Thursday 23 December 2021

Another Gorgeous Christmas from Maria card


Good Morning Ladies,  

Have you all got your Christmas dinners sorted?  we went out and finished ours yesterday, thankfully it wasn't too busy, we only encountered one 'Anti Mask' idiot, it was in Aldi, she kept coughing too, she was with a daughter in late teens and son mid teens I would say, you just know she was trying to antagonise people by coughing, I often find people like her thrive on confrontation!  Paul did a fair amount of muttering under his breath mind!  We got all of our vegetables and there and sausagemeat and bacon, the rest of the shop came from Asda, M & S and Lidl, it was such a good feeling to have it all done.   Paul has a bit of shopping to do today and that's it all done, although I did want to pick up one of Morrisson's Quiche's for Boxing day, but I may end up making one. We always used to get a Pork pie but other than Paul and I and Paul's parents who usually would arrive on 27th and stay till New Years Eve, they love a good pork pie, so we always bought a good size one, this year they sadly won't be able to come to us so there is no point getting one, you can't beat a slice of good pork pie and piccalilli! 

So what I would like to know is .....what is each of your favourite Festive Food ???

Today's card is an absolute Mantlepiece pleaser!  As I opened it it really gave me a 'WOW' moment, even my girls who don't really notice the cards both said 'OMG that card is amazing' as they entered the lounge!  It must have taken you so many hours Maria, I think this will be one of those 'Heirlooms' that I get out every year. All of those crystals really sparkle when the lights hit them. Thank you so much Maria, I love it and will treasure it always XXX


  1. Glad you’ve managed to sort the blog out We do worry
    Your card is amazing MARIA The detail! You have such patience
    Christmas dinner is my ultimate favourite dinner anyway But I love a cup of coffee with cream floating on the top At tea time I love a portion of homemade sherry trifle
    Stay warm and safe everyone xxx

  2. Good morning All, wet here today.

    Cleaners are here, and am waiting for Mr Sainsburys to deliver, luckily most of what I ordered is coming, just have to find space to put it away.

    My favourite Christmas food is Christmas pudding with hot custard, but not on Christmas Day, but a few days later.

    Going to cook my gammon today, sadly my Ninja multi cooker is not working, only bought it last September, it’s still under guarantee so they should do something with it.
    Hope you all have a lovely day, as stress free as possible, Lilian

  3. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card from Maria, definitely one to treasure 😊
    Glad you got all your shopping, such a lovely feeling when it’s all done.
    I love everything about a traditional Christmas dinner, and the buffet foods for tea and Boxing Day. However I think my favourite is hot mince pies with lots of brandy butter 😍
    Off to visit my mum and dad this afternoon and then we have friends popping in this evening. I’m hoping to get a chance to wrap some more presents, although I can still see me wrapping tomorrow night.
    In to work tomorrow then I’m off until 6 January, I’m really looking forward to the break!
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    I wanted to do something different for you this year and I'm glad you like it. I have made a few and sent them so hoping all the crystals are still in tact.:?)
    I had planned to make the Jansson's today but after spent the morning in town and didn't get back before 3pm I am too tired to make any extra cooking tonight so it have to be done tomorrow with the rest. we managed to get nearly everything from Sainbury's, no milk ! so OH went and got some. It was alright in town and not many people without mask. I was in a shoe shop and this girl came in without and the woman working in the shop told her she needed one by law and gave her one to wear which I thought was good. We got a turkey crown in just incase we deciding not to go to SIL and her family on x-mas day, feeling 50-50 about it all and really not sure what to do....
    I hope you all have had a good day and looking forward to the weekend and a break from work a few days for you who are still working. Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  5. Hi, me again, so sorry I forgot to say how lovely Maria’s card is. A real work of art. Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies
    Maria I love you're card for Sandra it's magical
    Also 1 liked mine thank you

    I'm very sorry the lack
    Of cards from me I just didn't have the stammer to
    Make any getting frustrated as I tried but couldn't put one together I was so upset they all went in the bin
    SO MY apologies ladies
    I'm just hoping I can get
    making some in the new year

    I have so Manny new stamps&
    Thank you for the cards. I received and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas
    I'm sorry I haven't made any cards as I have house boundfor 3years.i will tell you when you can pop round

    1. No apologies needed Lynda for we know what a tough time you had over the last few years. It's just lovely to see you in the cafe' and have a little chat. Only wished more people would pop in,have a little chat and give a small comment for to hear you like the crystal art I made for a few people this year incl Sandra makes you feel happy. Made one for my parents and sent them a small parcel with some sugar free goodies but think it's gone walk about for they have not received it yet and it's about a fortnight since we sent it. Fingers crossed it is on their way.
      Love and hugs for you and Terry xx