Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A Quick Baby-Wipe Technique 'Eclipse' card and a Funny story!

Good Morning ladies,

Today's card is one that I made yesterday morning, Lucy came down to make herself a cup of coffee and said ''Is Adam's Birthday card ready'', 'what b'day card was my reply', she was sure she had asked me last week to make a card for her friends birthday, but she hadn't, or I certainly never heard her mention it!  So she says ''Well I am leaving in just about 45 mins to get the train to Wales, can you get one made'' , I'll have a go is all I could say, so off to the craft room I went, I asked if he was into anything in particular, colours etc but 'no', just do something personal and Ok for a Boy' was my only brief. 
Now for me the hardest part of any card is deciding what to use, colour, style etc.  As I was looking around for inspiration I noticed my Large Letter Dies, so I immediately thought that I would have a go at an 'Eclipse' card.  So I roughly measure the letters, decide on the size and cut my Whisper White card to size, I then sat for a moment trying to decide whether to use decorative paper or create and background, I then remembered this weeks challenge and thought, I'll include some embossing, then it hit me.....I will use Blues and Greens and do the Baby Wipe technique with some grungy background dies, so that it exactly what I did.
I took two babywipes and folded them together into a little rectangle, I then added a few drops each of Balmy Blue, Mossy Meadow, Pear Pizazz and So Saffron, I took Timeless Textures and Artisan Textures Stamp sets and set about building a grungy background, after I had done adding colour I dried the piece off with my heat tool and then took one of the stamps and randomly stamped with Versamark, I then added Embossing Powder and heat set, I think that adding hints of metal or shine really does lift these designs.  I went with gold as I thought it went well with the yellow and greens.
One tip I will give is to always make your piece of stamping bigger than you need, that way you can cut it down so that you have only the best bits.
I then die cut 'ADAM' out of the stamped piece and put the rest of the layers of the card together, I added a mat of Gold for extra touch of luxury, I made my card base with Dapper Denim card, to tie in with the colours in the card, Lucy didn't like the Balmy Blue as it wasn't masculine enough!
Now when you die cut your letters for the 'Eclipse' technique you have to remember to keep all of the pieces of the die cut, including the waste, so that you can piece the entire letter back into the die cut aperture. 
I adhered by stamped piece onto the card base with gold mat, I placed the letters back into their apertures and glued down all of the popped out pieces (from the centre of the A's and D), I also stuck down the pointy parts of the M aperture, I added dimensional (foam pads) to the back of the letters and then I decided to edge then in gold to make them stand out a little more, highlighting his name. 
Finally I added the letters into their apertures, adding a little touch of glue to the foam pads as they were being stuck onto metallic card.
I stamped the inside to match, the sentiment was the large 'Happy Birthday' from 'Perennial Birthday' stamp set, which I stamped in Versamark and embossed in gold to match the front.
The card measured 5 1/4 X 6 1/2, so didn't fit any envelope I had, so I got the Envelope punch board out and rustled one up to match the card.
I couldn't show the inside of the card or the envelope and Lucy and written on them before I had chance! (Because of the rush)!!

I think from start to finish, including making the insert and envelope took about 37 minutes, which for me (Mrs Indecisive) is pretty good going and I don't think that it looks like a last minute rush card!
What do you think???

Now while I was making the card, Lucy was buzzing about getting ready, the smell of hairspray, deodorant and perfume where all but choking me, the odd calls of 'Have you seen my ???''  and 'Can I borrow????'' floating about, Harley kept barking, which drives me insane, he did it all day sunday too, he was barking for nothing more than attention, or he was yesterday at least...….
When the hairspray and perfume had evaporated there was a vile odour that filled just about every room in the house......yes you guessed it, Harley had messed all over the kitchen floor!!!  
I just looked with my puppy dog eyes at Lucy, who was just running out of the front door, ''sorry mum, I would love to help, but my friend will be here any second and I need to wait out the front so she knows where to stop'' !  Thanks Lucy !
I have a very sensitive gag reflex, once I start I usually end up throwing up pretty much 80% of the time, so I had to get prepared, I needed something to cover my nose and mouth to mask the smell a little, we don't have anything like that in the house, so I had to resort to using a Sanitary Pad 'with wings' (thankfully because they covered my nose)! I had to put the sticky side to my face!  I put on two pairs of gloves, the thin throw away ones I use if I HAVE to do the litter tray and marigolds.
I tentatively step into the kitchen, let Harley into the garden and survey the damage, OMG it's everywhere, he obviously had something that didn't agree with him!  I reached for my bleach spray and pretty much use the whole bottle over the mess, I then used virtually a whole roll of kitchen roll to cover it, bin bags at the ready I cleaned it up, I then bleached the floor two more times with neat bleach!  Kudos to the 'Always Ultra' it stood the test of time and masked most of the smell!  
So remember that most things in your home have more than one use!  Harley was fine for the rest of the day.  I however needed a long lie down!!!

I hope I haven't put you off your Breakfast, I will tell you that it put me off mine and my lunch!

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love and hugs



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  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Didn't get in yesterday but love your Blog hop card, especially your inspirational ideas of using the skeleton leaves and deer antlers! No-one would guess you didn't use "proper" Poinsettia leaves as they look beautiful as do the deer antlers.
    What wonderful challenge cards on Sunday too.
    Adams card is great, perfect for a man, and you wouldn't guess you made it so quickly.
    Well it took me a while to stop crying with laughter when I read about you having to clean up after Harley, such a horrid job but well done you on coming up with such an unusual"face mask". You should contact Always and let them know just how good their pads are. I bet they have never heard of their pads being used in this way! My bags all packed with Sharpies and photo paper so see you in a while my lovely xx
    Janet, Michele, Maria and Val I hope you are all enjoying your holidays, and to all at home I hope you have a good day whatever you are up to.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  3. Hi everyone, Don't know what happened Tomy comment. One minute it was there an the next it wasnt!
    SANDRA lovely eclipse card and well done on making it so quickly. I must admit I'm used to animal "accidents" and maybe I'm used to cleaning it up so it doesn't really bother me.
    Raining today and making it chilly so got my cardie on. Maybe Autumn has arrived.

    Spending the day trying to tidy my craft room again. How does it get so messy?

    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valx

  4. Hi Sandra all in café,
    Sandra what a great card you made in a short time, well done. Sorry you had such a mess to clean up, well done to rising to challenge. Today sounds as if it is going to be a fun day, enjoy.xxx
    I am going to have coffee with friends at Petanque this morning, so café is open ready for you all to come & have a chat.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra & everyone
    SANDRA great card for Lucy's friend sometimes a card comes together better with short notice xx
    WOW how clever are you using a sanitary towel too mask the smell 🤧🤧😷
    Of dog mess I can just picture you ( 🤣🤣🤣) I would be heaving too as I've been there a few times.Yuck.hope he is ok now.
    Have a lovely day with Sue. Hope you get to use your rubbing alcohol have a messy time xx
    Hope to have a go at CC today OH is out doing gardening & rubbish dumping so no distractions hopefully. Also have a project in my head to try ( not much else in my head 😂🤣). I had some lovely puppy cuddles ( Baileys the daddy ) mum had two one was same colour as Bailey & one a fawn colour. I sent Sandra the pictures.) Also the most cutis small white puppy she was adorable. NO I'm not having one too old now for puppies.😭😭
    Hug's for all Extra for Pat &Pete xx
    Love Lynda xx

  6. I LOVE your card Great idea for men where you don’t want to (or they’re not into) use Sports or Beer
    You did make me laugh with your use of an Always pad Who is it that has the mantra about buying/using something that has more than one use I hope Harley is ok now
    I hope you have fun with the Sharpies with SUE I can’t wait to see the results
    Take care all Busy afternoon for me nail appointment and then out dancing later xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    HOORAY Our Internet is back on - thank goodness for that, engineer was here a couple of hours tested everything in the house, then went to the next road where the BT box thingy is, he said he reconnected the cable for our broadband line and from that point all was working. . Thank goodness it was nothing to do with anything we have done.

    I have been Looking at all your beautiful cards from Sunday, I can only say WOW You ladies certainly know how to rise to the occasion. They are all just beautiful XX

    Sandra Love your card for Adam. I’m sure he was really thrilled with his personalised card. What a supermum you are making it at such short notice.
    I love eclipse cards the effect is stunning, I would underline also what you said about keeping the little bits, I have (tried to) make two different eclipse cards recently, on each occasion I managed to loose a small part i.e. the inner part of the letter P which you stick in place without 3D foam.

    OMG What a vision I have of you cleaning up the mess Harley make. I love the way you thought out side of the box to make a face mask!!! I hope he is fine today and hasn’t had any more accidents.

    Must get back to sorting out. OH created such a mess in the office and the craft room looking for a second extender plug for the broadband. I said just leave it, I will sort it out..... I want to be able to find things!! BUT why does it take seconds to pull things out and hours to put it all back in place?

    Have a lovely evening everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

  8. Evening Everyone
    What a very apt card for a young man Sandra and I'm sure he will enjoy receiving it. MUM to the rescue AGAIN!!!!

    I've had a lovely day crafting away with no interruptions (phones ringing/knocks on doors etc)so I'm really enjoying myself.

    MARGARET- hope you had a good day at petanque and you were on the winning side.

    BRENDA- it always takes forever doesn't it and as you say it doesn't take two minutes to upset everything. Hope everything is back in place now.

    Off now to put my feet up for the evening with my book.
    HUGS to all of you even though they are late today.xxxx