Friday, 12 October 2018

Something Festive AND Floral fro Friday

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought I would make a card that covered every aspect of a Friday Card, so I went for a 'Festive' and 'Floral' card.

This card started out as a piece of plain Whisper White Paper, I sat scratching my head for a moment and then decided that I wanted to used the 'Sheet Music' Background stamp, stamped in Night of Navy, (I apologise in advance, because I love Navy and White Christmas cards).  I trimmed it down to just slightly bigger than the stamped image, I then took the 'Beautiful Blizzard' Snowflake stamps and stamped snowflakes all around, adding clear embossing powder and heat setting to make them stand out from the background.  I then took a snow stamp and stamped in Versamark adding silver embossing powder.  I then went round and inked the edges, just to finish blend everything together.
With my background complete I moved on to thinking about the decoration.  I thought I would do another Poinsettia, so I die cut the leaves in Silver and Navy and made the poinsettia, placed it in the bottom corner and added some foliage, I used a faceted gem in the centre and coloured it with a silver metallic marker.
The Sentiment is from Snowflake Sentiments, I stamped it in Night of Navy and added a little blue ink around the edges to soften the white.
What do you think?

Wednesday was fairly drama free, which makes a change, it was the first night that everyone was home for dinner so I was preparing a roast, we here going to have slow roasted pork, with apple sauce and roast potatoes etc.  I prepared the meat, I like to take it out of the fridge to come to almost room temperature before I roast it. So I unwrapped it, slashed the skin so that we got so nice crackling, I rub a little oil over the skin and add salt and pepper.  I put it in its tray and set it to rest at the back of the hob.  Matt was watching in the kitchen while entertaining Harley, he enjoys cooking so likes to take it all in. (matt not Harley) lol.  I washed my hands and wiped everything down, made myself a cup of tea and went to craft room to make yesterdays card.  After about an hour I heard the most almighty crash, so I made my way to the kitchen to see Harley tucking in to the 4 kilo piece of pork, roasting pan and all on the floor, how on earth he reached it is beyond me as we have a separate hob and oven, the hob is built into the work top with a good 3 inches front and back, I have a job seeing into the pans at the back. Matt must have gone off somewhere not thinking to shut Harley in the Utility room.  He did offer to go buy another joint but it was too late by this time (and I am super picky about choosing meat)!
So Paul and I ended up having Gammon, Egg and Chips, the girls made themselves some kind of Pasta. Matt ended up going out.
I was boiling under the surface, although I try to keep calm for my own health, but I was so looking forward to a roast dinner.  To make matters worse I ended up cooking to pork for Harley to have with his biscuits over next few days and it smelt delicious!
On a positive note....No frogs or Toads!!

I am hoping that Mr Brown (UPS ) is coming today, which is always exciting!!

Have a lovely Friday ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning ladies

    Sandra-what a stunning card, it’s absolutely beautiful. I love the blue poinsettia on it.

    Lazy day yesterday, in between doing lots of washing etc. I even managed to get into my craft room.

    I’m off out with my crazy friend today-we’re calling in at a local garden centre for coffee then I might just look in the craft shop! Then we’re off to Aintree as there’s a Hobbycraft and a vey large Rsnge store plus other shops (most of which we’ll not go in).
    Unfortunately we have horrendous weather here-Storm Callum has arrived with winds over 40 mph. I’m sure we’ll be fine as we’ll be spending most of our time inside the shops.


  2. I love everything about this card The colours,stamping, embossing, layout
    What a shame about the roast pork Our dog was so clever at “stealing” food I had to put whatever I was preparing in a cupboard (not necessarily the fridge) to keep it safe
    Right I must get ready for work I’ll pop back later xx

  3. Hi everyone
    SANDRA your card is so beautiful. Love everything about it specially the coloured poinsettia.x
    How awful about your roast pork. Bet Harley enjoyed his tea for a few days ha ha.x
    Off to at club soon.still haven't decided what to take to make this week. Decisions decisions.
    PAT thoughts are with you and PETE today.x

    Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe if Storm Callum is hitting your area.
    Love Valx

