Saturday 28 April 2018

Michele's Magazine Review

Michele's Magazine Review

First up is Papercraft Inspirations which has a lovely free gift. A pack to make 2 Twist + POP Cards plus a sentiment Die.

 Diecutting Essentials has a fantastic set of Dies this month-perfect for making cards for men! Inside there’s a great article on cards for men, Embossing different materials

Making has some really cute papers & toppers with this issue.

 Cardmaking & Papercraft has a really pretty set of stamps & Fairy Dies this month. Two interesting articles inside are-10 ideas with watercolours and 6 ways with Gemstones.

 Simply Cards & Papercraft has some gorgeous papers & a great stamp +coordinating Die set. As usual there lots of ideas inside the magazine on how to use the free gift. Also inside is an article on how to make your own background using Sentiment stamps-a great way to get more value from those stamps!

Making has some really cute papers & toppers with this issue.

I bought this magazine for the stamp set-I think they’re going to be very useful. There’s so much inspiration inside the magazine just using the free stamps including some cards for the Ladies. 

Love Cardmaking magazine has a set Embossing Folder, Stamps & Dies Free with this issue. The theme is feathers and there’s some great ideas inside the magazine. 
 Papercraft Essentials has a brilliant set of Dies & Stamps this month-perfect for Fathers Day or just a Male birthday. Both CraftiPotential and Christina Griffiths have YouTube videos using this Stamp & die set showing some brilliant ideas.

That’s it until next month.


Thank you so much Michele for a Bumper Magazine Review, it's so kind of you to go to so much trouble.
I hope the Boot Sale goes well today.

Karen's New Kitchen

Karen, what can I say, an absolutely amazing transformation, it looks top quality, you must be too nervous to use it it case you got it dirty.  Every little detail is finished to the highest standard.  It looks so clean and fresh and ultra modern!! You must be over the moon my lovely.
Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us Karen, it is a truly amazing transformation.


Janet has been a very busy lady this week, she has made CC's and these two Stunning boxes.  They are both stunning and and decorated with the most beautiful card and paper. The die is called kaleidescope Box Die comes with another selection of dies and stamps to embellish  the box with including a Sewing themed box die, which would is so detailed.  Janet you have decorated those boxes beautifully, the papers are stunning.
Thank you so much for sharing your projects Janet, they are absolutely gorgeous.!

That's is for this week ladies, thanks so much for this week Ladies, especially those of you that contributed.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-your new kitchen looks amazing, really lights& bright.

    Janet-WOW! Beautiful gift boxes , really lovely.

    I’m up super early as I need to get organised for the Car Boot Sale-preparing my flask etc. Bill Bailey show last night was fantastic-he was hilarious. Got home just after 11pm so a quick shower then bed.
    We’ve been invited over to Chorley (my In Laws) for dinner this evening. It will be jtake cacti see them as it’s been a while since we last went to see them.
    I’ll let you know if the man who ordered the card a) turns up this morning and b) likes the card!


    1. Good luck I hope he does turn up after all that hard work He will love the card

    2. Hi Michele
      Lovely floral card you made yesterday Michele. Had a bad day with Pete yesterday so I don’t think I commented.
      I hope the gentlemen turns up for his card and likes it. But all your cards are lovely so what’s not to like.
      I hope the car boot sale goes well.

    3. Hi Michele
      I’m sorry, I forgot to say thank you for the magazine reviews. It’s always great to have your opinion on the content of these magazines.

  2. Morning Everyone
    Thank you MICHELE for your monthly mmag review. I shall pop into WHS this morning and have a look.

    KAREN- Oh your new kitchen really looks smart. I am a little green with envy lol.

    The Tonic boxes always work out and if the additional dies for decoration are used they really don't need much more. I love making them.

    Off on our weekly shopping trip this morning so must get a wriggle on.
    The CAFE is OPEN and there will be cakes this afternoon for all who pop in.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Hoping that all dear friends not feeling too well have a better day today.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Your boxes are fantastic. Sandra and I looked at the Dies to make these last year at Ally Pally. I wouldn’t use them very much so couldn’t warrant the cost of them.

