Sunday, 16 January 2022

Your 'Wings' projects


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

No sun here yesterday,  I felt chilly all day, mind you I got off to a chilly start, as our bedroom is downstairs and I can't get upstairs,  we use the Wet Room which is through the kitchen and Utility room and opposite the backdoor (that had been open for Milo and Bella to go outside), it's like doing the Cresta Ice run', I headed iff with my big fluffy towel and my hair turban thingy, I stopped by the AGA and spread my big towelling dressing gown over it to warm, then bit the bullet and went for it.  I shampoo'd and 🚿 showered as fast as I could, dried off a bit then opened the door a tiny crack to acclimatise,  let me tell you had by pointy bits been in correct direction,  i would have had handy pegs to hold my towel 😲😳😜🤣🤣😂. Anyway I gingerly made my way towards the kitchen door, crutches and wet flip flops are not without hazards, as I opened the kitchen door Paul greeted me with my warm dressing gown, wrapping it around me and helping me to the bedroom where he had a nice hot cuppa waiting for me, I am so lucky 😍

Your 'Wings' Projects 


Karen's Description:

1) & 2)So here are my journal pages for the wings challenge

3)  Here’s a card I have made from experimenting with colour blending

4,5 & 6) I used scraps of Centura Pearl to create different blends of Distress Oxide and inks. 

Karen I love your Jordan pages, as well as being something amazing to look at they are so useful, at a glance you can see how each colour looks on paper and how the different colours work together.
I think i will have a go at this workshop !!   That beautiful blend looks even better with the butterfly stamped on for contrast,  such a lovely card. 
Your DI Blend pieces are going to be such a useful reference when it comes to choosing colours for projects, perfect blending too.  Thank you so much for creating so many projects this week, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have XXX


Janet's Description: 

Here are my offerings for this week.

I have chosen a card which follows the theme 'Wings' The Butterfly die is a TONIC one.
and a
Journal page I found waiting to be placed inside my latest Crafting Journal.
I cannot think why it hasn't been put in place - probably got lost in one of my  tidy up.sessions some time ago.

Janet thank you so much for two amazing projects,
That beautiful, intricate butterfly is the perfect adornment for that pretty paper. 
Wow what a fantastic 'Fantasy' themed Journal page, so luxurious in that gorgeous Blue and Silver XXX


Maria's Description : 

I used DO, ran the paper through with a EF. Managed to get some
paste working enough for some leafs. Cut out a couple of butterflies 
and put some paste on them too and then used some leftover
crystals for their backs Used some little stamps for some scribbles. 
Followed you from a previous card with using a coffee stirrer I put
some words.
I like the colours ,sort of but happy to go back to normal card making

Maria, I am literally blown away, I honestly thought that you wouldn't have  go at creating a journal page, I wouldn't have minded either way BUT I am so happy that you had a go, I know it pushed you right out of your comfort zone, it did me too.  You did it though and your page is Brilliant,  I love it, I love the texture, the colour, the stamping in the background to give the effect of more texture, the colours you have used work perfectly,  the butterflies finish the page and I love that you added the coffee stirrer with the sentiment on too.  It's a petfect Art Journal page Maria,  thank you so very much for having a go my lovely, I am delighted.  Now you get on with enjoying Austria, have an amazing time, remember to bring home lots of things to add to your Art Journal,  coffee stirrers, tickets, photos, maybe leaves or something. Have an Amazing time XXX

To Be Continued....... (I have carried this challenge over to next week)

Thank you so much for taking part everyone 😍

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday,

Love and Hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    Sunday morning.Cup of Coffee at my side. Just me downstairs which is soooo quiet and looking at beautiful craft projects. What more could anyone want.

    There are so many bright colours to start what is still a very dark morning. I cannot think of a better way.

    I have one or two 'swear' word jobs to finish this morning and then it's a restful afternoon for me.

    SANDRA - I have to say I don't envy you your trek to your shower particularly on these winter mornings.
    I am really so thankful that I was more than encouraged to have a chair lift fitted as our toilet is in the bathroom upstairs. I admit I really didn't want to have one but I cannot be without now.

    The CAFE is OPEN for you all to call in for a cuppa.
    Lunch menu today is Roast Pork with green veg and for afters it's Lemon tart. Place your orders.

    HUGS are on their way toyou all with loads of extras for Dear Friends not feeling up to par.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Oh Sandra, your process for your shower gave me a little chuckle, and made me cry. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a lovely hot shower/bath to a cold room, but to have your wonderful hubby waiting there with your dressing gown and a nice cup of tea is so heartwarming 🥰
    I absolutely love all of your pages/cards today 😍 Karen, you’ve been so busy, and the colour swatches will be so handy. Well done ladies 😊
    Fingers crossed I will get at least one page finished today……I’ve not got 4 on the go, but can’t seem to finish them!
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Good morning ladies
    I love seeing everyone’s projects I really really enjoyed this Tracy workshop What I love about the pre-recorded ones are there’s no waffle and you can stop start over as many days as you like The toucans took me at least a couple of afternoons crafting doing it for an hour or so each time
    I found some colour blends on Pinterest and went from there I can see harsh lines in the photos but in real life look so much better I need more practice at blending I am going to invest in a proper colour wheel to see if that helps with choosing my own blends and not rely on others
    for a change
    It’s the usual Sunday for me apart from OH is still testing positive and I am negative thankfully So cooking a roast dinner and pottering about
    Two favourite tv shows later - The Great Pottery Throwdown and Call the Midwife
    Take care everyone xxx

  4. Hello All, lovely sunny day here, my March pink camellia, has decided to start flowering already, it’s starting earlier every spring, just hope we don’t have any early morning frost.

    Your pages are really lovely, I think Sandra showed mine earlier in the week. Karen your blending is really good, do you use a brush, or the foam blending tool.
    Janet and Maria love all of your pages.

    I am trying to do another page, but not pleased with the colour, will try and alter it if I can. Will probably end up in the bin
    Have a lovely peaceful Sunday Lilian

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Ladies your cards and journal pages are brilliant, I I’ve them all. Karen your lovely card is resting on the recess shelf next to where I sit and when anyone walks into the room it’s right in front of them, so is there for everyone to admire. Thank you xx
    Hope you are all having a good weekend, the day started quite dull here but now we have beautiful sunshine, it certainly makes you feel better when the sun shines, quite uplifting.
    Take care everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx