Monday 10 January 2022

Another 'Wings' Challenge piece

Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

How are you all this Monday Morning?  I have my appointment at the Musculoskeletal Triage Centre today, although as I have flu symptoms they may not see me, but hey ho what's another delay,  I will call them early and see what they say.  It feels like it's just one huge delay tactic anyway.  

We had a very lazy weekend, getting those house back to normal after Christmas, I was feeling very flu like though so had to keep sitting down every few minutes as it was really affecting my heart, it was very satisfying in the evening though, the lounge looks huge without the tree though, I do miss it's gentle glow in the evening though. 

Today's card is part two of a Tracy Evan's Workshop that I started before Christmas, I loved the first one but oh boy this one is Stunning, (A) it's on Kraft Card  and (B) it's green !!  I love the combination of the green and Kraft with that 'pop' of white to really freshen things up.  I have learnt with Tracy's designs that it's the little details that matter, you may miss some of them, the little touches of black stamping on the edges are done with a semi circle stamp set, Tracy Compliments that later on by adding those large white semi circles, the attention to detail really does pay off.  One thing I struggle with though is the white splats, Tracy manages to get them exactly where she wants them, I on the other hand have it on my trousers, laptop screen, across my desk but very little on the card!!  I love the effect though. I love how this card turned out.  I also love how it feels like you are crafting with a friend when you are listening to her chat along giving you instructions. (I sound really sad don't I) lol

That's all for today my lovelies, I hope your day is amazing how you are spending it,

Love and huge hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Your card is stunning and like you say the crafting along does feel like you are crafting along with a friend What I enjoy is being able to do it at my own pace So I can pause it if necessary to go cook a meal and allow inks to dry etc
    I will definitely going into my craft room after I’ve …. Before I know it it’ll be too dark to do it Do you ladies have days like that - you start off with intentions and they never materialise
    Good luck today SANDRA I hope you can make it as you’ve had to wait all this time Make sure you tell them everything too It’s easy to come away and then think “I should have said …”
    Insist Paul or one of the girls go in with you as your carer
    Take care everyone xxx

  2. Hello everyone
    Nice card and as you say the brown and green goes hand in hand.
    Karen,I have daily intentions to do some crafting and then it's gone. I haven't made a card since the end of Dec,and nothing seem to get me moving not even the fabulous cards you are shown this week so not sure which way I'm going.
    Many hugs to you all and extras for anyone who need some. Wish you better Sandra and hoping today goes well. Maria xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    I absolutely love your card today 😍 The Kraft and green go perfectly together.
    I hope your appointment goes well, if you’re able to go xx
    I’m currently on hold to the nhs appointments booking line, trying to chase up my referral from last June!!
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx