Monday, 27 December 2021

A Beautiful Christmas Card


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

It really doesn't feel like a Monday Morning does it?  That's the only thing with the Christmas Break, its the same when you are on holiday or for that matter in 'Lock Down'! One day merges in to another. It is nice having no alarms set, nowhere to go or deadlines to meet.  We are supposed to be going down to Paul's parent's this week but to be honest we are really worried about taking the virus with us, we will see if Boris gives any more guidelines this week in line with the devolved governments, in my opinion we need to do something! 

What are you all up to? Have your families gone home or have you travelled home.  I think Paul will feel a little down today as its always been a tradition that his Parent's come and stay with us today until New Year's Eve, they have been coming for years, last year it wasn't so bad as it was just for one year, 12 months later we know they won't ever be able to come again.  Anyway that's enough melancholy for today, I want to make the most of every minute I have with my family, if this year has taught me one thing, it is that life is too short!! 

Today I am sharing the beautiful Christmas card I received from Our Sonia,  she has used those lovely flowers from Chloe’s Creative cards, the flowers and snowflakes (Snowflakes are stamped using emboss/resist technique) are on a beautifully blended Distress ink background.  It's a beautiful card, I love it Sonia,  thank you so much XXX

That's all for today Ladies,  

Sending my love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    What a very classy card SONIA. Such a simple design but one which really makes a statement. Just beautiful.

    There is nothing planned for us today which is a good thing as I'm still mixing days up. Christmas on a week-end really mixes the days. Is it just me?

    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Thank you for sharing my card 😊 So happy you like it and I’m glad you received it after the postman didn’t turn up at work on the day I put all my cards in the post! ☺️
    We had a quiet day yesterday, relaxing in front of the tv. I do agree, it doesn’t seem like Monday today, I was even getting muddled up with what day it was yesterday - but that could’ve been due to the Prosecco 😉😂 It’s lovely not setting the alarm, although from habit, I usually wake up at the same time I do as when I’m working, but it’s nice not having to get up straight away and get ready for work 😊
    Wishing you all another lovely day, whatever you’re doing and sending hugs xxx

  3. I love your card SONIA
    We aren’t doing anything in particular today This time of year is very mixed emotionally As I expect it is for you It’s the first celebration without your mum etc In a way I am looking forward to going back to work (my bedroom office) to get some sort of routine back and occupy my mind better
    Take care everyone xxx

  4. Hello All, very wet here again.

    Sonia , love your card, very classy.

    The family left this morning, so feeling a bit flat now, just tidying up all the paper and card board from the presents.

    Going to take some photos of my craft stuff that I had for Christmas. My son loves to give me craft stuff.

    Not much else doing today, how quickly the Christmas days go by.
    Have a nice day everyone, Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    Oh that is a beautiful card by our Sonia, very nice.
    We have not done anything for days other than sat on the sofa, eating too much, watching Tv and nodding off ;/
    Need to get out for our walks again and start eating right.....
    Hope your day been fine and relaxing after the weekend.
    Many warm hugs to you all 🤗 Maria xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Sonia your card to Sandra is lovely - so fresh and clean.

    We are back home again, it was a lovely Christmas break, enjoyed spending time with the family, although I was having lots of naps but I got through. My task now we are home is to return some order to the craft room. That’s assuming I can stay awake long enough to complete the task.
    I’m so sorry I didn’t send any Christmas cards to you all, but my best wisher’s go out to you and your family’s.

    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx