Sunday 22 April 2018

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

We really have been treated to some glorious weather, our lawns have been mowed twice and it needs doing again already, the borders are really starting to burst into life, there are Primroses all over, in different colours too, there is a beautiful bush in the front garden that is the most glorious shade of pink.  We have tulips too and daffodils, there are lots of shrubs bursting through too, its going to be a real treat watching everything appear, outside the back door there is a border with Lavender, Rosemary,Thyme, sage & Chives, there is plenty of mint too, perfectly placed to pop out and pick to add to cooking.  I have would like to plant one or two things but we will wait to see what is going to grow where first.  We have loads and loads of pots as thats all we had to grow anything in the other house, I will plant some of the softer herbs too, we use a pot of coriander every week, mostly in Guacamole (as its Sophie's favourite) and I am happy to make it for her as its so good for you, up until two years ago we hated Avocado and Coriander but I made guacamole as part of a recipe for a meal and it was so delicious, the ready made stuff was awful in comparison!

Anyway enough of my waffling I know you want to see the Challenge cards.......


Janet has made 3 fantastic Challenge cards, to look at them you'd never believe that they were for the same challenge, that's the beauty of making your own backgrounds!
The first card Janet has made features her new Phil Martin Collage dies, this one is the music themed stamp, which works brilliantly with the old Gramophone and that perfect sentiment.
Janet's second card uses a stamped background featuring a script stamp, Oh my that beautiful blue rose that you have coloured is stunning and really gives the wow factor.
Janet's third and final card uses Sue Wilson Eternal Rings Striplet die and the Full Daisy die for those pretty flowers, cutting them from patterned paper really lifts them.
Three stunning cards Janet, thank you so much for taking part.


Now I knew Lynda would enjoy this challenge as she is the queen of backgrounds, using so many different methods and materials, I was really taken back to see FOUR challenge cards though, they aren't 4 super quick and easy cards either.
Card 1:  I used yupo card dropped distress inks on let it dry Cut JL Gerbera frame & Gerbera flowers
Stamping up sentiment amazing 

Card 2:  Visible image stamp
SW butterfly JL dragonfly the background i used Crafters Companion sparkle pens.blended 

Card 3:  Wendy vechi studio 490 stamps , Background I used oxide distress ink
With pixy powders & mica powders. & I stamped the flowers on top & matted with gold & black card

Card 4:  I stamped the background with Amazing you stamping up stamp set With distressed oxide First with fired brick then stamped again with Wilted violet

Thank you so much Lynda for 4 amazing works of art, you put so much work into every card. The one thing I love about receiving a 'Lynda' card is that every time you look at it you see something else, I love all of them but my favourite was the green shoe card.


Michele has made two fabulous Challenge cards this week, the first card uses that amazing Music Mask that Michele bought a week or so ago, it works so well with that China die, I have it but haven't used it yet, so I may well have a go at your card.
Michele's second card looks like an optical illusion to me, Michele has used 'Morris Men' Gilding Flakes to create the background, ( I never remember to get me Gilding flakes out), there are some lovely colours in that particular pot, now I though that it was pieced together but it is in fact a die!! Spellbinders Glass Effects die to be precise!  Its amazing, such a great die, Michele did admit she has had it a while and this is the first time she has used it, perfect first card though Michele!!
Thank you so much for taking part.


Margaret created this background when she popped over mine a couple of weeks ago,  we sat and played with the Distress Oxides and this is one of the backgrounds that Margaret created, it teams perfectly with the Berry Burst Colour Theory papers that have been used to make the flower, which is punched using the SU Daisy punch.  Margaret has popped it onto a mat of Berry Burst card and stamped the Lovely Label stamp ink Berry Burst ink and punched it out with the matching punch too.
A fantastic card Margaret, thank you so much for taking part.

Another fantastic display of cards ladies, thank you to all of you for taking part, I hope you had fun created your own backgrounds.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Love and Hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your garden sounds very interesting, it will be exciting to see what flowers appear and how the garden develops.

    What an amazing selection of challenge cards. I had at least 2 more ideas for backgrounds but I totally ran out of time. If I include my traveling then I do a 50 hour week-I’m lucky enough to live fairly close to where I work as that’s long enough be out of the house.

    We managed to do some gardening yesterday afternoon as the forecast was for heavy rain overnight and this morning but it looks like they got it quite wrong. I have a mountain of ironing to do this morning then I need to spend some time on the computer this afternoon.


    1. Hi Michele. I love both of your c cards, I wouldn't have guessed the gilded one was made using a die but I love the effect, another one to add wish list 😊 I hope you manage to get your ironing and computer work done quickly so that you get to relax a little bit later on x

    2. Hi Michele
      Two lovely cards from you today. I to have a mountain of ironing to do. Pete decided to do some more digging yesterday. I had a go at digging up some weeds and strimmed most of the lawn nearest the house. No gardening for Pete today as his lower back is very painful.

    3. Wonderful cards Michele. Tried to do some cutting down on some bushes but had to give up as back/hip and knee on same leg are bad. How fun to get older Lol xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    We have another beautiful start to the day here - full sunshine and quite warm already.
    I can really cope with this kind of weather it suits me down to the ground.

