Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Square & circle Challenge Card 2


Good Morning Ladies,

How are we all today, it was bright and breezy here yesterday, we didn't have anymore rain thankfully, today is forecast to be lovely and sunny but chilly, it's like that for most of this week, apart from the weekend when it gets quite cloudy, which is a shame for all of the big firework displays.  We have one in the village this year, the pub has organised it, the only problem is that it is the field behind that tree, which is currently under a few feet of water, just for reference that tree is stood on the back a few feet back from the river.  Hopefully it will all drain away and they can still build their bonfire, they have started having Sunday evenings set aside for people from the village which is nice. (not that we have been, Paul really isn't bothered about sitting in a pub, Shhhhh I think it might be to do with the price of drinks (but i didn't say that)!!!

You know I thought that this challenge would be super easy, I think I must overthink everything!  I spent 2 hours trying to decide what to make for today's card, I ended up getting out about 7 different stamp sets and twice that many dies!  What could be easier than squares and circles??? Not!

I decided on squares for todays card, I first got out my Creative Expressions Slimline Triple Square die, but that just looked too big, while I was rummaging about I found a smaller set of squares and circle dies that are linked together, I got this set from Karen, it has dogs and cats with it too.  So I die cut the squares twice and adhered them together (for dimension), I adhered them to a piece of Night of Navy card that was slightly larger.  I placed that onto a white card base using foam pads and for the sentiment I used my New Stampin Up Heartfelt Wishes stamp set, I love the font of these sentiments.

I stamped the 'Merry Christmas' in Night of Navy to tie in with the background of the snowflakes, to finish the card  I added some little sparkles to the centres on the Snowflakes.  I quite like how it turned out, although not worthy of the 2 hours procrastination!!

I hope that you all have a lovely day, enjoy that Winter Sunshine,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. I love your card I know exactly what you mean re wondering what to do I love your word you used yesterday- procrastinating I love how it rolls off the tongue!
    You should go to the pub even if you only have one drink beit alcoholic or soft or coffee It would be a lovely way to get to know the village (and the one ones to avoid!)
    Yesterday turned into a disaster There we were in our full Halloween regalia on the way to a Salsa event when THUD! We hit an almighty pot hole - what a noise it made and yes a flat tyre! Not an easy job trying to replace it in a dark country lane using a phone as a torch Needless to say we turned around and came home Never mind at least I have a costume ready for next year
    I hope to finish a cc this afternoon I’m on the third attempt If it doesn’t work I’m abandoning it and try something different
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Karen, sorry you didn’t get to go to your Halloween salsa event.
      Potholes are so dangerous. Thank goodness it was only a flat tyre, even that is a real inconvenience. But at least you weren’t hurt and although not able to go to a special event you were safe. xx

  2. Hi ladies
    Beautiful card Sandra and I love the text from SU.
    Glad you managed to choose the die you wanted to use and you found them.
    Oh Karen ,what a disaster. Such a shame but like you say you now got costumes for next time. Did someone see you on the road ?
    Brenda- be thinking of you today xx
    I have taken out some dies so will see what can be done reg. CC. Another sunny but cold day so we went out again today. Yesterday on our drive we came up on this new built Lidl so we popped over this morning to get some fruit and vegs. and we had a little walk before going home to make brunch, don't think I need any dinner tonight.
    Hoping you all have a good day. Take care and many hugs are sent to you all, Maria xx

    1. Thank you Maria, Hope you are feeling better xx

  3. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love your squares and circles card Sandra, the colours are just perfect, Night of Navy and White a definite winner for me.

    Friends funeral went very well and it’s nice seeing people you haven’t seen for awhile, the only thing is you say “when did we last see you” oops it was at !!!!!s funeral, now is that a sign of our age, yes I think it is!!

    Sandra I hope the water in the river subsides before the weekend and you village will be able to enjoy its annual bonfire. Water can look so beautiful but it could also cause so much damage.

    Take care everyone hope you’re all having a good day. We’ve been fortunate with the weather today, although it was cold it was dry and bright, so that was a real blessing.
    Take care, hugs Brenda XXX

  4. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card today, I love the pretty snowflakes, and the font of the sentiment 😊
    Fingers crossed the water clears and your village is able to do the fireworks.
    Karen, sorry to hear about the pothole incident last night, the roads around here are a nightmare for them! xx
    Brenda, glad it went well today xx
    Hope you’re all having a good day, enjoy the evening whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello All, it’s been really showery today, real heavy when they suddenly pour down.
    Sheets in the dryer.

    Sandra love your card today, have managed to do a couple which I will send you tomorrow. It’s dark already, hate this time of the year.

    Karen so sorry you hit a pothole, the roads are in a terrible mess, here, people have done real damage to their car.

    Not much else happening here, not going anywhere at the moment until the COVID numbers drop, they are very high here, hoping they will drop now the holidays are finished.

    Have a good evening all. Lilian