  3. Thank you MICHELE for the magazine review It’s always handy to know what’s inside especially as they’re usually wrapped in cellophane and so you can’t have a flick through
    I have to say I love love love my new kitchen and it all started with moving the door (now the opening to utility area) along 4 inches to give me depth to house a fridge! Yes I was a little scared to make a mess but I’ve already “christened” one of the oven floors!
    Just need to buy new toaster etc and choose window dressing now
    Good luck with the car boot sale MICHELE
    Now I have taken in samples of cards to work I am beginning to sell some and receive orders which is great Gives me a bit of purpose and helps justifying all of the crafting goodies I buy
    Swear word day for me and as I’ll be home alone this evening plenty of crafting
    Take care all I was a little saddened to see that I didn’t recognise any of our names in Sue W’s draw Hey ho maybe next time xx

    1. Hi Karen
      Love the new kitchen, wish we’d thought about the extension we had build so it incorporated a downstairs toilet.

  4. Morning everyone. Thanks Michele for you mag review. As usual I want them all. I'm happy to say a crafting club friend is bring Making cards back from UK for me. I'm sure the gentleman and is wife will love the pretty card. Hope the Boot Sale is a real success. X

    KAREN your new kitchen looks beautiful. The units look so well placed and I'm a bit green with envy. Glad you've christened the oven. X

    JANET as usual your wonderful little box is perfect and oh so pretty. Enjoy your shopping. X

    I'm meeting my chatty friend for coffee shortly. I've just booked a day coach trip to Cartagena. We were both there last year but didn't do everything we wanted as ran out of time. So this visit we're doing a boat trip and an open top bus tour. Its in about 3 weeks time so nice to look forward to.
    The shop is very low on male cards so that's this afternoons job. I much prefer to make women's cards but I suppose the men deserve a card as well.ha ha.

    Enjoy your Saturday everyone. Hugs to all who need them.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Hope you manage to get your male cards done. I don’t think anyone enjoys making male cards,
      How lovely that your able to go on coach trips from where you live.
      Hope you enjoyed your coffee with your chatty friend.

  5. I forgot to mention JANET’s boxes They are gorgeous I was so tempted to invest in the kaleidoscope box set and the additional dies they had on Hochanda recently
    Thank you for admiring my new kitchen everyone

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review. As Karen said it is so useful as you can't see what is in them in the shops now so you're all your reviews help. Good luck with the boot sale and with Mr Grumpy. If he doesn't like the beautiful card that you have made for his wife then it will be snapped up by another happy customer. I love Bill Bailey too, lucky you seeing him you had lots of laughs 😊 X
    Karen, wow what a fantastic transformation of your kitchen. It is fabulous and I love the colour scheme especially those gorgeous tiles. Now you have christened it you can relax and enjoy using it. Its no surprise that your work colleagues want to buy your cards as they are always wonderful X
    Janet, what beautiful boxes, they are so prettily decorated 😊 I hope the shopping goes well and thank you for the yummy cakes for this afternoon x
    Val, how nice for you and your friend to return to Cartagena, it's nice to have something to look forward to isn't it. It's not long now until we go away and I can't wait 😊. You will enjoy the Making Cards mag when your friend brings it to you won't you. I hope you get the male cards done today X
    Brenda, thank you for your kind words. I feel much better now and I do listen to what you say, even if I dont always do it, but don't we all 😊 I hope you have a nice weekend x
    Lilian, you must be feeling very cross that you were told to take the wrong dose of your heart meds but I do hope that the extra start to help you at last x
    I am hoping to get my cc done and sent today. That's the plan as I've got the house to myself as Chris is down helping Pop in the garden.
    Mum, I hope they don't give you too much trouble, as if they would!😀maybe you will be able to craft after lunch 😊 love you xxxxxx
    Wishing you all avoid day, even though it is very gloomy and damp here. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian and all in need xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    MICHELE, thank you for the magazine reviews. They are always so helpful. I hope the car boot sale went well and the gentleman returned to collect his card. xx
    JANET, your boxes are fantastic. I am really tempted to get that die. xx
    KAREN, your kitchen looks amazing, love the units, tiles and colours you chose, What colour will you have the finishing touches in? Looking at the photos almost any colour will work. ENJOY your beautiful new space. xx

    Sandra I'm sorry sorry I haven't sent you a CC I stated one which has ended up in the bin. Now I haven't the time or mojo to start over again SORRY

    LILLIAN, MARIA and LYNDA hope you are all improving, TAKE CARE xx

    Hope your weekend is going well, we were so cold after lunch the heating went on early, normally it goes on about 5pm. The weather man said it should warm up midweek ......... Hope he is right.