    What a beautiful set of CC this weeks and once again all so very different you wouldn't believe that they came from the same challenge. I'm looking forward to this week's challenge.

    The CAFE is open as usual and today's lunch menu is Roast Beef so place your orders as quickly as possible. I've put a few tables out front so we can sit outside and keep Herman company too.

    HUGS are on their way to you all. Enjoy whatever you all get up to today xxxx

    1. Yes please to roast beef Janet. I'll be in about 1.
      Enjoy your sunshine.x

    2. Hi Janet. All three of your c cards are beautiful. I must admit the stunning blue flower is my favourite. Yes please to roast beef for me too 😊 x

    3. Beautiful cards Janet, love the rose.
      Probably missed out on the roast beef as I'm late, did it come with horseradish too ? :( have a nice day xx

    4. Hi Janet
      A lovely set of cards from you today. Especially like the first one, the background looks like one of John Lockwoods. Glad you still have sunshine. Sat in Craig and Jenny’s this evening watching the snooker. They’ve gone to see David Baddiel in Swindon.

  3. Fantastic ideas that have been turned into beautiful cards
    I was so disappointed with myself that I couldn’t take part in the end I have a few backgrounds in my stash that I never seem to use But this times around I made one in particular from Distress Oxides and then messed it up with my stamping (it shifted as I wanted to stamp a second time)
    There wasn’t time to start again
    More dancing today and tonight Take care all xxx

    1. Whoops It’s Karen

    2. Hi Karen. I had a similar problem with my background(s) on Friday and ran out of time in the end. I managed to spoil 5 by getting red ink from the stencil I was using onto the pale green background each time!!! 😬 I must admit the air was rather blue by the 5th time and I was ready to throw all the inks in the dustbin just as Chris, Mum and little Chris arrived so I just walked away instead. I hope you have a lovely time dancing today x

    3. Oh that' s a shame Karen. I'm sure they would look nice as all your cards are. Have fun dancing.hugs xx

    4. Hi Karen
      Such a shame you messed your background up. Or rather the stamping on top. I hope your enjoying the dancing.

  4. Good morning everyone.
    Beautiful cards ladies. I love all your beautiful background and how you've decorated them. I have apologised to Sandra for not entering this week. Three attempts went in the bin and then I ran out of time.
    Poor Olive was sick everywhere during the night and although I've cleared it up this morning, I'm going to mop yet again.
    I realised last night that its Spanish Mothers Day on 6th May. Although Spanish people don't send cards, some English people do celebrate it so I'll make a few cards just in case.
    Nothing else planned for today, Janets even cooking the Sunday lunch. Roast beef yum.
    Have a lovely Sunday everyone whatever you are up to.
    Love Valx

    1. Hi Val. Sorry you have been moping up after Olive, not a nice way to start the day. Do the Spanish not celebrate any other occasions that we do? Enjoy making some Mother's Day cards x

    2. Hi Sue, glad you're having a good time with your mum. Spanish obviously celebrate Christmas Day and Easter and Valentines Day but have their own Mother and Fathers Day. Giving cards is just not their tradition. They do have so many Red Days (we call them Bank Holidays) its a wonder any work gets done. Although they celebrate Christmas Day. Its a religious day. The big celebration when children get a present is 6th January when the three kings parade through the streets. Its more a family occasion with a grand meal but the adults don't exchange gifts. English children gets presents on Christmas Day but one is held back for Three Kings Day.
      Have a lovely day.x

    3. I hope little Olive is ok, not a good start of the day for you. Hope you get the cards made. hugs xx

    4. Hi Val I hope Olive is feeling more like herself. Not a good start to the day mopping up cat sick. Hope you manage to get some cards done. Thanks for the explanation re the Spanish holidays.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    What a fantastic selection of cards on show today. Each and everyone of them different.
    Well last night we had a thunder and lightening show. Karen and Amber decided to ride the horses after dinner on Friday so we didn’t get to play cards. Amber rang yesterday and said did we want to go up and play cards which we did. Amy was going to pick up Matty so picked us up before she went. Somewhere in between the car and coming home Pete lost his car keys with the house key on. It could be in Amy’s car well or anywhere in between. Karen can’t findd it on her table, but that’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack at one end of the table. Good job Karen has a key to our house.
    Not so warm here today in Oxfordshire.

  6. Meant to say that Amber, Olivia and Karen went up to the farm by us to help move all the chickens, as the lady was getting rid of most of the cockerels they bought one home. Karen said they’d find a new home for it to the lady. Of course the girls want to keep it. However, Olivia decided she’s fed up with it already as it kept them awake most of the night crowing. Oh by the way, they’d also like a goat. The lady at the farm breeds goats and Amber helps most days after school. As if they don’t have enough animals. Poor Minnie’s coat has been shorn off as have the other dogs 🐕 coats. She looks more like a sausage dog now.

