Tuesday 25 January 2022

Floral Journal page


Good Morning Ladies, 

I had a fun crafty day yesterday,  I spent a good hour or so making backgrounds. I only noticed that our Sonia said she was going to play with Alcohol inks yesterday when I came to write the blog, I got up with the idea of playing with them for a change.

I got a bowl of water and dripped Alcohol inks into the water and then passed pieces of card through the water, the alcohol inks sit on top of the water and cling through the dry card as it passes through.

Here are some of the backgrounds I created:

The colours look less vibrant in these photos, the first 3 have a shimmer to them as I used Pearl Alcohol inks, the last one has lots of bits of shimmer as it was one of the last ones I did and there bits of the previous inks floating around.  I really enjoyed this technique,  it's kind of fool proof and I got better results than I have using Alcohol inks other ways,  I will say that I have blue stained hands though! 

I used Aall&Create #266 Daisy Elegance stamp set, I fussy cut the flower that I stamped on Watercolour card and coloured it with Chromatek pens and a waterbrush, they do seem to blend quite well. I used the same colours on the vase, the background was one of my Alcohol ink backgrounds with a little stamping and stencilling to carry the orange/yellow from the flower to the background. The Tim Holtz Tape in black I used to tie in the black stamping. I popped it into my black journal as the black background made the colours in the card pop! 

I used a tag cut from same background to write my notes on too.

I hope that you are all well and have  lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    I love your beautiful card and your inky backgrounds are fabulous 😍
    You inspired me to play, as I haven’t had much success using alcohol inks the ‘traditional’ way. Such a great technique, thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can sit and craft again.
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Love your card SANDRA. Such a cheerful colour to start the day.

    It's KnitandNatter this afternoon and I'm just as jittery as I was two weeks ago about walking into a room with people there.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN to everyone who wishes to call in for a look and see what's happening.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.
    MARIA - I hope you're home safe and sound.

  3. Beautiful beautiful card SANDRA You have inspired me to get that stamp set out again
    Dancing was great fun last night It is soooo good doing something a little more “normal” The guy who runs the event announced that when the restrictions are lifted he is going to continue to insist on LFT’s until the figures really dip I admire him for that
    Looking after Oscar for a little while this one - can’t wait
    Take care everyone xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Sandra. Will give that technique a go with my alcohol inks, looks fun.
    Janet, hope you be alright with going to Knit and Natter, must be fun catching up with everyone and hear what they all have been up to. Yes,we are back and I'm back to the normal rut but will try to up the exercise walking a bit more for we ate very good away and the waist line tell me so too.
    Karen, have fun looking after Oscar this afternoon.
    Sonia, hope your day at work is ok and you have time for some play later.
    Sue, hoping you are all alright. Do you still have problem with coming in to the cafe' ? Nice to hear from you tho.
    Special hugs to you all, keep warm and safe xxx

  5. Hello All, another dull and cold day, the poor tumble dryer is really feeling the. Strain.
    Sandra love todays card and all the backgrounds that you have created. I found it difficult to get enough colour on mine, shall try a different card next time.
    Some of the tops on mine were really stuck, good job R was around.

    Early start for me tomorrow, have to be at the hospital at 10am. It’s an hours drive, will be long appointment as I have to have a biopsy as well. Had a letter from gynaecologist this morning saying it will be a face to face appointment.
    Have a good evening all, Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Lovely card today, you certainly had a good play creating the different backgrounds, lots of inspiration there.

    Lilian wishing you all the best for tomorrow, hope you are not at the hospital for the whole day, take plenty of snacks to keep you going xx

    Janet hope the knit n natter group was good and you were not to jittery as last time.

    Take care everyone and stay safe and warm, Hugs Brenda xxx