Monday 11 September 2017

Monday Tic Tac Toe challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Here we are again on Challenge day, I have chosen a 'Tic Tac Toe' Challenge for you this week.
I thought that this particular challenge has a bit of something for everyone, even having 'Digital' choice too meaning you can use all of your Cdrom's or any computer generated image.
I chose the Categories : Red/Dry Embossing/Ribbon
for my card this week.
I will add that you can choose ANY COMBINATION of categories for this challenge, so don't worry about going across in lines for this particular grid. (I thought it would make it easier to get a good combination that way).

My card was made using Stampin Up! Cherry Cobbler (red) card with Centura Pearl, I used the Crafter's Companion 'Nordic' 'Christmas Time' 8 X 8 Embossing Folder for the main part of the card, leaving the top plain, I created a border with the 'Cherry Cobbler' card, adding 2 strips of the SU 'Ribbon Border Punch', adding a piece of 'Cherry Cobbler' Ribbon with a bow to finish the border.  I used a Sue Wilson 'Warmest Wishes' die cut to the top of the card with 3 little stamped Snowflakes and the sentiment at the bottom of the card coming from Stampin'Up! 'Snowflake Sentiments' stamp set.

I made a decision while I was on holiday and had plenty of time to 'think' !
I miss using all of my dies and and other branded Craft items, so while I still want to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator as I Love their products and tools but I am going to be mixing them more with all of my other craft goodies.

I will be phoning to chase up the part for our boiler today as we spent the weekend freezing!

I hope you all have a fantastic day,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Gorgeous card Sandra & a great challenge. Lots to choose from on this Tic Tac Toe.

    It will seem like Christmas once you start using your non Stampin Up stash -exciting.

    Lynda-I'm so sorry I never mentioned Baby yesterday. She looks absolutely gorgeous & hopefully she'll settle with you .

    We got a message at 4:48 this morning to say our relatives are fine-the Hurricane passed just north of them. We didn't get much sleep here last night worrying-early night tonight I think.


    1. I am so pleased to read that your family are OK What a nightmare for you

    2. So good to read your family are ok Michele. Big relief for you and them.
      Hope you have a quiet day at work and an early night. Xxx

    3. Hi Michele. I am so glad to hear that your family are safe. Hopefully you will manage to sleep easily tonight now you have heard from them x

    4. Hi Michele
      So pleased to hear that your relatives are fine. You'll ge able to sleep tonight now.

    5. Wonderful news your family are safe. Hopefully you now can have a good day. Congrats you won a Julia W card. xx

    6. Hi Michele, What a relief to hear your family are safe.
      Hope you have a good week. xx

    7. Glad ur family is alright worrying times just now eh xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    from an extremely wet and rainy/windy Sheffield.
    AUTUMN has definitely arrived and once again I've got the heating on already this morning.

    SANDRA- thank you for this week's Challenge. Thinking cap will be needed lol.
    Good luck with your phone all this morning as you really do need some heating on.

    MICHELE- so pleased your relations are OK and fingers crossed that the storms continue to pass over and away from them.

    It's Mr Tesco this morning and I've a parcel to make up for France which has to be posted early this week.

    The CAFE is OPEN with Hot Choc being served this morning and Porridge for the first time this year.
    Pop in for a while and have a seat out of the horrible weather.

    HUGS are winging their way dressed in rain macs and with brollies today hehehe.
    Have a good day.xxxx

    1. Thanks for the hot chocolate It's very much needed at the moment I have relented and am now wearing my "duvet" coat as I call it

    2. Hi Janet. I'd love a hot chocolate please but I'll skip on the porridge thanks. I know it's good for the cholesterol but I just don't like it.
      Enjoy your day. Xxx

    3. Hi Janet. It really has got chilly hasn't it. We haven't put the heating on but as it's just as chilly today it will go on, at least for an hour or two later to take the chill off.
      Have a good day and thank you for the warming hot chocolate and porridge x

    4. Hi Janet, Thank you for making the porridge this morning, that's usually John's job. I have a piece of fruit with mine. Today I cut up a nectarine, xx

    5. Hi Janet
      Thanks for the hot chocokate today. It certainly is chilly although Pete thinks I'm mad to feel cold. Mind you he has female hormones pumped into him so he just feels hit all the time.

