Monday, 15 October 2018

It's Monday Challenge Time.....

Good Morning Ladies,

Well the weather has caused a bit of a miserable start to the week, but turning that negative into a positive means we have more time indoors to Craft !!!

I decided to go for a Sketch Challenge this week as we haven't had one for ages, I also find them a great solution for those moments when you just don't know what direction to go in with your card making.  I have always thought that too much choice is as much of an obstacle as not enough choice.

So here is this weeks sketch, a fairly simple design, you don't need to use stars of course, you could have flowers, snowflakes, or keep the stars and go for a Masculine design the choice is entirely yours.
The sketch is only ever a basic guideline you can change bits to suit your style of card making.

I look forward to seeing your designs xxxx

Proud Mummy Moment...…

Matt has been wanting a little side line to try and make some extra cash for a while, so he bought himself some Bathbombs/Candles etc and yesterday he had his first stall at a School fund raiser, he has bought all stock and bits to display in about ten days. Paul and I didn't know what to expect as he has never done anything like this before, he hasn't shown any interest in creativity, I helped him with a couple of things, cutting his cellophane wrapping into squares and the only other thing he asked me to help him with was Bows, he has huge hands which are better for farming than crafting, so I had the idea of getting some of those silver bag twist ties and actually placing them in the bow as you tie it, that way he has ready made bows to add to packaging, all he has to do is twist it onto the top of whatever wrapping the customer chooses.
Anyway he sent me a couple of photos of his stand at the event, I have to save I had tears in my eyes as I was absolutely blown away, he did an amazing job, so many great ideas, all of which were his.

I don't think his sales were that great, but I think people were put off because of the weather, it was a garage sale trail, that ended at the school where there were Car boots and inside were crafts and other sale tables.  But I told him not to get disheartened this time of year there are so many craft and gift fairs on the run up to Christmas that there were plenty of opportunities to sell more.  It really does knock your confidence though.  I think his ideas are fantastic and he has many items at pocket money prices and things that would make great teacher gifts so fingers crossed his new venture will turn into a success.

I hope that you all have a lovely Monday and enjoy this weeks challenge.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great sketch for us this week. I’m thinking Male card or Christmas but who knows what I’ll end up making!

    The photos of Matts stall look fantastic, I hope he continues with this venture.

    Can’t believe my 2 weeks off work are over, I’m definitely not looking forward to going into work!


    1. Good luck this morning Michele. It's the worst part of the holiday.x

  2. I like any challenge you set SANDRA Some are more taxing than others but that’s part of the fun I like sketches on occasions because I do struggle to do different layouts
    I hope MATT sticks with it not easy I know
    After a lovely Saturday in Greenwich I had a lovely Sunday - a nice meal out with a surprise visit from Oscar He certainly provides the smiles these days
    I hope your cold is improving LILIAN
    Big hugs to PAT and PETE
    How’s the holiday going MARIA
    Enjoying a cuppa and doing a bit of crochet in the cafe before I venture off to work
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning everyone,
    Thank you Sandra for this week's great sketch. I'm sure there'll be so many lovely cards on Sunday.x

    Matt's stall looks lovely and I'm sure he'll do better at shows leading up to Christmas.

    We had really heavy rain last night and it's windy today. I think it's the backlash of Storm Leslie which has has been battering Portugal.

    Nothing planned for today, just see what happens.

    Hugs to PAT Pete and Lilian and anyone else not feeling so good.
    Love Valx

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra good challenge for this week, need to make a male card so will be useful. Good luck to Matt on his new
    Short comment today as Sue is coming & we want to pop in town.
    Café is open, heating on this morning it is a wet dreary morning, hot drinks are ready & vegetable soup on menu for lunch. Come & join us & have a chat.
    Thinking of Pat & Pete hope hospital visits go ok hugs on
    Lilian hope your cold is
    Maria & Janet hope you are both enjoying your
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  5. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Good sketch challenge for this week SANDRA thank you xx
    Good luck Matt on your new venture your table looks lovely & inviting.I'm sure you will do better With lots of car boot/craft sales coming up this time of year.Fingers crossed for you.
    Not anything planned for today I made Lisa's birthday card yesterday & im pleased how it came out. I have another birthday card to make for our step granddaughter she is 18 in November so I'm thinking I might make a similer card for her. So will be spending time in craft room such a chore 😂🤣
    We have a dull dark day weather wise although it's still warm.
    OH has got the back garden to do so that will keep him out mischief for a while lol.
    MICHELE hope work is going ok after your holiday not nice going back. Hug's
    MARIA & JANET hope your both enjoying your holiday.
    LILIAN hope your feeling better& your cold hasn't got any worse.Hug's.
    PAT hope Pete's hospital appointments goes ok this week & your appointment too.
    Sending Big hug's for you both.xx
    MARGARET have a nice day with SUE xx
    HUG'S foe everyone xx
    Love Lynda xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I lovely challenge this week Sandra with endless possibilities so thinking caps on and trying to plan something - watch this space!

    No wonder you are so proud of Matt he certainly laid his table out beautifully, it really is very eye-catching and colourful, sorry he was disappointed with the response, it’s always difficult when you start a new venture. Good luck Matt, remember to say hello and have a friendly smile for anyone who comes up to your table. Possible customers love to feel welcome.

    Have a good evening everyone. Love Brenda xxx

  7. Hello All, grey day here.

    Great sketch Sandra, hope to get one done this week.

    Matt’s table looked really good, I’m sure once he gets known he wiling do better.

    Pat, hope Pete’s appointments go well, hugs to you both.

    Time for bed, so I’ll say goodnight, Lilian