Tuesday 4 May 2021

My second Alcohol ink background


Good Morning Ladies, 

What a change in weather,  we had virtually gale force winds and heavy rain most of the day, it was still gusting and lashing rain and bedtime.  So no gardening for anyone.  We popped over to see Becca & Adam, we were supposed to be meeting them for lunch but the weather was too awful for any kind of outside dining.  So we just had a brief doorstep visit to drop off Adam's birthday gifts and some mail, such a shame I am so desperate to spend time with both Matt & Becca.

Today's card is a variation on yesterday's,  this time I used 2 different Blue Alcohol inks on Yupo paper, thd ink acts quite differently on this surface, Yupo is more of a plastic sheet than paper or card. It is absolutely fascinating to watch and some of the smaller areas look incredible up close, such a fun medium to play with, my hands were stained for a good few hours afterwards, the laugh is I have gloves on my desk for messy Crafting but I never think to put them on!  I am sure that you are all a lot me organised than me, my excuse is that I am too 'spontaneous' 🤣😅😂

Paul is going in to the office today, it has been a lovely few days with no work. Sophie is working too, so it will be a Mum & Lucy day today, I am sure she will have a nice relaxing morning after working for 6 days straight, I have lots of background ideas buzzing in my mind so I want to have a play. 

I hope that you all stayed safe and dry, did you get any crafting in this weekend?? 

Have a good day my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    Very much like your background today SANDRA.

    We too had an awful day yesterday with heavy rain and high winds and it's still the same this morning.
    So as usual for me an indoors day but not sure what I will find to do. Should really have a look at making a start on my CC.

    The CAFE of course is open as usual. Ready and waiting for youall to pop in.HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. This looks great SANDRA I don’t have alcohol inks or Yupo paper I love the effect
    It was and still is exceptionally windy We got an impromptu invite to go for a meal with daughter and family yesterday The weather was glorious in the morning but deteriorated so much so that the pub had to close the huge parasols that was providing cover and heat So the outing was cut short!
    Need to go and do a bit of food shopping this afternoon and then hopefully play in the craft room
    Take care xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Another amazing coloured card Sandra. I love it and have been looking in to some inks but think Son is getting some soon so will see if I can 'borrow' some depending on the colours.
    Hope your knee is getting better for each day.
    When brushing my teeth last night I used my right hand and oooh what a mistake that was for I banged the thumb on the tap!! well I'm not gonna tell you what I said but the words were pretty blue 😟🙊
    Horrible weather yesterday and here we still got it very windy so not gone for any walks and feeling so cold so the heating had to come back on. Last year in May it was a nice month if I remember right and we sat in the garden most days. Have a good day tho whatever you up to and hugs are being sent for you all ,Maria xx

  4. Hello, very cold here, the wind has dropped thankfully.

    Sandra love the background today, I’ve tried this but always end up with mud.

    I been all morning trying to sort paperless statements for my M&S card, a very lovely young man rang me back as the wait time was more than 10mins. He has the patience of a saint and so polite, so different from the bank, who just keep you hanging on playing horrendous music.

    Have a good day all. Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    Another lovely card. I really must get my alcohol inks out again and have a play 😊
    Still very windy here today, but has remained dry, so far!
    Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx