Wednesday 5 May 2021

An Inked Background for this weeks challenge


Good Morning Ladies,

I was going to say 'Tuesday' but corrected myself in time, I will be in a muddle come the end of the week, I will be like last time where I hadn't even thought about setting a challenge until I had written a post and went to schedule it only to find that it couldn't be a 'Throwback Thursday' when it's supposed to be a 'Challenge Friday!!  Talk about 1st world problems.

Talking of problems you should have seen the state of the street this morning, the spent about four hours tidying the village yesterday, only to wake up and find that there was more litter than ever, bread wappers up trees, crisp packets in the gutters, we ended up with half a dozen loo roll holders rolling about the front garden, why why why do people put it out early evening when they can see it's going to get blown away, Paul gets up early and puts ours out on the morning of collection.  I picked up the bits around our area, lots of waitrose wrappers I noticed!!  The wind has died down a bit as I write this and the sun has popped out for a few minutes, I think that we are forecast more rain today though.  I guess it will be another craft day for me! YAY!!

Today's card took my a flippin' age, I started out thinking that this was a great idea but 2 hours in I was regretting my decision! I used 'Cracked Pistachio, Peacock Feathers, Blueprint Sketch & Tumbled Glass' Distress oxides to blend across a piece of Super Smooth White card, I then die cut this with a Card Making Magic Lattice style die and tried to keep all the pieces together.  I then used the same die to cut a white lattice panel and placed this on top of another piece of white card that I used the same outline die to cut to size, this time I covered it with a sheet of double sided adhesive.  Once my frame was in place I started paper piecing all of the 'Ombre' effect Distress Oxide blended pieces into the same position that they were originally in, only this time they are in a crisp white frame!  It took quite a while, I did end up losing a couple of pieces on the floor so Lucy very carefully picked through  pile of die cuts around my feet to find the tiniest piece of pale blue card, I let her have the joy of placing the last piece of the puzzle in place, I then took a piece of copy paper and smoothed over the whole surface to make sure that all the tiny pieces were attached to the adhesive backing, I have to admit it did look quite effective, I tried doing it a quick way by just laying the die cut lattice frame over the coloured background but it wasn't nearly as effective.  

To finish the card I took inspiration from a card in a recent magazine, I added a piece of parchment, I decided to go with a coloured piece that worked well with the background, I thought it would also showed up my 'Birthday' die cut better.  I stamped one of Julie Hickey's Banner Sentiments and used the matching die to cut it out,  the piece of card I stamped the sentiments on was coloured with the same DO's to match the background. I found a 'Happy' stamp to place above the Birthday to finish the look.  Tip: to hold the parchment in place I added glue behind the birthday and I used those sentiment banners to add some more glue towards each end.

I hope it has helped some of you that might be struggling, I wanted to show that messy doesn't really need to be that messy. 

Let's hope that the weather is calmer today and that you all have a good day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Boy! No wonder this took you ages to do but it is so effective I love it Have you tried Sue W’s trick of embossing the card with the die and laying the frame over the top You should get a sort of pillow effect which might be easier than paper piecing
    I have made a couple of backgrounds I just need to decide what to do with them Do any of you just create a background or do you have an end result in mind?
    The wind has dropped a lot and the sun is trying to shine Yay! I just want to stop feeling cold now We have the heating on but in the evenings I’m sitting there with two thick cardigans and socks!
    Take care all xx

  2. I’ll try again to comment!

    Morning Ladies

    Gorgeous card Sandra, love the colours on the background.

    Much nicer day today-slight breeze but sunny.

    I have 2 meetings today at work then I’m finishing early as I have a phone consultation with the Physio I saw last month.


  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card and colours. But much to fiddly for me to have a go at doing. That’s if I was doing cards using dies etc.
    Not so windy here today and the suns out. But I think it’s going to rain later. A brink always goes on top of our recycling boxes to keep the lids on. Most people do that around here. So the only mess we have around here is what the bin men drop.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi ladies
    wow Sandra, this card is lovely. I like doing paper piercing so understand this one took a while and not easy to keep the little bits in place but you have made a Beautiful card x

    I played with glitter yesterday and all the pots are now going in the bin for it is glitter everywhere and I got so fed up to even try to clean it up so will never use it again.
    Not sure if our neighbours gone for good yet but they are not around and left the rubbish bags out for Thursday already on Monday. Wind and Magpies have had a field day so it's rubbish all around and on our front garden :(
    OH has gone to Tottenham for an outing and I am meant to tidy up my work top but no energy for much today so will see after a coffee if that's help.
    Many hugs for you all xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Great card - love the colour combo, and the fiddly paper piecing was worth the finished product 🙂
    I’m hoping to do some crafting at some point this week, but not had the chance yet, fingers crossed I can get a challenge card made.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Not sure what happened yesterday I think I forgot to post. My head must’ve been in a different place for the rest of me. Ha ha

    Love the card you posted yesterday and today’s one as well they are both really beautiful Sandra.

    We have had quite a day of mixed weather, bright this morning then thunder lightning and a heavy storm this afternoon and now the Sun is out again. Not sure what has happened to the seasons we seem to get them all in every day!

    Time to get a wiggle on and start dinner.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Love Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love today’s card. You have the patience of a saint to do this paper piecing. I definitely do not! Love the alcohol ink cards too. I really must get some as I love the effects they give. I hope you are as well as possible my lovely xx
      Maria, sorry to hear you banged the top of your thumb in the tap. I can just imagine some of the words you used. Thank you fir your hugs to me and Mum says thank you too and we send big hugs to you xx
      Karen, I know just what you mean about nit being able to stop smiling when you gave the grands. It is so worth the exhaustion after they go home isn’t it 🥰🥰
      The days are slipping by, I keep forgetting what day it is! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Sandra, Lynda, Mum, Maria and all in need. Take care xx