Tuesday 14 December 2021

A jolly Snowman scene


A close up of the snow 

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope the news isn't depressing you all at the moment,  Oh my goodness so much 'Doom & Gloom'!!  Paul always watches the news, I just can't deal with all of that distressing information just before bed time! 

I have my Flu jab today, it's the first one I have ever had, fingers crossed I get no side effects.  It seems like jab after jab at the minute but best to be safe.  

Today's card is my attempt at a Card-io Christmas scene card, with a Aurora Borealis sky, I think I should have added more black in hindsight.  I enjoyed playing with all the stamps and I am going to play with scene building stamps some more today. 

Please take care and stay safe my lovelies,

Love and huge hugs,

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx 


  1. Hi ladies.
    Lovely card and a nice scene build up Sandra.
    I did find my smaller stamps in the end and have made some cards with them only have to remember what goes first if layering them up. Made many mistakes in the beginning.
    I hope you all have a good day and keeping well.
    I saw the physio this morning but all they do is give me exercises to do at home and I hate doing the floor ones but I will do my best. Meeting friend for coffee got cancelled so back home to finish writing the cards so can post it all tomorrow. Might do some ginger biscuits this afternoon, found the old cutters I used to make them with my grandmother, some lovely memories there.
    Warm hugs are being sent to you all, Maria xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love your card today and the beautiful Christmas scene 😊
    Hope your flu jab goes ok, and you don’t suffer any side effects xx
    Maria, enjoy making your ginger biscuits xx
    I didn’t get around to any crafting yesterday but did manage to write all my cards, so that’s a good job done. I still need to go through all the presents I’ve already got to see what else I need to buy. I need to get a move on as I’m hopeful to deliver some of them over the weekend.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello, dull again.

    Sandra cute card, I like scene building haven’t done any more ages.
    Managed to make two cards for the grandchildren this afternoon, not sure why simple cards take so long, need to write a few more this evening.

    Not much else going on at the moment, only a couple of vouchers to buy for the children, and then I’m finished, with the present buying.

    Hoping you are all having a good evening, Lilian

  4. Your card (I liked the other one too) is lovely That snowman is very cheeky looking
    I hope you enjoy playing with scene building stamps today and your flu jab goes OK
    I have sat at my desk and just looked at all of the mess No inclination to create a card at all but I did create a very simple card with a freebie set of dies that I have had for ages Not sure I like it now
    Anyhow work is full on and a shout out for volunteers to help man the booster clinics How Boris thinks our nurses can keep a clinic open for 24 hours I don’t know - soap box back under the table
    Take care everyone xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Sandra, I love using my Card-io stamps but confess I haven’t used them in ages…. See now you are inspiring me to get me Card-io stamps out, but first I have got to tidy up my work area, I can’t go piling yet more ‘stuff’ on there !!!
    Hope you were able to have your flu jab today and 🤞you don’t have any reaction. We have both always been fine, just sometimes you might get a sore arm, but it doesn’t last long.

    Janet hope you were able to get your appointment with your GP. xx

    Oh Dear, I wrote the above mid afternoon and fell asleep while writing it. John careful removed the iPad from my lap. I woke up in time to cook dinner! Better wish you all a good night just in case I nod off again 😂😴
    Take care everyone, Love Brenda xxx