Friday 12 February 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Morning Ladies, 

Well that week whizzed by, I think I asked Paul three times what day it was yesterday,  I couldn't believe it was Friday, yesterday seemed a longer day though as Paul went into the office to do some 'Handovers ', then we had an appointment with his Eye Surgeon,  only because I called and questioned why he hadn't had a follow up in late December/Early January.   The secretary is really efficient and contacted the Surgeon straight away, ge remembered Paul's long and complicated journey and agreed to see Paul straight away, Paul thought that it was a routine check up/sight test, but luckily he asked Lucy to drive in case he had dilating drops in. That was a saving grace as during the examination the surgeon discovered that Pauls's still had stitches, that he put in to hold the new lens in place because of the pronounced Astigmatism in that eye.  So on the spot he popped some numbing drops in and removed the stitches in the office, he was given antibiotic drops to take for a week too.  He did confirm that Paul's eyes had recovered really well,  which was good to hear. 

Your Next challenge 

For our next Challenge I would like you to make cards that feature Flowers as the main focus.

It could be a stamped flower,  a die cut flower,  a foamiran flower, or made from paper.   You slso use Floral patterned paper,  the choice is yours.  

I just thought that it would be lovely to see some beautiful flowers to cheer us up through this cold snap! 

I can't wait to see what you all design.  


I hope that you all have a good weekend,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great challenge for next week. I’m really shocked that Paul didn’t have the follow up appointment at the correct time and even more shocked that the surgeon forgot about the stitches. What a good job you phoned and got the Secretary to do her job.

    Today looks like it’s going to be busy-at least the day will go quickly.


  2. Morning Everyone
    What a fantastic Challenge for this week.

    Well yes it's got around to that 'swear' word day so you all know what I'll be doing today.

    Hoping Paul is OK after yesterday.

    The CAFE is OPEN with it's usual offerings.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Great idea for a challenge It will be nice to see some Spring/Summer ideas
    I am so pleased that you decided to ring the surgeon’s secretary and Paul has had those stitches removed- what would have happened if they’d been left?
    I need to photograph the last cc I have made and get it sent to you SANDRA and then ... same old same old Nowhere to go ☹️

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Love the card and the colour Sandra.
    Good that you rang re Paul’s follow up appointment and the Dr managed to fit him in straight away.. good that Lucy drove him as well.
    Had my feet done yesterday. But my was it bitterly cold out. Long queues at my surgery yesterday and the day before for the Covid vaccination. People were asked to go 5 mins before their appointments. But quite a lot got there early, some up to half an hour before, Thinking they could just queue up and go in early.
    Once again nothing much to do today. I can’t go and see Doreen this week as one of the staff tested positive last week so they’re all in isolation.
    Take dare and stay safe everyone.

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a gorgeous card, I love it. The flowers are beautiful. Are they Foamiran ones?
    So glad Paul has had the stitches removed and he has been signed off. It’s been a long and hard journey for you all that can now finally be put behind you 👏🏻 I hope you get to rest up today my lovely xx
    I hope you all have a good day and that the weather is kind to you. It is really cold and windy here at the moment but there is a wonderful blue sky which always cheers you up doesn’t it 😃
    I’m off to see Mum and Pop so my day is sorted. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hi everyone
    Lovely card and great challenge for next week.
    Glad you phoned the secretary and Paul got an appointment. Hope he is feeling ok today after having the stitches removed.
    Another cold day here, but lovely blue sky and sunshine. Off to walk Barney in a bit so will be wrapping up to keep warm.
    Have a good evening. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi everyone
    Hoping you all had a good day and did what you wanted even if it was the swear word for some of us. Had to get to the chemist to pick up meds so walked this morning to get it home. It was sooo cold but at the same time good.
    Nice challenge for next week, could you give me/us a colour scheme to follow ? I'm in a dark zone and it would be nice to get out into lighter colours but need a kick in the right direction, Anyone ? Lol
    Have a good night all, hugs xxx