Saturday 29 May 2021

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I know that for most of us the long weekend doesn't seem much different to any other weekend, for me I get the added bonus of spending an extra day with Paul, as he is going into the office most days of the week now as well as working at home!  So I am very much looking forward to 3 whole days of having him all to myself, we will be spending most of it tending to the jungle that has appeared as a result of all the rain we have had this past month.  

How true is that craft statement above, I have whipped my phone out on many occasions while out shopping when I have seen something I love but could easily make myself.  I also spent a lot more time searching Pinterest than I do searching Google!! I don't have paint in my hair but I would say that I spend at least 2 days a week with ink stained fingers!!  How many apply to you??? 


I have two great craft projects from Karen this week, the first is a TOTALLY GENIUS idea that Karen thought of to entertain Oscar.....

Karen's Description:
I have just finished making these for Oscar He loves loves loves Strictly and knows all of the judges and dancers names He now recognised number I made some out of cardboard last weekend and wouldn’t put them down
Alan suggested table tennis bats and sourced these paddles that were a lot cheaper and came in packs if 6 They are a perfect size
I printed off the numbers and words (thought it might help with the written word) and stuck them to one side. 

Such a brilliant idea Karen, they look really professionally made too, you are so creative, I bet Oscar loves them ❤

Karen's second project is this lovely Bag, I absolutely love it, I think yellow looks lovely with denim, this would be a perfect little summer handbag.

Karen's Description:

Here’s the bag at long last! The colour of the cotton yarn is not my cup of tea I ordered it to make boobies thinking is was a bright yellow! It’s lined using a pair of jeans All I bought is the zip and binding to prevent stretch It’ll be handy when I go to Salsa for my phone and glucose kit No one else will have one like it We’re forever looking under tables in the dark looking for black handbags and shoes at the end of the  evening!

Lots of mistakes but learned loads

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your lovely projects with us πŸ₯° XXX 

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies 

Diecutting Essentials has a lovely Art Nouveau peony die free this month.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

First feature using the free gift-there’s some lovely card ideas.

More inspiration and not just cards this time.

Lovely pastel shades used on these card ideas.

Dry embossing using your dies creates some lovely cards & so easy to do.

Use your dies & offset them -look
At the effect it creates, just stunning.

WOW-the flower is all made from paper!!’

Different ideas using Alphabet dies. Great inspiration for cards for men.

More ideas.

Flip Flop cards-this stunning technique is quite easy to do and produces amazing cards

Create your own “embossing folders” to produce some lovely backgrounds.

More inspiration.

Card ideas for Father’s Day.

More ideas.

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting.

Love Michele

Another amazing Magazine Review Michele, the free die is lovely and so are all of the inspirational projects that have been made using it.  I would love to find out more about using your dies to get the quilted effect on your cards.  Some great ideas and features.  Thank you so much Michele for writing the review ❤XXX

Ladies don't forget to take a quick photo of your crafty shopping to share with us, it's always lovely to see what you are all buying! 

I hope that the Sun shines for all of you and that you have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx                            


  1. Those sayings are brilliant Most apply to me - maybe not the glitter one 🀣
    I enjoyed crocheting my bag I made the pattern up I wish I had had enough yarn to do a flap (steady!) to hide the zip
    Oscar loves his numbers They’re not supposed to but insists on taking a couple to school I think they get left in the car I don’t know
    Thank you MICHELE for the review This magazine is one of my favourites
    It looks like we might be able to sit in the garden today Yay!
    Hugs to everyone especially Margaret Lynda Marie and Ric x

    1. Hi Karen. I love the number paddles you have made for Oscar. What a brilliant idea and adding the written word will help him recognise them too. And your bag is fabulous. I love the contrasting denim liner against the yellow outer. And look at you machine sewing the zip in πŸ˜ƒ It’s damp and drizzly here so nit a garden day but I hope you manage to get out there. Thank you for mums hugs. I will pass them into her when I see her on Tuesday as my brother is staying with Pop for the weekend and obviously we want him to be able to see Mum as much as possible so he will be her “one visitor a day”. Xx

    2. Thanks Karen your bag's are great glade Oscar enjoyed playing with them?

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen-brilliant idea for the numbered boards. Your bag is gorgeous and like Sandra., I love the colour combination.