  3. The run went well yesterday despite the weather There were about 16 (difficult to keep track when we all come from various parts of the country and run/walk at different speeds!)
    Of us ranginging from 17 months to 92 years young I have sent SANDRA a couple of photos
    I hope today goes amok PAT
    As much as I love your StampinUp products it'll be lovely to see your other crafty things especially as I'm not a "big" stamper Great challenge idea SANDRA
    I hope you manage to get boiler sorted
    Like you I will be at "war" with my pharmacy Long story - they promised to deliver my meds last Wed and as they hadn't turned up they promised to deliver them Fri Yes, you've guessed, I'm still waiting I wouldn't mind but I put my repeat request in on 14th Aug Someone's head is going to roll beit pharmacy or GP for dragging their heels!
    How's BABY settling in LYNDA
    Take care all xx

    1. Glad the run went well yesterday. Be nice to see your photos. Good luck with getting your meds. That's almost a month since you re request. Oh so bad.
      Apart from that Karen, have a good day. Xxx

    2. Hi Karen. Congratulations on finishing the run yesterday. It will be good to see some pictures ๐Ÿ˜Š
      What on earth is your pharmacy playing at? I'm not surprised you are after their blood, especially as it is a repeat script! I hope you finally get your meds today x

    3. Congratulations to finish the run yesterday, glad the weather held up. Looking forward to see some photos. Your Pharmacy sound a bit like ours, hope you get the meds. We usually get half or so and have to go back later or another day to get the rest. Hugs to Oscar xx

    4. Hi Karen, congratulations on completing the run yesterday. I was having problems with my medication, kept ringing the doctors because they were not releasing my prescriptions, telling me it wasn't due. My Pharmacy manager intervened she rang the GP's and asked could I have all of my Meds at the same time. They agreed. Alleluia !

    5. Hi Karen
      Congratulations on finishing the run. Pete had problems as well. He put in a prescription for his flip flies for his Catheter. I went to pick them up 10 days later and they had no prescription. So I went up to the Drs and the pharmacist said, oh it must have got stuck to another prescription.

  4. Morning Sandra and all. Very pretty Christmas card Sandra and good cc this week. Like Karen, although I have my super faux misti and I stamp lots of things out, I'm hopeless at the colouring part so it will be nice to see your other stamping goodies of which I know you've got a room full ha ha.

    My daughter in law Helen goes in for another op today to remove another 2 cms off her heel to try and remove the cancer.Theyre also giving her a skin graft from her thigh and removing a lymph node from her groin to see if the cancer has spread. This is the DIL who's operation went wrong last year and she's unable to walk so a really bad time for her and my son. Fingers crossed she'sok.

    Have a lovely day everyone.
    PAT, Good luck for today xxx


    1. Hi Val.I hope that your DILs op goes well today and that the lymph node is clear of cancer. She has really been through the wringer bless her. I hope you have a good a day as possible x

    2. Hope all went well with your DIL operation Val, all fingers crossed. Hugs to you all xx

    3. I hope her op goes well and the lymph node come back clear
      Will this op and skin graft help correct the one that went wrong and hopefully help her to walk?

    4. Hi Val, Hope and pray DIL op goes well, and she gets a clear result from the lymph node. xx

    5. I hope everthong goes well for her. It can be a worrying time. X

      Ps I don't like porridge much either however I've found that naming the oatso simple syrup version make with choc flavoured soya milk is delicious so I'll keep making it that way lol x

    6. Sadly not Karen. She had an injection in her back as she suffered from chronic back ache after a car accident. Sadly they touched a nerve in her spine with the needle. She is trying to sue the hospital but she either walks very badly with two sticks or is in a wheelchair now. As I said this past year has been horrible for her and my son. Fingers crossed there isn't worse news.
      Thanks ladies for your good

    7. Hi Val thanks for the good wishes.
      How awful for your DIL. I hope the taking off of the extra 2cms does the trick. I hope she does manage to sue the hospital for negligence, sounds really awful.
      Sending her good wishes and fingers crossed.

  5. Morning everyone,

    Beautiful card, right up my street. Good news you are coming back to dies as well. I have missed your other cards and have felt a little bit on the sidelines as I don't stamp much, as you know, except for an occasional greeting. Looking forward to some 'Sandra' exclusives like old times.

    Pulling my hair out again in frustration regarding panto costumes. Patterns and materials still not ordered. As this rate they will be going on stage in their own clothes! I do appreciate that we had to change tack and choose another panto and some people do go to work (I think they believe the panto season is a certain time and they do not appreciate how much hard work goes on in the background way before that), but as the whole committee decided what needed to be done they could pull their fingers out a lot quicker. I cannot ever remember that things were this complicated during the time Pete and I were there. All the sewing ladies have been waiting like me for 3 months now to get started and I have nothing for them to do. arrrgh!
    Soapbox back in the corner.

    Gurt biguns (((((HUGS))))) to everyone

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    PS. I have passed on all your kind comments to Tiegan and she has asked to me say A BIG THANK YOU to you all.

    1. Hi Cheryl. I can completely understand your frustration at the delay in being able to start the costumes. I hope you and the other seamstresses are able to make a start very soon x

    2. Hi Cheryl
      How awful for you all this hanging around waiting for things to happen. I know if you had a say in things, things would be different.
      I also missed seeing cards made with Dies.

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafรฉ today.
    What a lovely display in the Cafรฉ of yesterday's CC's. It just goes to show how using black and white can make gorgeous cards ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I love this week's challenge. Your card is beautiful, I might have to borrow the ef as it is a great Christmas one isn't it.
    It will be good to see you mixing all of your dies, stamps etc to make your gorgeous cards ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you have some luck re. the boiler part today. I am counting down the hours now before seeing you tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Lynda, of course you will never forget Annie and Bambi but Baby looks lovely, as you said it seems like it was meant to be, so no more thinking you are just a silly old lady. I'm sorry that you had to say goodbye to Freddy too but Terry must stop blaming himself. Sending gentle hugs to you both X
    Brenda, I am so happy to hear that you are able to make it to Ally Pally on Saturday, can't wait to see you ๐Ÿ˜Š X
    Pat, I'm thinking of you today, I hope it all goes well for you. Sending gentle hugs x
    Another quite day for me, I'm hoping to craft this afternoon, first time for weeks.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian, Lynda, Pat and all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    What a lovely card Sandra. I have a crafters companion embossing folder so if you don't mind put my spin on your card.
    Well I went to the Churchill to be told your appointment was cancelled. I said the 11.30 one was not not the 8.30 appointment. After much searching I was told no definitely no appointment. I said but I was supposed to have this pointing to my head cut out. No not my head cut off. She said oh, here you are at top of the other list. So I said at 8.28 I think I'll go to the loo first. So I sat until 8.50 when someone was called to have surgery. I then asked a nurse. I was first on the list have I been forgotten. I was told after I asked again, oh yes, they did call you at 8.30 but you weren't around, you'll have to wait for a space now. So 10mins later they called someone else who wasn't about so I went in their place. So I eventually had my hand hand redressed and the cancer on the side of my head cut out. It apparently was quite deep. So proper stitches to be taken out. I now have a very sore head as well as a sore hand.

    1. Oh Pat, poor you. Wish I could give you a hug in person but sadly you'll have to make do with me sending a very big one to you. Take it easy this afternoon and hopefully have a doze.
      Lots of love Valxxx

    2. Will try and do Val. Thanks for the hugs. I'm sat watching a recorded programme. Christmas dies from Crafters Companion which was on Hochanda awhile back.

    3. Oh Pat How awful for you especially as you'd already said to a nurse that you were only going to the loo!

    4. Hi Pat, What a performance, you couldn't make it up if you tried!
      Pleased you didn't have to wait until the end of the list.
      Sending big (((((HUGS))))) xx

    5. Hi Brenda
      So was I. Especially when a lady came out of the Drs to say she needed surgery but had to wait 3 hrs and then went in before me.

  8. Thanks Val I'll try. I'm watching a craft programme on Hochanda that I recorded awhile back.

    1. Hi pat.
      What an annoyance for u. Idve been raging by then silly folk at these places lol they get there in the end I guess. I hope ur pain goes away soon and u can get on normally again. Loadsa cuddles. X

    2. Thanks for the cuddles Tracey.

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies in today.
    Gorgeous Christmas card today Sandra and I like the tac tac toe for this week so we will see what I can come up with.
    Hope you get the boiler sorted asap, it has gone very windy and cold suddenly but I'm not putting the heating on yet so I ran the hover around this morning instead to keep warm, might have to make some star jumps later. Can't feel the fingers to write Lol
    Oh Pat, what a morning you had. Sending you gentle hugs and hope you take it easy this afternoon
    Brenda, glad you be able to come and we see you on Saturday!
    Cheryl- really ? the same thing happening again. You seamstresses will have to put in a complaint. Hope you can start the costumes soon.
    Lynda- How is baby settling in with you and Terry, is she alright to go for walks ? Big hugs to you both x
    Janet- I'm ready for the hot chocolate now I think before the hover goes for another spin,thank's for getting it in.
    Hugs to you all and some extras for you who need some
    have a nice day everyone, Maria xoxx

  10. Hi everyone.
    Lovely card Sandra. I love seeing what all u lovely ladies come up with on the tic tab toe challenge.

    Well I went back to drs today. My own gp this time. Turns out the pain was nothing to do with my kidney at all and def a back issue. Wear and tear now showing in the thoracic area (the middle part) according to all the blood tests I did have a urine infection inflammation something showed up on liver function and thyroid again so to be retested in oct for those two.
    Prescribed a different course of antibiotics just to make sure the infection is totally gone.
    He was trying to give me other pills to go along with my pain relief but I'd had them all before and I don't think they help and I wanna come off everything anyways so he was happy enough with that.
    Honestly I don't think this body is co operating with me at all at the minute. I'm just glad I can have s rant on here as I keep putting my game fave on at home and Just keep saying I'm fine lol x

    I did ask if mammogram results were there as it was done same day as X-ray. He said they'd be in touch soon so I'm wondering if it was there and he can't say anything or it wasn't there as he never said yes or no just told me my X-ray results. So I'm still anxiously waiting. X

    Love to all as always xx

    1. Wow you're awful young Tracy to have so many medical problems.Hopethe anti biotics clear up your infection. IIt's good writing things down. Makes You feel much better. I'm sure your doctor isn't avoiding the question about your mamogram. Hope you get to know the results soon though.
      Your recipe for porridge sounds interesting. I don't have dairy products so soya chocolate milk sounds great to me. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Hi Tracey
      Hope your medical problems get sorted out soon. Lovely that your dr gave you some antibiotics. I would think that he didn't have your mamagram results as they can take awhile. I got mine directly from them at the same time the Dr got them.
      It's good to get things off your chest here as we have to put on a different face at home don't we. Fingers crossed for you that everything gets sorted for you. Gentle hugs coming your way.

  11. Hi Sandra and ladies,

    What a gorgeous card and another interesting challenge. I have a couple of ideas, hopefully they will work out.
    Did you have any luck sorting out the boiler people? It just amazes me that companies do not keep spare parts these days, they order them in as and when required. This is not giving a good customer service.

    LYNDA love the photos of baby, she is lucky to find herself in such a caring home with you and Terry.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I read further up that your able to come to Ally Pally on Sat. I'm so looking forward to seeing you and everyone else.

  12. Hi All, VERY wet and windy here today.

    Sandra lovely card, and great challenge for this week.

    Pat sorry you had such a traumatic morning, glad you've had it seen to at last, hope the pain eases.

    Changed over to the Autumn weight duvet this morning it's so chilly, usually wait until October, but it was very chilly last night, no heating on yet, try and wait until well into October, will have to see how it goes.

    Hope you managed to get your boiler sorted, when they put in our new meter they said that our 8yr old boiler was probably not very efficient!!!!! Asked them to test it, it was still 98% efficient, they were most surprised, I think they think you need a new boiler every 5 yrs!!!

    Have a good rest of the day, will pop in later to see what's happening with you all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Not so bad here today. Just a bit of rain here today. Fancy having changed over to your winter duvet. Pete has hot flushes all the time so is super hot. So we've only had the summer one on the last couple of years. So I heat up my rabbit in the microwave and have a blanket on my side when it's to cold. Mind you it's like lying next to a very hot radiator.

  13. Hi Sandra
    I hope you were able to chase the boiler people up.

  14. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely card & challenge. Sorry I am late had to go shopping for bits I have been putting off getting this morning, I must be odd as I hate shopping unless it's craft goods, then had to take Pam to get leg dressed then it was book club tonight, I am ready for my bed now. Hope you got boiler
    Michele pleased to hear family are safe, great relief all round, hope you have a better
    Pat what a morning you had but pleased you got treated, hope pain eases & you have good night hugs on
    Karen well done on the run, look forward to seeing
    Brenda so pleased we will see you on Sat, mind you are brave to be out on Sat & then having family to a meal on Sunday, well done xxx
    Tracy I am sure the Dr. would have told you if he knew, the longer you have to wait the better the news I always think, hope back gets easier, hugs on
    Val hope you DIL has some good news, she certainly deserves it, hope she manages to sue the hospital, they have suffered so much, hugs on way to you you must feel
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  15. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Sorry late don't know what happened to my day. I had ๐Ÿ’‰Test this morning then after we had to go Tesco as they owed me some medication. We took Baby up the park for a walk but didn't let her off the lead as not sure if she would come back yet. She has settled in well jumps on my lap & followers Terry every time he moves. Then Margaret phoned asking me if I wanted some more peboe paints & some other bits. So went to collect them as she has been tidying her small bedroom as her cousin is staying the night ready for her trip to hospital on Monday she is having operation for the cancer on her nose, then two days later the reconstruction so will be staying with her cousin for a week or more.
    MICHELE thanks for your message for Baby. I'm so pleased you have here'd that your family is safe & not been effected from Irma.
    BRENDA thank you still can't believe we have little Baby she is so sweet. Think we were chosen Still miss Annie & Bambie & will never forget them & all the other dogs we have lost.
    SANDRA lovely card as usual love the colour used. Great tic-tac-toe challenge this week. Hope you have got your boiler sorted & warm now.
    PAT sorry you had a bad time today at hospital hope your not in to much pain sending love & Hug's xx
    Sorry will have to finish reading tomorrow as late.
    Love Lynda xx