Wednesday 24 February 2021

An oldie Colour Challenge Card


Good Morning Ladies,

It's so lovely to hear that some of you are managing to get your washing dried outside there is nothing more satisfying than the smell of laundry dried out on the line, I actually love to see it billowing away in the breeze!   It was windy here yesterday but we were blessed with some 🌞 sunshine too. 

The day just disappeared here yesterday, I will admit to having a very slow start to the day with my body 'complaining' about me helping Paul in the garden on Sunday afternoon, I cannot squat down to pull weeds or anything so I tend to bend over with my legs mostly straight, but only if I have to, as a result the backs of my thighs are really sore, even sitting on the loo is painful !!  I tend to just do pruning etc that is at chest height so that I don't have to bend, but I had done as much cutting back as I could and foolishly stepped in to help Paul, he did suggest it was a bad idea at the time I might add, one thing I hate is not being able to join in and help, particularly in past times that we both enjoy, but on this occasion, lesson learnt.  

After I was up and had breakfast Lucy came down and asked me to have another practice and putting the perm rods (rollers) in her hair, she has bought the perm kit but I refused to go for it until we had done a few dry runs, we did one on Sunday which she thought was a bit too curly, so we tried a different way today and she really liked how the curls fell this time, so we will have another trial run in a couple of days and then maybe we go for it, she decided that she might like having it permed when I was looking at getting a loose perm or ''Beach Waves'' as its called these days late last year, perms don't seem to be such a big thing any more, maybe because they have so many curling devices.  I used to perm my Mum's hair all the time, but thats not really the look that Lucy is going for!! 😂  It looks like she won't be going back to work until early April so it has time to grow out a bit if it isn't quite how she imagined I guess.  I will keep you posted. 

After my Hair dressing stint, which took a couple of hours, then we needed to go food shopping after Paul got home the day just disappeared so I didn't get to play in my craft room after all, so I thought I would share another 'Oldie' that works well for this weeks challenge.

Here is how it was made:

For this first card I wanted to go full on feminine prettiness, so I decided to go for a 'peaches and cream' colour theme.  The colour is actually called Petal Pink.

I made a card base that measured 6 3/4  X 6 3/4 Inches, I used Sue Wilson's Large Pierced Square dies to cut the layers for this card, the embossing folder that I used is also one of Sue Wilson's, I believe its called 'Beaded Arch', it's an A4 folder. I used the square dies to make a frame to cover the edges of the embossed piece.
The main focus of the card is that beautiful die, I can see so many used for that beautiful intricate design, it would make a great doily for using in albums, journals etc, you can of course cut it in any colour to match your projects. having the centre cut out is an option, you can leave the centre in, leave it plain or use the pretty centre piece that I did, I recessed mine just to give the card dimension and to highlight the beautiful detail too.
The flower in the very centre of the die cut was made using the pieces that die cut out of the die, I just gave them some shape with a ball tool and popped them back in, I added an extra layer of petals to make the flower a little fuller, I finished it by popping a pearl embellishment in the centre.
So back to the method, I die cut the base piece of the die in cream card, then that beautiful intricate piece with both the inner and outer cutting edges to create a frame. I raised this up with foam pads so that all that intricate pattern stood out. The centre piece that I decided to cut out was placed flat onto the card base.
Next came the fun part, which was the embellishing, of course any 'feminine, girly' card needs flowers and ribbon, so thats what I used, I had some flowers in my stash that matched the colours perfectly, so I arranged them around the bottom left hand side and finishes with a bow made from cream ribbon with a hint of copper/rose gold on the edges, I placed that upon another bow made from cream dotted tulle ribbon, I topped these with a little flower.  Then to balance the card I added a smaller little spray of flowers on the opposite corner. 

I hope that you all have an enjoyable day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra, hope you’re feeling better today.

    I’m sitting on an interview panel this afternoon -fist interview is 13:30, I’ll be glad when they’re over & we have chosen someone. Especially as I’m off work then until Monday morning.


  2. Beautiful card SANDRA and fits perfectly for the challenge I do hope you’re feeling better today
    Good luck with the interviews MICHELE
    I’m so pleased you found your scissors JANET
    I actually went shopping yesterday to B&Q Their system for keeping safe was amazing For instance there was hand sanitiser everywhere especially but the paint chart snippets Rather than put them back if you handled them, there was a huge bin for you to place them in So chalk paint bought I will be painting the ottomans today We’re now going to wait until 12th April before we get fabric I would rather see and handle the fabric before I buy some
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning everyone,

    Pretty in Pink, so sweet Sandra.
    Hope you've recovered from your gardening stint, I can see so much to do in my garden, the patio especially. My seed bowl for the bird table has completely disappeared after the very blowy, windy day yesterday turned out to be. This morning is so calm with a cloudy grey sky.

    Had a try out yesterday making pinwheel embellishments with magazine papers that I would normally pass onto Preschool because of colour, pattern or shininess, with contrasting colour for the middle and a couple of flatback pearls they don't look too bad now. My scrap box is going to be utilised to see how many more I can make.

    I ordered the gold trim yesterday afternoon and it should be here on the 27th. My sister gave me some gold light ropes and with one left over after doing the bottles I may be able to thread it in-between the filigree gaps so the engine cabin is lit up. Cross fingers on that one.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    A gorgeous card today, So pretty with the beautifully arranged flowers 😊
    Hope you’re feeling better today and the aches and pains are easing xx
    No time to craft yet this week as I’m getting home from work exhausted, roll on the weekend.
    Hope everyone is well and having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

    1. Go careful Sonia putting Barneys picture on Facebook. He did look cute though.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies in the cafe'
    Such a pretty card Sandra and your arrangement with the flowers are always so nice to see. I'm rarely using it because of the cost to send but for someone special it is lovely. 💐
    Itching to get out and clean up after the winter months on the patio and borders but might have to get a gardener in unless Son can help again when it's dry enough, because of the clay it is very wet and then it goes rock hard so have to do it at the right time.
    Sonia, I saw gorgeous Barney and he is so so Cute ! He will melt some hearts 🐶
    Aches and Pains go away and Never come back again, well one can always dream. Be careful Sandra not to do too much but know it's hard when you like to help.
    Hope you had a better day and you all have a nice evening.
    Hugs Maria xx

    1. I think I’ll need to get a Gardner as well Maria. But to cut my hedge, and perhapsressure watch my patios. Both look quite blackish.

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A bit late today. However, love the card. Hope your feeling a bit better today after your gardening stint. Although you’ve been there done that before as the saying goes.
    Very windy again here today. Seems to have been like that over the last few days.
    I hope your unterviews went well Michele. I didn’t like interviewing one bit.
    Take care everyone.

  7. Hello, dry but dull, but it’s supposed to be a lovely fine weekend.

    Sandra, loved today’s card and yesterday’s, sorry I didn’t get in yesterday, not been feeling great this past day or two.

    Hope you are all well. Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    OOPS I’ve just resisted I have left a comment today.

    Beautiful card today Sandra, love the colours. Hope you are feeling a bit better today, take it easy and don’t push yourself to hard. As you said Lesson Learned.

    Goodnight everyone, sleep well, Love Brenda xxx