Tuesday 28 December 2021

Sophie's last Assignment of the year

Good Morning Ladies,

It sounds like you were all having the same kind of day that we had yesterday, relaxing, we spent most of the afternoon doing a Jigsaw puzzle that feature a shop display of old British Brand items both food and cleaning, things like :  Reckitts Bag Blue (which I remember Mum using for her net curtains), Sunlight and Lifebuoy Soap, Pearce Duff's Gravy Salt, Robinsons 'Groats' (I have no idea what Groats are), Pears Soap, Wellingtons Knife Polish.  Some brands are still around today, like Golden Syrup, Oxo, Marmite etc, it makes it more interesting doing a puzzle that pictures things that inspire you to reminisce. 

Today's art work is Sophie's last assignment, apart from her Dissertation that is, she had to enter an actual competition, she chose to enter a Penguin Books competition, the competition asked you to design a new Cover for an old book, to make it more appealing for 9-11 year olds.  Unlike some of her fellow competitors Sophie read the book and based her cover on the stand out parts of the story.  In the book there is a spooky corridor described it has pieces of furniture that resemble people in the shadows, if you zoom in you can see Sophie has added a representation of an Latin teacher, Globe (head) Books (torso) typewriter for lower body a white cloth that looked like hair.  A sports teacher through the window with a tennis racket for head, a bucket and stack of chairs and another was a tall clock, the cover also featured the two main characters, which Soph carried over to the spine and the back cover, the credits are original features.  We have to wait until April to find out if she was successful.  I think it's a huge improvement on the original and it would be much more appealing to young readers.  (but I am biased) !

I will share your Christmas Craft Gits tomorrow, so there is still time if any of you want to send photos.

I am hoping to have a play in my Craft room today, after I fight my way through to my desk, I left it in a bit if a mess!  Oops!! 

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Hi everyone
    Wow, Sophie’s book cover is fantastic. It’s definitely more appealing than the original. Well done Sophie and good luck, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you to win 😊 xx
    We had a quiet morning yesterday and then my mum and dad and Marks mum came round for drinks and mince pies. My MIL stayed for tea as we were just having leftover buffet foods, so not much to prepare. It doesn’t look like Boris is making any new restrictions this side of the new year, so our plans will go ahead for our parents and Marks aunt to come round Thursday afternoon too. I will need to go shopping for that, so I hope it’s not too busy.
    Marks gig has been cancelled on New Years Eve, although not covid related, so we shall be staying in. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to going and doing something different on New Year’s Eve, but under the circumstances it’s for the best.
    I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the festivities. Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    from an extremely wet and dark start to my day here. It's absolutely pouring down so no venturing out today.

    SOPHIE's book cover is just genious.and I just know that my eldest Great Granddaughter would immediately go for it. She is 10. I have everything crossed for a win. Please keep me informed how things go as I would love to purchase a copy when it's published.

    HUGs are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. SOPHIE’s art work for the book is amazing If she doesn’t win I will want to know bloomin’ why!
    I caught up on shows that I’d recorded on Christmas Day Wasn’t “Call The Midwife” brilliant and a new series starting Sunday Yay!
    At the mo our New Years Eve function is still on! And it’s Salsa dancing which I think is very strange considering other events are being cancelled So I must crack on and complete 2 amigurami cocker spaniels for the organiser
    We thought we might go shopping as we have a couple of things that need exchanging but it it so wet out there!
    Take care everyone xx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What an amazingly talented young lady Sophie is, her illustrations are brilliant.
    Sophie I don’t want to jinx you…… but fingers crossed etc. etc. 🤞👍

    Sandra we have the same jigsaw. It passed some time away during lockdown, which was great. I to remember my mum having some of the products when we were children. It was lovely to reminisce when we were doing it.

    Had daughter on the phone today, Son-in-law has now gone down with Covid also three friends he met up with just before Christmas. Sam at last managed to meet up with his girlfriend on Boxing Day having been in isolation since returning from university. Yesterday girlfriends father rtested positive, so her mum said they should also take a lateral flow test and both tested positive. Daughter was telling me of so many cases she has heard of, at least five of them were members of her teaching staff. This new variant seems to show no mercy. Please be cautious if you have to go out ladies xx

    Sorry I didn’t receive any crafting Christmas gifts.

    Take care everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hi ladies
    Wow Sophie, your cover for this book is amazing.Everything crossed for you to win !
    It was raining here all morning so waited until this afternoon for a little walk. It was nice to come outside and get the cobwebs blown off. I facetimed with my sister for when we tried the other day so couldn't we do it, it kept freezing and logging out so have up in the end. My parents got the parcel at last that we sent for them on the 6 of December and a letter for a fee of £ 15! Be very careful if you buying anything from abroad or sending anything. I felt bad that my parents had to pay for something we sent as a surprise :/
    Hoping you all had a good day but yes be careful if going out around many people, stay safe. Hugs Maria xx

  6. Hello, late I know so I’ll keep it short.

    Just wanted to say how marvellous Spophie’s book cover is. I’m sure it’s a winner, know my grandson would buy from the cover. Good luck.

    Nothing much else happening, so I’ll say good night. LILIAN