Thursday 11 February 2021

 Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and keeping warm, I also hope that none of you have had an unpleasant side effects of your vaccinations, I know some people felt rough for a couple days.  Do they give you a date for your follow up vaccine when you have your first?

I actually left the house yesterday, Sophie asked me to go to the Renault Dealership with her as her car stereo/satnav/media centre had stopped working, our local mechanic explained that he couldn't do it as it was done with 'Special software and tools''  bless her, she had to pay £96 for a quick diagnostic check the result of which was ''The unit is not working'' so the only solution is to order a new one, which will cost the best part of £600,  the thing that infuriates me is that nothing is repairable these days, it's all too easy to keep throwing things away, whats wrong with having someone look at the inside of the systerm, apparently thats not 'cost effective'  Years ago there wasn't a part on a car that my dad couldn't fix, he built  a workshop in his garage with a pit so that he could work comfortably underneath cars, he did everything from wiring in new stereo/speakers to changing clutches.  Even Paul used to service his own cars, literally all we used to go to a Dealership for was to collect specific parts etc.  These days everything is set for concenience rather than practicality !   unfortunately the system does way more than just playing music, I always insist that they put their phones in glove box when they drive but at the minute Sophie is having to use hers as a Satnav, it puts too much temptation in the way having it at hand, all though they are both very careful so I shouldn't worry really.  A new one has been ordered from France so we will see how long it takes to arrive. 

Today's card is one I made after a night of no sleep at all, I think I enjoyed the distraction for an hour or so.  
I used a freebie set of stamps from Issue 82 of Creative Stamping magazine, the stamp set is called 'The Great Outdoors' its from Hunkydory.
I started off by stamping the sign post, I then cut a mask for it and covered it over and used a Circle Mask from 'Cardio' to mask off a central circle, lining the signpost slightly to the left.

My masks
I used 'Worn Lipstick' and 'Shabby Shutters' distress ink (not oxides) to blend the background, I then stamped the trees across the centre including over the signpost (mask), I did second and third generation stamping to make the tress look more like a forest.  The last things to be stamped were the Backpacker and his dog, I stamped those in Versafine Clair, oh and the birds, which were an extra addition as i made a little black mark when I removed the mask.  To finish the card I used Vintage photo and a Water filled paintbrush to colour the Signpost and when dry I added the destinations.  When everything was dry I added the sentiments to finish the look.  I matted the card front onto a piece of black card and finally onto a card base.                                                                                         I really like how it looks like the signpost has been die cut and added last. although it was the first piece to be stamped.  I hope you like it and that you are enjoying our 'Flat card Challenge.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-love today’s card, great stamping. What a rip off fir Sophie to pay £96 to be told what she already knew. It will be interesting to hear how long it take for the replay to arrive.
    I had a Christmas card yesterday-it was from my friend in Greece, mine only arrived a few weeks

    ‘My 2 meetings left me frustrated yesterday morning. Let’s hope today is a better day-I have a management day so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on paperwork & emails.


  2. MorningEveryone
    Love today's card SANDRA.

    Other than feeling a little tired Monday evening-I kept falling asleep not me at all- I haven't had any other reaction to the injection. The only thing I was told was that in twelve weeks time I will have my next injection unless the time is shortened.

    I want to get my CC sent off today. We still have a fair covering of snow but at least road is clear.It's bitterly cold though.
    HUGS to everyone.

    The CAFE is OPEN with the usual warm drinks and soup on offer.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A really lovely card today. I like that stamp set.
    I read today’s post and thought my word Sandra has written the same thing from the day before. Then realised I’d seen it on your other blog when I’d gone onto messenger to reply to Brenda Littlelamb.
    A rip of for cars now getting them fixed if something goes wrong.
    I bought some vegetable yesterday to make some soup.
    When I had my injection they gave me a card telling me when I should have my 2nd one by, which was the 23rd April. However, my surgery have already started vaccinating the 65-70, so they’re going great guns at the moment. I don’t think the other surgeries are doing as well though.
    We have thick frost today and it’s bloomin cold.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  4. Morning everyone
    Oh Sandra, I Love today's card !
    I got the mag/stamp but still in their plastic. After seeing your card now, hoping to make a card with it asap.
    What a rip off with cost for things for the cars. Hopefully she won't have to wait too long for the part. That's a lot of money bless her to have to pay. Son's car was lovely but it had so many faults in the end with the same thing so he sold it in the end, just had enough.
    Hope you had some sleep last night and the pain is easing.
    Michele- hope your day not too bad. take care
    A bowl of soup for lunch sound lovely Janet and be perfect after our walk this morning. It's cold but woke up with the sun shining in my face and a little bit bluer sky so it will be a nice walk, can feel it in my bones Lol
    Have a nice day and take care, many warm hugs to you all. Maria xxx

  5. I love your card SANDRA and yes today’s world is very throwaway isn’t it
    I was given my 2nd date for my jab straightaway
    It is my late MIL’s birthday today so OH has gone to the cemetery with some flowers and of course one of his fabulous poems
    I am extremely busy at work but I am enjoying this new job
    Take care all

  6. Hello All, little bit of the white stuff during the night, it’s mostly gone, but we now have very strong freezing winds.

    Sandra love your card, great card for teenagers, when they can go on a gap year again.

    Still trying to sort my desk, had to make condolence card for one of Rs long term friends, he had been in hospital for a year, before he died but know one could see him, not even his wife, so sad. Hate making those cards.

    Have a good day, keep warm, hugs Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A fabulous “flat” card that really doesn’t look flat at all. Love it. I have the same stamp set and have played with it but not actually made a card so must rectify that!
    Sorry that Lucy has to pay out so much on her car. Pop was a fully trained motor mechanic so any of our cars only went to a garage to get MOT’s done with all other work done by him. Nowadays Pop will still work out what is wrong nit just on the car but anything that isn’t working but usually it’s cheaper to buy a while new section or item rather than just the one part that is broken, disgusting isn’t it! I hope Lucy doesn’t have to wait too long for the new part xx
    Glad to hear that some of you are getting the jabs and not suffering bad side effects. Must say they seem to be very well organised.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hi everyone
    Great card, love the stamp set.
    Had a tender arm the day after having my jab - but that probably wasn’t helped by blow drying my hair the same evening! ☺️ We had a card with date of second one, but now that has long been and gone, so who knows when we’ll get the second dose.
    Sorry to hear about Sophie’s car. These dealers are a rip off when it comes to repairs, charging way over the top! Hope the part arrives soon and gets sorted.
    Have a good rest of the day, stay warm. Hugs to all xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I love everything about today’s card. Brilliant for posting.

    Poor Lucy what an awful shock the cost of repairing her car must have been. But with everything being computerised it’s not possible for dads/friends to repair our cars these days, John always used to fix and maintain our cars, anything he was unsure about we had a friend who was a car mechanic who would advise him or say bring it up to the garage. He saved us a fortune. Nowadays the car has to the dealership for everything. Sign of times!

    Hope you have all had a good day.
    Take care and stay safe. Love Brenda xxx