Monday, 15 November 2021

Challenge card Ideas


Patterned paper/Die Cut/Colouring tool

Embossing/Colouring tool/Red

Ribbon/Die Cut/ Green

Ribbon/Red/Die cut

Good Monday Morning Ladies ,

Did you all have a good weekend?  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with Sue at the Newbury Stamperama, it was a lovely little craft show, credit to the organisers there was so much room and sanitisation stations all over (although we always have our own). Apart from one occasion at the start of the day were one woman put her face so close to mine (over my shoulder) I thought she was going to kiss me!!! But no she was just too impatient to wait to see what was in front of me. I did comment quite loudly about the fact that the organisers had done their bit to remind everyone to respect other people's space etc.  
We will just put it down to 'Craft Show Fever' were the excitement of getting your hands on those craft goodies makes you lose your common sense! 😉

Now onto today's cards, I was in no fit state to sit and make a card as I had originally planned, frustratingly my right leg is very swollen and painful, getting up and down looking at stands at the show made this so much worse, to the point of tears, I have no idea whats causing the pain and swelling but I think I may have to get it checked out.
So I decided to share some inspiration for this weeks Challenge,  all of the above cards work for the TICTACTOE.

I hope that all of you have a good day, 

Special hugs to those of you that are struggling, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. A beautiful selection of cards
    I am really pleased you enjoyed the craft show just a shame you’re paying for it at the moment I think you must chase things up even if it means a telephone consultation with your GP first
    I am meet my niece for lunch today I am so excited as we haven’t met up in about 4 years I hope I recognise her!
    Take care everyone xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Beautiful inspirational cards today 😊
    Glad you had a lovely time yesterday, despite the impatient shopper, and the discomfort you’re in. I’d definitely try ringing for a GP appointment. Hope you can have a rest today xx
    Karen, have a lovely time with you niece xx
    Janet, not sure if you’ve arrived home yet, safe journey if you’re still travelling xx
    Was up early to take Luke into work this morning, meaning a bonus of getting the housework done early so I’ve got the rest of the day to relax. Hoping to start on this weeks card.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello all, raining here, missed noticing it so sheets in tumble dryer.

    Lovely inspirational cards today, hoping I’ll get one done this week, have some ideas now.

    Sandra hope your legs are better after yesterday, glad you enjoyed the show, sometimes the small ones are just as enjoyable as the very busy big ones.
    Hope you treated yourself.

    Waiting for my appointment with the GP tomorrow, not sure what they can do.

    Hope you all have a good afternoon/ evening, Lilian

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful cards to give us an idea what to make for this week's CC. Not sure if I be with you but will try. The days are just flying and I don't to seem to have made much in the end.
    Dentist this afternoon, thankfully nothing to do and then we went to Luton airport to pick up Son who came back after seeing his girlfriend in Portugal. They be together again in January so not that long apart this time 🙂.
    Hope you had a good day and warm hugs are being sent to you all Xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    So pleased you enjoyed the craft show at Newbury yesterday.. I hope you have been resting your swollen leg today, did you ring your GP?

    Lots of lovely inspiration today for this weeks challenge, I will do my best to make something, I always feel I’ve let you down when I don’t send in a card.
    Thursday I’m going to Cheshire with Debbie for SILs mother’s funeral it’s Friday afternoon, so will not be home for a couple of days.

    Time to get a wiggle on and sort out dinner all the prep is done so won’t take long.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    hugs Brenda xxx