    Have a good evening everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      We’ve also got our heating on. I hope your right and the weather does start to warm up. However, Doreen informed us this morning that we were to have snow. Apparently the weather man said it was due in the Midlands on the high ground. I pointed out that the Midlands were higher up than us and we’re not on high ground. She made me laugh by saying that we are on high ground. She lives nearly at the top of a smallish hill.

    2. Thank you Brenda I'm feeling a lot better. Tinnitus is still load but I have to put up with it. In the week sounded like I had a swarm of Bees in my head all bussing at once.
      Love Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Thank you Michele for your take on this months new magazines. Somewhere I have a twist and pop card ready to decorate, and one ready to put together. I lost one off them somewhere in my craft room. Now I’ve lost two of them. So I might just have a look at that magazine.
    We have are heating on as Petes been so cold. He’s also very down, lethargic, and has no energy. Neither does he feel like eating. To say he eats for England normally is an understatement and worrying. Luckily he has an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday. His back pain is caused by arthritis he says as the dr told him years ago he had some. However, no ones mentioned it in all the scans he’s had.
    I do hope this weather cheers up soon. At least we have the snooker to watch on the tele.
    Karen love the kitchen. You must be very pleased with it.
    Janet your boxes are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Pat we have the heating on as well.
      Sorry Pete isn't feeling well hope he feels better soon. I don't envy him as I have arthritis in my back as well.Arthur has a lot to answer for.
      Hope your ok Pat have you found your cards yet.
      Love Lynda xx

  9. Hi Lilian
    I’ve seen yesterday blog from you. How on earth can they get your medication so wrong. No wonder you’ve been feeling unwell for so long. I hope you don’t have to wait to long for an appointment to see the cardiogolist.
    Gentle hugs coming your way.

  10. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    my day has just flown by went Tesco shopping then went into Asda on way home we needed to get some new devel knives as our old one have become blunt. Got home Terry opened the box & NO BL...DY KNIVES IN BOX. So he had to go all the way back to Asda the just said sorry & gave him new set. Everything happens to us. I have cooked a bulk lot of spaghetti Bolognese sauce to freeze so that's dinner sorted tonight. Don't want it till about 8pm as had late lunch.
    MICHELE great mag review as usual very interesting. I bought Crafts Beautiful today with 40 stamps plus 40 extra stamps exclusive to Tesco. Hope boot sale went well & Mr grumpy man came back for his card you made.
    JANET Love your boxes gorgeous .
    KAREN WOW your kitchen is gorgeous well worth the Waite enjoy.
    Love Lynda xx

  11. Hello All, dry here today but a bit chilly.

    Michele good to have reviews of the latest mags, not that I buy them much these days, a few too many pennies for me.

    Janet your boxes are really lovely, never tried making boxes, sure they wouldn’t be as lovely as yours.

    Karen your kitchen is a real WOW, love all of it, not sure mine would stay as pristine as yours.

    Have a lovely evening all, Lilian

  12. Hi Sandra and all this Saturday evening.
    Thank you Michele for your magazine review, very helpful. Hope the boot went well and the man came for the card for hos wife.
    Karen- your kitchen is a big WOW ! You must be so happy it is finished and I do like the tiles.
    Janet, love the boxes you made. I want to get some flowers for the one I got from you and then first I will show it to you.
    Pat, sorry to hear Pete having a bad time and in pain. Wish he soon feel better, the weather gets better and he can start potting around in the garden. You take care too.
    Lynda, glad to see you feeling better. Not nice to have these ringing in your ears. I have them sometimes and can't stand very loud noises. They were cutting out some of the skirting boards today for putting in the fireplace and the noise was like being at the dentist but louder, horrible! Hope Terry is ok ? Mind you not cut yourselves.
    Sue, glad you better. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Sending warm hugs to you all. Sitting here with the flames flickering in the fireplace and watching Overboard with Goldie Hawn, a funny classic. Sorry no cc from me this week, no mojo for crafting at the mo. Sleep well everyone,love Maria xxx