Tuesday 2 February 2021

A Simple Valentine/Anniversary card


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well, those of you that are struggling, I hope thinks start to pick up for you soon.  Gentle hugs on their way xxx

I wanted to make a 'Neutral'/simple card for this weeks challenge.  So I used a Card -IO Heart shaped mas, which I taped to my piece of card with the heart on an angle, i then turned the piece of card over and used wax paper to rub around the shape of the Heart mask, once I had found and rubbed around the inside of the heart a couple times I used a ball tool to emboss around the inside oc thd heart (still on the back of the card) I used a larger ball tool and after a few traces around the heart I sharpened the embossed line with the smaller end of the ball tool, when you turn your card over you will see the your card is now totally 'flush ' with your mask, this makes it much easier to stamp over the mask without their being a raised edge, I used my Hero Arts Leafy Swirls stamp to decorate one side of my heart . I found a little stamp with a lovely Sentiment,  perfect for Valentines or Anniversary it says "I'll love you until the day after Forever "😍. I used the ink that I stamped my image with to and some shade around the outside of the heart before I removed the mask .  I removed the mask, which reveals a lovely embossed heart,  which gives texture and dimension to the card,  I matted onto a dark brown card and then onto a Kraft card base. I wanted to leave it simple so I decided not to add any embellishment.  I know it's very simple for my usual style, but I kinda like it!! 

I hope that you all have the best day possible,  

Michele we will be thinking of you today my lovely XXX 

Love and hugs to all of you 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful card SANDRA.So simple but so elegant.

    MICHELE-I'll be thinking of you today. I hope all goes well and that your journey will be free of snow etc.

    Well we have got up to a true Winter Wonderland. Pure white snow and quite a lot of it too. At least we don't have to battle through it to get anwhere. Gone are the days when we celebrated opening the curtains to thick snow and we couldn't wait to don our wellies/coats/hats/scarves and mittens to take the sledge and go out to play. How long ago was that!!!

    I want to make a start on my CC today so at the moment that's the plan.

    The CAFE is OPEN as usual.The boiler is on for hot drinks and the cake tins are full so help yourselves.
    HUGS are winging their way to youall with loads of extras for Dear Friends not feeling too good.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. A beautiful card SANDRA It is classy and timeless
    Take care MICHELE Thinking of you xx
    I have been asked to make a 100th birthday card which I must do today I’m hoping to use this week’s challenge for inspiration
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning ladies,

    Brilliant technique Sandra and I love the mask, it's very pretty.
    Subtle colours too.

    Woke up early this morning thinking of my ultra sound scan tomorrow. Our Community Hospital is on the outskirts of Bridgwater now, 1 mile from M5J23, and a bother to get to, especially during the morning traffic for Hinkley Point Power Station. I always request the earliest possible appts so they are over and done with. The rest of the day is mine however I wish to spend it.

    Still none of the white stuff, there was rain mixed in with the snow last week so it didn't last long. Hope it holds off so I can get to my appt.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Love your card Sandra, and the tone on tone is beautiful 😊
    Thinking of you Michele, have a safe journey. Sending hugs xx
    Rained very heavy during the night but dry here at the moment. Need to pop to supermarket and then hoping to do some more crafting.
    Have a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Love the tone on tone.
    Thinking of you today Michele. Gentle hugs coming your way.
    Well Karen messaged me this morning not to go up as she’s self isolating. Not that I would have anyway. One of the ladies she works with at the nursery has Covid. Luckily because numbers are still low pupil wise. The nursery staff that weren’t working yesterday will still be able to go in. The staff are very careful to only mix with each other and families of course. Well Karen’s just messaged to say that they might just shut the whole nursery down for 10 days.
    I’m glad we don’t have the white stuff Janet but I’m not going anywhere either. I’m exercising indoors as well. I’m just getting fresh air in the garden at the moment.
    Take care and stay safe out there.

  6. Hello Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lovely card Sandra
    Michele, thinking of you all.
    Mild and sunny here after torrential rain most of the night. Managed a walk this morning but now feel a bit lethargic so going for a nap.
    Hope you all have a good day. Take care if going out up north. Stay safe xx

  7. Hello, wet again, sorry to keep repeating myself.

    Love your card Sandra, so very sophisticated looking, also never seen about raising the aperture, very clever idea, must have a try at that.

    Not done much today, been very short of breath again today, makes every so much harder.

    Roast pork for dinner tonight, takes 3 hrs plus, I love it when it falls apart.

    Hope you all keep, hugs Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lovely card Sandra, very classy. Must put this technique on my todo list.

    My sister is still in hospital and was a lot calmer today, they have told her that they don’t want to send her home until they feel she can cope, she actually listened to them.

    Michele hope everything went well today - it must have been very difficult day to for you and your cousins. Take care and sleep well tonight.xx

    Night night ladies, take care and stay safe.
    Love Brenda xxx