Tuesday 23 February 2021

Shades of Grey Chrysanthemum


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well, it was good to hear that most of you had no real side effects after having your vaccination, I wonder if we will hear about ours in the next couple of weeks, I will be relieved to have it done. Maybe the side effects are worse for men!! 😂 teehee!!  Paul cringes every time he sees them giving the vaccination to somebody on TV, the needle does look big though.  Do you remember when we had vaccinations at school?  They used to ''sterilise' the needle in a Bunsen Burner between students, can you imagine the implications of that these days?  I have noticed that the people you see giving the vaccinations on TV for the most part don't wear gloves.

Todays card took a couple of practises to get 'right', I also had a little bit of tuition from Sophie, she was explaining that it was better to blend in the opposite direction to your pencil strokes, this helps get rid of the pencil lines, giving a smoother finish, she also bought me down a 5B pencil that was a little darker for the areas in shade, she was also explaining how to use her battery operated eraser to create lighter areas, I think I probably spend about 3 hours sat colouring and blending, erasing, adding more colour and blending again.  I think I am happy with the results, it doesn't look as good as the 'professionals' would do, but it's not too bad. Actually the first mistake that I made was stamping the Chrysanthemum in Black, it looked wrong, so I stamped again using SU Basic Grey and found that worked much better as you didn't have a real harsh border.  I added the Honey Doo 'Have a Wonderful Day' sentiment and matt and layered onto black card and then onto a white card base.  I think it's simple but effective!

Lucy was busy constructing her bed yesterday, I am looking forward to the big reveal, Paul has gone in to work today so I will be in the craft room, what are you all up to today?

I hope you all have a good one however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I absolutely love your card, it’s stunning.

    I think the medical staff vaccinating people don’t wear gloves because it’s difficult to handle a very small syringe in gloves. We’ve chosen to wear them when we’re doing the dilution stage of the Pfizer but I train all staff to wear gloves. In the Unit we double glove when we’re working in one of the Safety cabinets (Isolators) for our safety.

    The government announcement wasn’t anything surprising as so much had been leaked during the day. I’m glad it’s a very cautious approach to ending the lockdown.


  2. Morning Everyone
    Love your monochrome card SANDRA.So beautiful.

    Well I had a successful day yesterday YES I FOUND MY SCISSORS!!! They were in a box of stamps.How they got in there Ihave no idea. I cannot remember looking in that box for ages. Ah well at least they are back where they should be.I was beginning to think that they have fallen into the waste paper basket and been thrown away.

    I didn't have any side effects after my injection other than I fell asleep during the afternoon/tea time which isn't me at all. I could have put it down to the fact that It was my first outing -other than going to the bins down the garden-since Jim's birthday at the beginning of September.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all.HUGS ARE ONTHEIR WAY TO YOU ALL.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.
    I was so pleased to see that care is being taken in releasing restrictions.

    1. Yay! Thank goodness you found your scissors Happy cutting!

    2. Well done finding your scissors Janet. Things turn up in the most unlikely places don’t they.

    3. Well done JANET, Your perseverance really paid off, I’m sure you’re so happy to be reunited with your precious scissors again. XX

    4. Hi Janet. I’m so glad you have finally found your scissors 😃 xx

  3. Your card is stunning and is every bit as good as the professionals How lovely that Lucy could give you a guiding hand Great quality mother and daughter time
    I think it’s great news that at long last lockdown will be easing And that they’re being cautious Roll on 12th June when we might be able to give people a hug
    I hope to finish a cc later Once again it’s one of those “do I don’t I like it”
    Take care all xx

    1. Hi Karen. I know that June can’t come soon enough. Three granddaughters will be getting lots of hugs that’s for sure 🥰. Your cc’s on Sunday we’re both lovely but must admit I don’t think anyone would guess that you haven’t been stamping for that long when they look at your second card! It is fantastic. I’m glad you didn’t suffer much with your first jab. Hope the second one is the same for you. Mum and Pop isn’t get any side effects from their first ones either luckily xx

  4. Morning everyone,

    Pretty monochrome card Sandra, good tip for us all from Sophie too, thank you.

    Such a brilliant bright blue today in the sky with wispy clouds gently flowing by. Yesterday was so hot all my washing dried out on the line. A lovely fresh smell when I brought them back in. Spring is certainly on it's way. Counting the days now til Pete's Stellata Magnolia will slowly burst into bloom.

    My train is slowly but surely getting there in it's construction, some of the components are so fiddly to cover with the fabric, my arthritic fingers go into spasm, and cross over just like cramp, and I can't find the gold trim for the engine and the truck, I was hoping to get that attached for me to concentrate on the wheels. So online this morning to find a gold filigree one, I need about 8-9 metres if I have measured all the joins correctly. My brain was not in gear to measure everything beforehand haha.

    Wishing you all a wonderful day.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Sorry I meant to type Lucy, my brain was trying to remember who was doing what xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies. Love the monochrome card Sandra. A good tip from Sophie. Barbara Grey gives all those sort of tips on her hourly show in the morning 3 days a week. I watched her doing hair last week. It was fascinating to watch. But took ages to do. I hope we get to see the big reveal of Lucy’s bed as well.
    Lovely out this morning. My washing is on the line blowing away nicely.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I love today’s card, and how lucky are you, having your own tutor Sophie at your side to guide you through this process, the results are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing the technique with us, I will certainly be practising this one.

    Looking forward to an update on Lucy’s bed, She is certainly a very resourceful young lady, I’m sure the talents will take her far.

    I forgot to say yesterday that we both had the Pfizer vaccine, apart from a little tenderness where the needle went in - neither of us had any side-effects whatsoever.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, at least we have some sunshine here today and it certainly lifts your spirits.

    Take care ladies and stay safe, love Brenda XXX

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Wow, what a fabulous card my lovely. You have made it look wonderful. And thanks to Soph for helping you with some tips. Shading is still my hardest thing to do no matter what I try but I will keep at it. I bet the garden is just starting to look lovely with everything starting to come alive again. You have some beautiful plants Mint is a real pest though isn’t it. Very very hard to get rid of once it’s in the ground so good luck to you and Paul with that one! Enjoy crafting today my lovely. I hope to be able to sit down and zoom with you so we can craft together but the days are filled at the moment one way or another so craft is taking a back seat for now. Looking forward to seeing Lucy’s bed when it’s finished too xx
    I’m glad that those of you that have had the jab, think it’s only Sandra and I that haven’t had it yet, are not suffering too much with side effects.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and Maria and everyone in need. Take care xx

  9. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card today, your shading is fantastic 😊
    It was a lovely sunny day here today, very Spring like apart from the wind.
    Good news about lockdown being lifted, agree it has to be gradual and really hope it works.
    Barney had his first full groom today. He looks so handsome, and although most of his lockdown fur has gone he’s still lovely and soft - smells gorgeous too ☺️
    I hope you’ve all had a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  10. Hi everyone
    Oh I love this card Sandra and it does look very professional thanks to your daughter. Maybe she can give us some pointers.
    Great you found the scissors Janet. Our stuff do can turn up in the most funniest places.
    OH had the Pfizer vaccine and he was totally fine so I hope we all be ok when we get ours but haven't it gone down to get them the last few days ? hope it goes up again so we soon all have had it done.
    Had a wonderful walk today in the sunshine, lifted the mood a bit. Very windy tho this afternoon and got cold so spring is not here just yet.
    Hope you all had a nice day. Hugs Maria xx