    An extra day off work makes a massive to my weekend and we might get chance to sit outside instead of just working in the garden.

    Off to go the shopping on the village soon then meeting a friend for coffee, preferably outside.


    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for the review. There are several interesting articles and the due is so pretty. I hope you manage to get out in the garden xx

  3. Hi ladies
    A bit dull and we’ve had a few spots of rain here.
    Love your number paddles Karen. I bet Γ“scar loved them. An ingenious idea. A great bag as well. My friend had something similar that she’d bought abroad years ago. Although hers had a leather strap. I wonder how the media know how many people are going to Cornwall Lilian. If they’re correct sounds like the best place is inside.
    Glad to hear that Rick was ok Maria.
    Great news Lynda, keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the magazine review Michele.
    Both Karen & Keith have their second jabs this afternoon. Which is a bit earlier than 12 weeks. Although Covid numbers are going up, the people in hospital are still going down. So there’s hope yet.
    Take care & stay safe.

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a great list. So true. Like you I have taken lots of photos of items in shops that I know I could make at home for a fraction of the price. Would be even better if I did actually make them!!! 🀣 I hope you manage to get time in the garden with Paul. It’s not very bright here though xx
    Sending love snd hugs for you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hello from the garden, lovely sunshine but the main road is non stop. They get the vehicle numbers from the police. Loads came down overnight.

    Karen love the bag and the number paddles are a brilliant idea. Make learning fun is the way to go for young ones.

    Sandra I can concur with most of the sayings, I waste so much time searching through Pinterest, and then forgotten what I’ve seen.

    Great magazine review as always Michele, looks a good one.
    Well I still have this weeks tag to do so I must stir myself and go and have a try. ( I’ll just have a quick look on Pinterest first !!! ) Have a good day Lilian

  6. Hi everyone in the cafe' today.
    Fabulous number pads Karen for Oscar. Are you doing the zumba and he can give you the scores πŸ˜ƒ
    Your bag is lovely and a perfect size for bits and pieces.
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review. I did look to buy it but I got 3 others that coming from Craftstash in a few days so it will go on my wishlist.
    Brenda- have a wonderful day at the wedding! Shame your not with them live but at least you get to see them.
    I have moved into the 21th for my hubby went and bought me a new,proper phone. It's bigger and heavy but in a lovely colour and have apparently a good camera. Not sure how to do it yet but will slowly learn. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š OH arm is bruised and swollen but thankfully nothing else 😏 he will be sore for awhile. My thumb is a lot better ,only the tip feels funny and don't think the nail will come off now.
    Hoping to do a cc but have Son's girlfriend coming from Portugal today so not sure how the time goes.
    Well done Lynda for walking better, keep it up πŸ‘
    Have a lovely day and many hugs for you all xxx

  7. Hi everyone
    Love the quote πŸ˜‰ so many apply, but Pinterest being the main one! And I’ll admit to pausing the tv and taking photos of some of Anna Marie’s sample cards from her Create and Craft show the other day πŸ˜‚
    I love your number pads for little Oscar, Karen. That’s a wonderful idea. And your bag is gorgeous too 😊
    Another great magazine review Michele, I love the vase of flowers 😊
    I hope you’re all having a good day and enjoy the better weather - sun took a while to break through here, but arrived at last 🌞
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love the poster Sandra, it’s so true. I used glitter weeks ago and yesterday saw a speck on the bathroom floor!

    Michele thank you for the magazine review, as I’ve said before this is my favourite craft magazine.
    Karen, love the bag and the paddles you have made for Oscar are a brilliant idea.I’m sure you will enjoy seeing the fun he get using them.

    Take care everyone, I hope you have had a lovely sunny day.

    Love Brenda xxx