Saturday 20 February 2021

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and set to have a nice relaxing weekend, there won't be much happening outside though as we are forecast a day of torrential rain, the fields haven't drained from the last flood yet, I don't understand how the soil in the fields will be any good for sowing crops. It must be so frustrating for farmers.

I have picked out a few cards that work great for our next challenge, all of the cards feature at least a couple of the colours from the 'mood board'.  

I am also sharing some things from Janet and Michele, I asked Janet about her new sewing machine and she shared some photos of it, you get an amazing features for the cost.!
Michele did a bit of 'shopping therapy' too a couple of weeks ago and her goodies arrived this week too, so she kindly sent us a photo of her new things.


Janet I can't believe how many great features there are on your new machine, I always think there is far more than we would ever use but it's nice to have them there just in case!!  One feature mine has that I couldn't be without is the needle threader!!

Janet's Description:

My machine is a 'UTEN'. A name I have never come across before. The company  is owned by 'RBU INTERNATIONAL LTD.

It has 99different stitches/can use two needles at a time and many other functions-at the moment I have just used straight forward things like the automatic needle threader.

It came with a pack of extra 'feet/shuttles and others'.

The price of the machine is just under £200 which I thought was a very good price. The machine is sturdy but not too heavy.

Your machine sounds great Janet, I know that you are going to get lots of use out of it, I can't wait to see what you create. Thank you for sharing XXX


Michele really likes Sue Wilson's last collection and I have noticed that the 'DL' size card has become popular all over the place so I think that these dies are a really wise buy.  It's lovely that you have the whole collection too, so many combinations to play with.
Michele's other purchase was a very lightly used Grand Calibur, gosh my plates were in a worse state than that after the first week, so it looks like there is lots of  life left in it.  It's great to have a machine on stand by for when your platinum is no longer usable.

Michele's Description:

"My bumper purchase & my bargain machine! Look at the cutting plate-virtually no marks, there’s a few on the other side but not much more.

 Thanks so much for sharing Michele XXX

Thats all for today ladies,

I am sending you all lots of love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-greats cards for us to use as inspiration .

    Janet-your sewing machine sounds like a great purchase, I’m sure you’ll be using lots of those stitches, hope you HH ace fun learning how to use it.

    My bumper purchase was on special offer so I decided to treat myself. The Grand Calibur was £25 but collection only on eBay so I messaged the seller asking if she’d consider posting. Luckily she did and I paid her straight awa.
    Sandra-I haven’t had my Platinum machine for ages-I sold it as it was so heavy I wasn’t using it. I think I’ll always be annoyed with Spellbinders about the mis-selling of then.


  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW MICHELE your purchases are 'ace' and that machine was a real bargin.

    Thank you for showing my new play toy SANDRA.I have to admit I couldn't believe the price as the last sewing machine I bought was really expensive and bought when the girls were toddlers (that is some 45years ago!!)in fact Christina has had that machine for years now. I have been hand sewing small things but as many of you hands don't work like they used to and so decided to treat myself.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours-for you all lto pop in.
    The cake tin is full -lemon drizzle this week.

  3. Some great inspiration SANDRA
    Your sewing machine looks wonderful JANET I couldn’t have a machine without an automatic needle threader now
    Wow! MICHELE You really went to town on the dies You always find such great deals and the Calibur What a bargain!
    OH will be off to get his first jab in a mo So whilst he’s out I need to get a 40th Birthday card made Why is it I feel guilty disappearing to my craft room when he’s around?
    We have beautiful sunshine at the moment I wonder how long it will last Take care all xx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Good ideas for the challenge Sandra.
    Nothing much on the cards here today. I have lots of Groovi to do though. A bit of tidying up to do first. Although I don’t make much mess.
    Great buys Michele and a great price for the Grand Caliber.
    Wow Janet what a fabulous sewing machine. I’ll bet you’ll get loads of use out of it. I’m not really a sewer. I did have my Mums very old singer machine but gave it to Karen years ago. I’m not even sure she still has it.

  5. Morning everyone
    What a fabulous machine Janet and with so many different type of stitches. Have fun learning to use it and we looking forward to see what you make.👍
    Oh wow Michele, the set from SW this time was pretty good and I love the EF's and my wish is to have a new teal Spellbinder too. Not sure how you do it but you always find the bargains out there 😊 have fun playing.
    It sound like the vaccinations gets closer and closer for us in the 50/60 bracket, that's good but to hear about letting it be lighter with the lockdown in a few weeks I feel worried it will go up again with cases who will get covid for still on our little walks around here we have idiots who doesn't follow the 2 meter rule. If you say something to them they just looking at you like ,what ?😩
    I wish you all a nice day and many hugs are sent for you all,Maria 💕 xx

    1. I went out this morning Maria. I passed 5 lots of people at a distance. I said good morning to them. 4 said good morning back and a couple who were together completely ignored me. It’s costa nothing to say it back. I hope they don’t ease lockdown to soon either.

  6. Hi everyone
    Fabulous inspirational cards for our next challenge 😊
    Janet, enjoy your sewing machine, will look forward to seeing your creations 😊
    Michele, fabulous buys - love the slimline dies and great selection of embossing folders. What a bargain your Grand Calibur was, that’s fantastic. Enjoy 😊
    Had some sunshine here today, a lot milder with a slight breeze. Fingers crossed Spring is on the way.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hello, sorry I forgot to comment gain, hence so late.

    Sandra , lovely cards for inspiration this week, been using my new stamps today, lovely to colour.

    Janet, super buy, looks a great machine although not heard of the make. Have fun using it.

    Michele good buys again, great price for your caliber, still have mine always loved it.

    Looking forward to seeing all the cards tomorrow, hugs Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love the colours you choose for next weeks challenge.

    Hope Lucy gets her bed finished soon, such a clever idea and so resourceful of her, I think the lights give a beautiful restful touch.

    Great shopping Michele,

    JANET, your sewing machine sounds a great bargain, you seem to have every possible feature you will ever need.

    Sandra your cards are great, thank you for the inspiration.

    Enjoy your evening and the rest of the weekend ladies.
    Take care and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx