Friday 5 November 2021

Your Next Challenge


Janet's Cakes

Good Morning My Lovelies,

I hope that today finds you all well, my goodness I am so relieved it's Friday, I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with Paul, he has had a busy week at work, which has meant that his work day continued after he gets home, Tuesday night he worked until 11.30pm, he left for work at 6am.  So I think he will be pleased it's Friday too! 

So whether you are doing the dreaded Housework, or popping out for some delicious cakes, I hope that your Friday is a happy one!! 

I have shared the picture of Janet & Jim's cakes from last Friday, the look so delicious, I will add Janet's description again so that you can really get an idea of what they tasted like as well as having your mouth water looking at them! 

My cake had the title of 'EXOTIC' and really was gorgeous.
It was made with a 'Caramel sponge base; on top of which a good layer of Passion Fruit Mousse;this wascovered with another layer of Caramel sponge. The fourth layer was Lemon and coconut Mousse. The final layer was a beautiful Lemon glaze with coconut and the finishing touch on one corner a Choc finger.

Jim's cake for this week was -Vanilla and Raspberry slice. The base of which was a thin layer of sponge topped with a thick layer of Raspberry Jelly. the next layer was a beautiful light Cream mousse topped again with a thin layer of plain sponge. This was topped with Vanilla Cream.The finishing touch was Raspberry Glaze and a finger of Choc.

From all that you can see why we only have 'cakes' once a week!

From this week I will add Janet's cake photo on a Saturday to accompany her mouth watering description, if that's OK with you Janet ?? ( i missed last weeks until it was too late.

Your Next Challenge

I made myself a little list of Challenge ideas for the next few weeks, so old ones, some new ones and some favourites.

This week I thought we could get out our Stencils/Masks/Embossing Folders and get some use out of those, I guess it would be mainly for backgrounds but in the case of some Stencils they are the main focus too.  I think it would be a nice change to focus just on those tools, we can of course use anything else on the card with those things, so for instance if you have used an Embossing Folder you can use whatever else you need to finish the card. I'm sure that like me you all have plenty to choose from, I certainly do, I even have a selection that have not been used !! So it will be a good excuse to get them out of their packaging!

I hope that you all enjoy the challenge, any questions then please just ask, I am happy to explain in more detail. 

As always I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, wrap up warm it's going to get very chilly,

Love and huge hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xx💗xx


  1. Yummy cakes JANET
    I am so pleased it’s Friday as we’ll Work is a bit manic as it’s Flu jab season
    I am very excited that this afternoon I am off shopping with Kat to Countryview Crafts! I have 3 items in my shopping list I expect a couple more items will fall into my basket! If there’s time I will photograph what I bought for the blog tomorrow
    Take care all xxx

  2. Hi everyone from a sunny Great Yarmouth…..well it’s actually Gorleston which is just down the road (didn’t realise until we arrived ☺️) Luckily the sun is out and we have blue skies, there’s a bit of a chill in the air, but quite pleasant at the moment. It rained a lot last night, but we were at the venue so wasn’t a problem. The guys are playing a short acoustic set at lunchtime today, then we’ll see what the rest of the day brings. I don’t think we’re staying at the festival all day, so may see if I can find the beach 😊
    A great challenge for next week 😊
    Sandra, enjoy a relaxing weekend with Paul, you both deserve it xx
    Karen, enjoy Country View Crafts, can’t wait to see what you buy 😊
    Janet, the cakes looks delicious, will look forward to hearing about today’s deliciousness 😊
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxxx

  3. Hello Everyone
    Thank you SANDRA for showing last week's cakes.
    I will take a photo of this week's and send it off to you. This week's cakes will be a surprise for me as I sent Jim off to the cake shop while I sat in the car. We were going to he Supermarket immediately after and so I opted to just get out of the car once/into the supermarket and then straight back home. The weather has been really more Winter than Autumn. We have had more than our share of rain and wind and this morning was very damp/cold and foggy. Definitely not the weather for strolling around outside.

    It's an afternoon at the side of the log burner for me as my 'swear' word day here is Saturday.


  4. Hello All, at last we have a dry day, not very warm though.

    Sandra hope you have a lovely weekend with Paul.

    Janet your cakes look very yummy, can’t wait to see what this weeks are. Hope you enjoying your time in France despite the weather.

    Next weeks challenge is just what I like doing best. Enjoy the rest of the day, Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    ooooh very yummy cakes Janet! They look so good. Wonder what Jim got you today ? Sorry the weather is so bad , fingers crossed it soon get better.
    Karen, how many things went in the bag ? Hope you had good fun day.
    Sonia, have a great time away.
    Sue, I'm ok I say with gritted teeth hihi Had a session today with physio and she went through a whole lot of exercises I have to do at home so are a bit sore on top of the Fibron. Lynda know what I mean. I just hate doing the floor works ;( Love to Margaret and Pop x
    Michele- hope you are alright, miss you.
    Challenge is a good one Sandra. Must get a move on the x-mas cards so will have a look around.
    Have a nice weekend everyone whatever you are up to. Many warm hugs to you all, Maria xx

    How lucky are you going to the NEC hope you had a real time did you buy some lovely goodies. 💙🤩xx