Sunday 19 December 2021

Lilian's Adorable Christmas Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

How are we all today?  I for one am exhausted, we had a very busy day Friday and yesterday was busy too, it was so lovely seeing my sister,  We all went for Dinner  at the Italian that Becca manages, it was so lovely having my whole family together ❤. The food was amazing too.  But I think we had gotten out of the habit of socialising with people,  don't get me wrong conversation flowed constantly but my head was buzzing!  We were going to cancel in case it was busy but we had a room to ourselves so it was OK. I think it will be our last venture out though,  it's getting too risky for me. 

Today I am so excited to share Lilian's gorgeous Christmas cards that she made for her Grandchildren, how cute are those Gnome/ Santa's???  Their hats are so quirky, It looks as though you have added some sparkle to them too.  I have to say that those Trees create the perfect background for the Gnome Santas'! I know these cards will bring smiles to your Grandchildrens faces Lilian,  thank you so much for allowing me to share them today. XXX 

I hope that you all have a lovely day, we are having  relaxed day and then going to the village Carol service & Nativity.  It was lovely last year.

Sending love and hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Oh Lilian, I love your cards, they’re adorable and your grandchildren will love them 😊
    Glad you had a lovely day with your sister yesterday Sandra, and the meal out with all the family 😊 Enjoy your day relaxing today and the carol service and nativity, it sounds wonderful.
    We’re off to deliver presents this afternoon to both of my brothers. Mark and I have just done lateral flow tests, both negative, to be on the safe side.
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Sue'Blog Comment:
    My blog comment is here. Gem is here for dinner tonight after she finishes work so I will get her to look at my phone!

    Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I’m glad all is ok with you my lovely. Not a good start to the day though. Hope Paul is ok after his jabs.
    You found another great saying yesterday. Very true indeed 😃 Enjoy the Nativity and carols later xx
    Sonia, love your shopping and your trees look so good gilded with those beautiful colours xx
    Cheryl, the box and contents are very pretty and sure to be loved by the happy couple xx
    Karen, I hope your headache cleared before the boys arrived and you having a lovely time together xx
    I must admit I am exhausted as every day this week has been busy with one thing or another, mostly nice things but I am planning on a quieter day today. Just have to make a spotted dick to go with the roast brisket we are having tonight. Gem has never had it as a savoury dish, that was how Chris ‘s Mum always made it. My Mum and Pop always had it as a sweet dish. I haven’t made either sweet or savoury one for many years so hope it turns out ok. You can’t really go with those type of dishes though can you. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  3. Glad to see the post Sandra,got worried when there were non first thing. Hope you had a great time with your sister.
    Hi everyone 👋
    Oh I love the card by our Lilian. They are very cute with their bubble noses and long beard. Beautiful colouring done.
    Another day of not doing very much and will go for a nap. Didn't get to sleep until four this morning.
    Have a nice day everyone and many hugs to you all 🤗 Maria Xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Lilian the cards for your grandchildren are lovely. I’m sure they will be very well received. xx
    Sandra your meal out sounds perfect, your own private dining room it can’t get much better and safer than that. I’m with you on not wanting to be in crowded places, if only everyone tried to keep at a safe distance we might all be in a better place.
    I’ve just woken up from a nap. John had kindly covered me over so had a really lovey sleep.
    Better get a wiggle on a finish the dinner or it will be bedtime before we eat.
    Take care everyone and stay safe, hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hello, all,

    My cards look much better in real life, the colours look pale, but they are quite bright.

    Sandra glad you had a lovely time with your sister.

    Not much doing here today, very dull weather, it always makes me feel dull as well.
    Hope you had a good day all, hugs to all Lilian