Thursday 13 May 2021

Faux Batik, my last new Technique!


Good Morning Ladies, 

I can hardly believe its Thursday,  lucky for me Paul's office has a power outage today, so he is working from home,  YAY!! (I'm easily pleased 🤣😉). Yesterday was lovely all day,  well up until around 6pm when the heavens opened, Paul made me jump as he flew from his chair, he had remembered that we had washing on the line that would have been dry!! I decided not to follow as the last time I rushed out to get washing I spent about a week in agony,  I did arrange it on the airing horse in front of the Aga though.  You know I am tempted to look for one of those airing racks that you raise up with a pulley over the Aga, they are probably a thing of the past, great space saver though, mind you I take the laundry outvof the kitchen whenever we cook, I can't imagine anything worse than underwear smelling like boiled cabbage!!   

Yesterday I spent the whole day playing at my desk, I started out by making a little storage folder for my Pink Frog stamps,  Hazel Eaton made one on tv and I thought it was a great idea keeping all of the one companies stamps in one folder together.  I will share a picture of it on Saturday. 

I had the Craft Store on in the background and they had some Bali Batik fabric on,  it was gorgeous,  some of the patterns were beautiful. So I thought that is what I am going to have a go at for my last technique of the week! 

I took a piece of A4 white card and after a bit of deliberation I decided to go with mostly leaves/ferns for my Batik pattern, I stamped the first two stamps in Versamark ink and added clear Embossing powder and heat set,  I decided to use shades of green for the other stamps but to be honest they didn't show up as well, so just stick to clear. After heat setting all the embossing I spritzed mt card with a bit of water and screwed it up a bit, bent it and folded it to get some visible creases.  I will say that I used Ann Marie white card and it cracked and ripped quite a bit, I am going to try again using my favourite Pink Frog Super Smooth to see if it did the same.  My next step was to spritz my card with Pearlywinks Vibe spray inks, I love them, the colours are great. The Blue Grotto and Chatreuse Green match perfectly with Peacock Feathers and Twisted Citron Distress Oxide, which I used to try and enhance the creases. I took a piece of kitchen roll and wiped over the embossed areas to reveal the white areas and that was it.....

This is my finished piece, it looks brighter in my hand, I am really pleased with how it turned out. 

I decided to go for a DL size card so that I would only use a small piece of my background,  I matted a layered a DL card finishing with my Faux Batik piece, I wanted to keep as much of the lovely design on show as possible so went for a simple sentiment, I made a little area for the Hello to sit on using the Fauxgrain Ribbon die and a little white die cut and added a little 'Friend ' sticker underneath. 

I hope you like my design,  it is something supwr simple that anyone could do.  It would also look totally different with different stamps and colours.  I really hope that I have given you a little inspiration this week, I have thoroughly enjoyed the five different techniques that I have tried tjis week, there are so many more to try so I would like to revisit this challenge. 

I look forward to seeing your designs too.

Have a lovely Thursday,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning everyone Another great idea and it looks beautiful I need to try this out too now that I do a little bit of stamping
    We tried out our new BBQ last night and the garden and shed are still in o e piece! I suppose because we were a little wary (not having used one for over 10 years) it took an age to heat up and OH started getting a little impatient It seemed to take forever to heat the charcoal We managed to dodge the rain and it was quite enjoyable
    OH is working today So I must make his Birthday card for Sunday Hopefully I can use a new technique
    Have a good day ladies Has the finger healed now MARIA

    1. Glad you enjoyed your BBQ Karen.

    2. Glad you got the BBQ in before the rain came. Thumb is getting better thanks but still very sore tip where the bone split/broke. where the cut is new skin growing over a bit tricky when washing the hair or doing dishes but I'm getting there :>)

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely card the new technique produced. Love the colours-nice and fresh.

    Did the shopping yesterday and I got a real crafty bargain in B&M. I got home just in to
    E to meet Postie who has some more birthday car see and a parcel. I’d ordered some goodies from a declutter site which is what had arrived. I’m really pleased as everything is brand new!

    I have an emergency dentist appointment this morning-I day emergency but I had to plead with the receptionist to get it! I gave 4 problems but the dentist will only fix one so I had to decide which was the most important! It’s frustrating as I normally see the dentist every 6 months. I wonder how long it will be before they start working normally?!


    1. Hope the dentist goes ok Michele. I must get back to mine but she’s away next week. I doubt I’ll see her this week. I had an email from them saying they will be starting making 6 monthly appointments now.

    2. ah bless you. Hope the dentist could help you out and you not left with too much pain. Just seen the delays for surgery in the hospitals. They are talking about to have some Mobile surgery buses to help the load :/

  3. Morning Everyone
    Like the look of today's background SANDRA.
    I have tried a couple but all has gone into the recycling so I have fallen back to one of my usual ones.
    Out broadband has been playing up this week so fingers crossed we have a better day today.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN hours as usual and the cake tin has a choc cake in it for those who need a
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  4. Morning ladies,

    Lovely technique Sandra and beautifully simple card.

    Weather here has been very mixed, raining interspersed with lots of sunshine then very heavy rain which has lasted all night by the sound of it. Totally blowed out the idea of getting the grass cut and washing out.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Like the new technique. But I no longer have enough inks to try any out.
    Tried to leave a message at the Drs but I was No 28 in the queue. Seems like the whole of our area is sick or needs to talk to someone at the surgery today. I’ll try again later. It’s been raining a bit this morning but I did manage to get out for a quick walk.
    I now have a cucumber plant in the greenhouse waiting to be put in a big pot when it’s big enough. Just waiting for my tomato plants now from Phil next door.
    Take dare & stay safe everyone.

  6. Hello everyone.
    You have given us so many different techniques to try this week Sandra and your card today is lovely.
    Only wished my mojo was around more and energy, so tired today after a bad night.
    Face-timing with my parents around 2pm, have to make appointment to catch them at home so they not gone away somewhere or taken the dog for a walk Lol
    Raining on and off all day and had to put lights on, getting very dark at times.
    Hugs Maria xx

  7. Hi everyone
    Lovely technique, made into a beautiful card.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sorry got to dash and pick James up!
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  8. High, late again, can only blame poor memory

    Sandra love this card, I love that fern stamp and those colours are some of my favourite

    Hope you all had a good day, have a good night, hugs Lilian