  4. Good Morning Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA a beautiful card today love everything about it especially the colour's I love that navy & White combo & stunning poinsettia.
    I managed to finish my cc yesterday will send it to Sandra later.
    Terry is out later he's got to board out a loft then do someone's garden so I will be playing in craft room such a chore lol.
    MICHELE glad you enjoyed your holiday Have a nice day with your friend.
    VAL enjoy craft club.
    OH SANDRA what a shame about you pork joint Harley will enjoy his dinners for next few days🐶 Bad dog. A good few years ago CU got a Afghan hound from battersea dogs home he was a lovely dog but used to growl at me anyway I was cooking pork chops under the grill ( which was a low level ) the door bell went & when I got back in the kitchen Dougle ( dogs name) had pinched all four chops from under the hot gril. When terry got home I said you did have pork chops for dinner but they are in the dog. He was sutch a destructive dog he pulled all the curtains down in front room when I went to post office ( half an hour) another time he chewed all the door frames & broke a flap off the dinning table while out. Plus other things
    So Terry had to take him back to dogs home. A few weeks later he came home with a poodle puppy the owner couldn't look after her. But she was gorgeous we had her for 14 happy years.
    Harley shoul stay in utility room when you have food on the hob 😭😭
    PAT I hope Pete gets on ok at hospital today Big Hug's
    Hug's foe everyone xx
    Love Lynda xx
    I'm off to craft room xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra I love your card it is absolutely stunning. Such a shame about your pork, that is the trouble with collies they will steal everything, we had collies as a child & you dare not put any food within their reach. I remember putting Sue's birthday cake on coffee table once when my Mum was there & she thought our dog Sandy, a Labrador, would have it but we can put anything down & until they are told will not touch it. I hope Harley enjoyed
    Sorry I am late opening café this morning it has been one of those mornings, anyway café is now open & I think leek & potato soup is on menu today, & a stand by the door for brollies, if you can keep them up in the gale force wind that I think we all have. hope you all keep safe.
    Pat hope Pete gets on ok at JR this morning, hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need them, I have to return to dentist this afternoon, he is putting another tooth on my plate, the tooth that broke was beyond repair so I am some what gummy at the moment, as Sue commented "Good job I didn't have to have photo taken". take care in this awful weather love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Pete’s appointment was fine. Hope the dentist manages to sort out your tooth for you. It’s also very windy here as well. I think storm Callum is creating havoc all over the UK at the moment.

  6. Afternoon everyone. Have been into Corbigny for Friday market and of course a people watch session. Quiet afternoon with feet up having walked up and back down the full length. Not as many stalls as in summer but still able to sit outside. The cake shop was open and it would have been very rude not to call in. Will report tomorrow re cakes.

    Pat thinking of you both today.

    A beautiful card Sandra with gorgeous color.

    Have a good afternoon everyone. Loads of hugs for you all.xxxx

  7. Hi Sandra
    A super card today. Love the music background and the colours you’ve used.
    Sorry to hear about Harley eating your dinner. But oh course it’s just what Harley does isn’t it. And Matt of course not thinking to put him out of harms way. I’ve heard many a story of Harley eating frozen chicken even that you’ve put out for dinner.
    Pete’s appointment went ok today. No problems with his pacemaker, but we still have to keep his appointment on November. As we were early they saw us early so we were out before we had to go in.
    The hospital rang me while we were out and I have an appointment for my hand on the 25th Oct.
    hugs to all who need one today.

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Wow, today's card is a stunner, I absolutely love everything about it but especially the gorgeous navy Poinsettia. I'm sorry to hear that Harley has been enjoying pork for his dinners. No wonder you were angry. I'm glad that Milo hasn't brought you any more presents, at the moment anyway! Xx
    Danielle, belated birthdays hugs and best wishes. I hope you are enjoying your holiday x
    Mum, I hope you got on well at the dentist. I woke up about an hour ago! Love you xx
    Michele, I hope you are enjoying your last few days off after your lovely holiday x
    Val, fingers tightly crossed for your friend. Losing sight even if only temporarily must be so frightening. I hope you enjoyed craft club today X
    Karen, what are you knitting or crocheting at the moment. I love seeing your beautiful makes X
    Maria, hoping you and Rick are enjoying yourselves X
    Brenda, I hope you are having a good day whatever you are up to x
    Janet, no doubt you and Jim have enjoyed your "Friday" cakes. I'm looking forward to hearing about them tomorrow X
    Lynda, I hope you have had a good time in your craft room x
    Lilian, have most of the tourists gone home now? You must look forward to being able to get the shops etc. without sitting in long traffic queues.
    I hope you are "pacing" yourself! If you're like me you are heartily fed up with hearing that phrase! It is so good to hear that you have felt better and able to get your jobs done this week x
    Cheryl, did you and your friend enjoy your Monday walk? You wouldn't want to be out at the moment here as it is blowing a gale here now! x
    Pat, thinking of you and Pete x
    Lorraine, thinking of you x
    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone but if I have please except my apologies. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I love your card and the way you have enhanced the music script is so inspiring. Very beautiful card, thank you for sharing it with us. XX

    Sorry to read Harley had your dinner before you had a chance to even taste it, I hope he had a good telling off. I’m sure given time you will all laugh and say - remember when !!!

    Been trying to reorganise craft room today, some of the areas are not working, it’s amazing once I started I kept finding things I had forgotten (or buried) will finish it off tomorrow - I hope, time ran out on me today.

    Have a lovely evening everyone and a great weekend. Love Brenda xxx