    1. Hi Pat. Its definitely not as nice here today is it. Fingers crossed we don't get any more rain as it was hard last night here x

    2. We had a stunning morning here but it is now clouding over pretty bad. Any chance to find the keys ?!! hugs xx

    3. Hi Maria
      Karen ( Petes daughter ) emailed Amy, and she found them in the well of her car 🚘. Pete was sat in the back seat. Not to sure when he’ll get them back though as her a Matty were off to Milton Keynes for a few days break.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    A wonderful selection of cards as usual. It's interesting to see that more and more of us are turning to stamps and inks. Out of the 12 cards 9 have been made using them. Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful cards with us all. It is also interesting to hear that I wasn't the only one that had issues trying to make them! Why does that always happen when you are up against the clock?
    Sandra, i am a bit confused, yes I know it's not hard, but I don't see any card of Lynda's with a green shoe on it. Am I missing something?
    You garden is starting to look so pretty and the Primroses are another of my favourite flowers and you have loads of them 😊 I hope you have a nice day with Paul whatever you do my lovely xx
    Mum, your lovely card is made using that beautiful "Berry Burst" it is such a pretty colour isn't it 😊 It's great having you here. Love you xx
    Lynda, 4 gorgeous c cards, each one so different. You really are our "Background" Queen. I must admit that the 3rd one is my favourite, it is fantastic. I hope you and C U. don't get wet today when you walk the 8 paws.
    Brenda, Maria, Lilian and Cheryl, I hope you all have a good day too. Sorry if I have missed anyone out.
    Mum is still here so loving having some relaxing time with her 😊
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian and all in need. Take care xx
    Crossed fingers that today's comment does publish and not vanish xx

    1. Hi Sue.
      well not the best of days but you know me . Maybe the shoe fell off during the cyber journey hihi Have a lovely time with Mum. hugs xx

    2. Hi Sue
      I couldn’t see the green shoe either.

  8. Hello Sandra and Ladies,

    I love your challenge cards today ladies, each one is so beautiful and varied, a truly inspiring collection.

    Quick visit this morning as we are going out to lunch, to celebrate friends 60th Wedding Anniversary. It should have been celebrated about four weeks ago but the weather at the time was diabolical, snow and ice everywhere. The car park at the venue was like an ice rink. So it was postponed until today - and the weather being totally opposite!

    Have a good day everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Have a wonderful day ! We have some catching up to do Lol hugs xx

    2. We are back home again having enjoyed a lovely celebration meal wth our friends and their family It was a beautiful celebration of 60 years of married life, They are such a lovely couple, thire five children each contributed to making it an extra special occasion.

      Sandra, I wouldn’t like you think I hadn’t bothered with the CC I gave up on the Splatter stamp.... but haven’t give up on that one yet. I sent you two card mid afternoon yesterday. Think they may have got lost in Cyberspace But that really doesn’t matter. I just wouldn’t like you to think I hadn’t bothered.
      Hope you have had a good day, Hugs Brenda xxx

    3. Hi Brenda
      I’m glad you had a nice time celebrating with your friends. Might see your cards if Sandra manages to find them in cyberspace.

  9. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Lovely challenge cards this morning all very differant with differant medium's used.
    JANET loved all three of you C cards but my favourite is the beautiful blue flower.
    MICHELE I loved both of your two C cards. That Die looks interesting.
    MARGARET wow your C card is gorgeous love the colour's you have used. Glad your enjoying your time with Sue.
    Well another beautiful Sunny day really hot already with a warm breeze
    Had a nice surprise yesterday Darren Sam & Harry came down.Harry wasn't himself he was very quiet & said his throat was hurting.he was very hot he didn't look well.Darren just sent a clip of him this morning in the garden playing with his bubble gun we got him & dancing round the garden he looks fine today back to his bubbly self.
    SANDRA your garden sounds beautiful with all the flowers coming through. Enjoy sitting out there.our garden needs some tender loveing care Terry only cut the grass on Wednesday but it's really grown already. He's going to out to cut it now. After it's finished I have more washing to go out.Then hopefully get 8 🐾Out for a walk. Sending Hug's for everyone extra for Maria & Lilian xx
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda. wow you really went for it this week hihihi they are all stunning and it must have taken some time to finish, well done. Funny how children can be so poorly one minute and the next they are back to playing. Glad he is alright. hugs to you both ! xx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Apologies for not making a cc this week but my head have not been on any crafting of any kind for way too long now and I am disappointed myself. Perhaps is I clear some mess up in the kitchen and get a clean work space it will get my mojo back, fingers crossed.
    Wonderful cards on display ladies,I love them all.
    You must post some photos of your new garden Sandra, it sound lovely and of course as the month goes you will see so many changes. Hope you all are happy in this new place.
    Have a very nice day everyone. many hugs ,Maria xxx

  11. Margaret Palmer22 April 2018 at 18:17

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely selection of cards again, sorry I did not make a new background but I ran out of time. Would love another challenge like that again some time. It is lovely watching all the things come to life in a new garden, hope you have been able to sit in it this
    Well I have had a beautiful weekend with Sue, I have been entertained by little Chris & done nothing else, thank you Sue & Chris love
    Maria hope you have a better week & Dad on goes on well now, hugs on
    Val I hope Olive is better now & you get cards done in
    Sending hugs to all who are feeling poorly love