Saturday 4 December 2021

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Doe Cutting Essentials Review


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that today finds you all well, I hope that those of you that had their Booster this week are feeling OK, those arms do stay sore for a few days ladies.  I got Paul's booked but there was only 1 place locally with only one date and a handful of time slots, which must mean that they are busy or I guess it could be lack of supplies, they are appealing for retired nurses to come forward and volunteer to give the vaccination.  The man that gave me mine was a Retired from working  in Intensive Care, he said that he wanted to come forward and do his bit so that nurses/District Nurses etc could get back to their Day jobs, which was lovely to hear, so selfless, which is unusual these days. 

I think that todays quote is very true, crafting is a great escape, I find that concentrating on making a card will stop my mind from overthinking things, I suffer terribly with Anxiety and my mind can think up the very worst scenario if for instance Paul is late home for work etc. If I get my head stuck into creating something if just helps me refocus my thinking. Do you ladies find it helps you?  I will add that it can work the other way too, in that if you are worrying about something or feeling a little low it can be hard to motivate yourself to make anything.  In my experience however if you push yourself to start something it really does help. 

Die Cutting Essentials Magazine Review 

This week I am reviewing Diecutting Essentials issue 84, I actually quite like the free dies with this issue, I love the mitten and that tiny little gingerbread man is so cute, the sweater is sweet too with its matching stamps.  There are papers to download too.

This page shares hints and tips on getting the best from your dies and matching stamps, I think that we know most of it but it's always good to have a reminder.

Helen Griffin shares some great ideas for making Gifts and packaging ideas using the Free dies and papers.

This feature shares alternative ideas for using your dies, using them to emboss into the card using clear embossing ink and then adding coloured embossing powder, so its like using your dies to stamp with, some of the cards are really lovely so I might give it a try.  It will be a fun technique to play with, it's always good to get extra use out of our craft tools. (The third photo shows you the method)

Here we are shown different ways to colour our die cuts, using pens, pencils and inks, they look really bright and vibrant and all of the cards look really fun.  I love some of the examples shown.

Nicky Gilbert shows us some really inspirational ideas and tips for colouring the die cut jumpers, she goes into detail about Heat embossing your stamping so that when you blend over it you don't lose any of the detail, also try and use different card shapes to give a totally different look to your cards.

I really love this inlaid technique, it is so effective, I have the die on the right and seeing it inlaid with different coloured card has really inspired me. 

We all love an interactive card, this feature shows you how to use your dies to create swing reveal cards, the look fantastic and great for either gender too. The step by step instructions show you how to create the Swing-Reveal mechanism.  

Some more inspiration for using the free gifts.

Lastly we have a feature showing how effective using your die cuts to give a 'Faux Embossed ' effect on your cards.  Basically you adhere your little die cuts all over your card front and add a little ink and it really looks like you have embossed the card. Amazing and I will definitely be having a go at this technique. 

That's all for this review, I am more impressed with the gift in this issue, it is something that I might use at least!  Once again the techniques featured are all fun and worth having a go at.  I haven't shown everything as I like to leave some things to surprise you if you buy it. 

Karen's Shopping 

Karen bought some stands from Toft to display her soft toys, I think that these are a brilliant idea Karen as the soft toys look so much better when held up, you can really appreciate the amount of work that you have put into them.  I particularly love this one as it is liking looking at you!!!

Karen did say that these ones were quite expensive so the next ones will come from Ebay, I am guessing that you are just paying extra for the name!

Thank you so much for sharing your shopping my lovely XXX

That's all for today ladies, I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, I know that some of you are going through some frustrating and worrying times and I just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers,

Sending my love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Thank you SANDRA for sharing my shopping She/I “prop up” my other makes ie they sit in front of her/me and so look better on my unit The Toft one is adjustable but now I know the height I can easily buy the right size from eBay They come in black and white “hooks”
    The saying is very apt I have always crafted I turned to card making when I had to give up knitting for a while I had to do something to pass the time
    The magazine review looks interesting I can’t wait to see your results from the techniques
    I am going to try and finish my SIL’ cd calendar today It’s very dull and dark here at the mo which makes me want to just sit and crochet instead
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning everyone.
    I find crafting lets me forget some of the pain but also makes me go so frustrated sometimes because I have to many ideas tumbling over each other in my head and this week has been one of them 😒
    Craftstash have 20% of if you buy two magazines at the mo so this is one of them I have on order so looking forward to see it in my hand.😀
    Love the crocheted "person" on it's stand Karen. You are so good with making these things. Love them all.
    A 'bomb' has gone off in my kitchen this morning and when it says low shed glitter card, Do Not believe it ! Think we will eat glitter for a few weeks, it is everywhere 😲
    It's fresh outside with blue sky and sunshine so should really go for a walk but have to clear up a bit in the kitchen and then help OH to get our new tv we bought us for the other one was on the blink. Have a time slot at the skip so thought I get a few other things gone from the garage at the same time. That's another place that need a good clear out but will do that in the spring so everything can be placed on the patio. Have anyone of you seen the program where they put everything out in this warehouse and they have to shrink it to half, it's amazing or crazy how much we all keep and hardly ever use. Wonder if I need to go on that program 😁
    Have a good day everyone whatever you are up to and many warm hugs are sent for all of you , Maria xxx

  3. Hello, very dark here with horrendous hail showers, they much such a noise banging on the velux window.
    Sandra your mag review is really good, covering a lot of interest topics.
    Karen your stands are a brilliant idea, love the little fellow you have made.
    Have a good day all, Lilian

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love the sign - it’s so perfect, I agree crafting is a great escape and white crafting any worries and concerns just seem to go away.
    I received my copy of this magazine in the week, Sandra did you see the advert for a craft chow at Ally Pally ? Think it’s in March.
    Karen love you little person . The stand is a brilliant idea.

    Foe all of our friends not feeling good sending you caring hugs.

    Love Brenda xxx