending hugs too, I have many to give so you don't have to fight for one Lol
    Take care my friends, Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria.
      Thank you for the lovely compliment everyone always tells me how great I look after such a crap year last year. Guess they can't all be wrong but I do put my game face on a lot lol I've managed to perfect it.

      Just waiting on my mammogram results as u can imagine I'm a little uptight about it but I'm confident it'll be ok then I can look forward again. My backs still hurting but it's obviously the uti infection that had afeecyed my kidney but it's getting better.
      Thanks again x

    2. Hi Maria
      Thanks for the hugs. Take care walking as you don't want to hurt your knee again. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

  9. Pat.
    I didn't realise that a cancer had returned and u were due an op I've obviously missed it but caught up now. Hope things go well for u on the 11th. Thoughts are will u xx. Hope ur hubby is doing as well as he can be too xx

    1. Hi Tracey
      The cancer hadn't returned as it's never left me. I was originally diagnosed with psoriasis over 20 years ago. I had a massive lump which came up right in the middle of it. Which is cancerous. The rest is a form of cancer but not so bad as the lump. Didn't know the spot on the side of my head was cancerous. I must say I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies
    My word Tracey it looks like your having a great time. At first look I thought you were Karenlotty. You actually could be sisters. Thanks for sharing your photos and goodies.
    Wow wow Janet another stunning journal you've made using your lace, p,us your new Dies.
    Oh Karen
    How gorgeous is yoyr card that you've made to include a tiny knitted cardigan. Wouldn't know where to start to make one this small.
    Well we have rain, sun, rain and sun. The weather can't really decide what it's supposed to ge doing today.
    It was lovely seeing Sandra and Paul yesterday afternoon.

    1. Yes we could be! But Tracy's a helluva lot prettier than me

    2. Thank you for your lovely comment about my card It was very easy to knit Just a little bit of garter stitch and then cast in extra stitches for the sleeves It's a T shape that's all

    3. I'd love to to see a picture of u Karen. X

    4. Crikey Karen
      I remember knitting myself a jumper where I had to knit the main body and cast on the stitches either side of it. It was hard going to knit I must say.
      Now don't be silly Karen, of course your pretty.

    5. Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow Patxxx

  11. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Love your cards Sandra ( Thursday & Friday ) I have commented on way down.
    Well sorry Sandra for being missing the last two days. The lady across the road was talking to Terry while he was doing the front garden. She breeds Chihuahuas & she had a Four year old bitch that she wanted to rehome she asked Terry if he new any anyone that would like her. Well he came in with her & guess what. I know we haven't got over loosing Bambie but she is so sweet & totally different. We found out from the vet that it was unusual that two dogs died of same symptoms in same home & difference in ages he asked if we had any birds indoors we said a parrot he told us he was most likely the cause of them dying as when they are preening their feathers they shed a lot of dust which causes the breathing & respiratory symptoms. We were shocked. So Freddy had to go unfortunately if I wanted to keep the sweet dog as didn't want the same thing happening again. Anyway the man from pet shop came & bought him I do miss him talking ( but I won't miss the mess ) Terry was upset he loved him but blaming himself for Annie & Bambie as he bought him in first place so more tears and telling him he isn't to blame as we had no idea. Anyway we have a new baby now we changed her name it was Roco didn't like that so her new name is now "BABY". I will send picture to Sandra.
    Sorry for the long winded comment. Haven't done much today as my leg is still painful. I had to go doctors yesterday as she wanted to check on my Arthritis & tablet review. So I mentioned the top of my leg she said it was probably a pulled muscle. Well I have board you all silly so I'm off to do dinner.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Oh LYNDA It is so good to see you I would never have known about birds preening and causing such a terrible thing in dogs Terry must not blame himself in the slightest
      BABY sounds delightful and can't wait to see a photo

    2. Oh Lynda I'm delighted for you adopting 'Baby' Chihuahuas are such cute little dogs. My friend Pippa has one and she's adorable.
      Never knew those facts about birds but Terry can't blame himself as probably not many people do know unless you're a vet.
      Sorry your leg is bothering you. I think resting it is the only answer.
      Take care
      . Xxx

    3. Hi Lynda
      Look forward to seeing a picture of Baby. I think that Val is probably right re resting your leg.

    4. Thank you Val Bambie was a chihuahua but Baby is smaller. Yes it was a bit spooky our neighbour coming over day after. Silly I know I think she was sent to me silly old woman aren't I.
      Lynda xx

  12. Hi Lynda
    Wow, how lovely that the lady across the road spoke to Terry re her dog. Lovely that you decided to give her a new home. Just a shame that Freddie had to go. I remember somewhere in the back of my mind that birds can cause diseases now you mention it. Nothing for Terry to blame himself for. Please give him a hug from me. Hope that's all your leg is, just a pulled muscle, but there painful as well.

    1. Thank you Pat I know it might be a coincidence that Annie & Bambie had same symptoms but couldn't take the chance. Also Terry having asama as well probably not good for him either.
      How are you my friend have you got appointment yet. How's Pete doing too. BIG HUG'S xxx

    2. Hi Karen thank you yes that's what I told him.
      I have sent Sandra a picture of Baby
      Hug's good luck tomorrow hope weather is kind xxxx

    3. Hi Lynda- Love to see your new Baby. Tell Terry that is not his fault at all what happened to Bambie. We will all miss S--t leg but hopefully he will go to a nice new home. Hope your leg gets better soon. Big hugs to you both xxx
      Pam- will be thinking of you tomorrow, hope it all goes well. big hugs xxx