Monday 19 March 2018

Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Ooh heck it's flippin' chilly!!! We had a good amount of snow on Saturday night/Sunday Morning, it froze too making it treacherous.  Matt left the house at 5:50am and my phone rang about ten minutes later to say that had lost control of his car going down a hill, he was barely doing 15mph but it was so icy under the snow he had no control and ran into a wall.  Thankfully he wasn't really hurt, his car will need a new headlight and wing.  He was worried about not getting into work as one of his colleagues had called him before he left home to say that he was snowed in and had rang work to say he was snowed in, only to be told that he would have a 'Back to work' Disciplinary on his return!!  This put Matt under pressure, it's bloody ridiculous. He could have been seriously hurt and stuck for hours out here as it's very rural.
As I a writing (this 11pm Sunday) Becca has just come in, she said she had slipped twice on the roads on way here, it's been snowing again and the roads that had cleared this afternoon are now covered again and it's freezing too.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a snow day !!

Onto this week's challenge, This week I would like you to make a card suitable for a 'Man' !! , As usual anything you like, as long as it would be suitable for our menfolk.
It's something that we have all struggled with in the past but more and more products are so versatile these days. You could go all out Football and Darts or just do a messy or grungy background with a Sentiment.
I look forward to seeing what you all decide on.

My card (would work equally for Man and Ladies I think) was made using my very expensive stamps (hehe), all the way from the USA.
Penny Black 'On the Lake' cling stamp, I stamped it in Memento Paris Dusk, using my Tim Holtz Stamp tool I then re-stamped over it with Versamark and added clear Embossing Powder and heat set, this seals in any colour and allows you do whatever you like to the background, I used my Inkyliscious brushes to add more Paris Dusk to the background, I masked off a moon first.  I then added a little lilac ink around moon and yellow (Memento Dandelion) in the moon and on the water.
I kind of like the results, not bad for first attempt!
Love the stamps, however frustrating it was to purchase them.

Did any of you watch Sheena or Phill Martin on Hochanda on Saturday??
I loved Sheena's sparkle pens, the colours were gorgeous, the price was shocking though, £40 for 12 pens??!!
I loved her demo's and find Sheena very inspiring, but I will wait for the price to drop I think.
Phil's stamps surprised me, I'm not usually a fan of his style, his new Collage stamps were lovely though, such a variety and the sample cards were the nicest I've seen in a long time.
What are your thoughts?

Janet I was absolutely thrilled to read you are going to Marigny, you must be so excited, it's been months.  Fingers crossed everything falls into place

Lilian I hope you are ok, I haven't heard from you a few days now, sending hugs XXX

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a stunning card, I love the way it looks like a painted scene.

    Great idea for a challenge-think I’d better start my card this evening as I have a busy week. Out tomorrow evening to collect a friends craft stash as she’s giving up Cardmaking-she wants me to sell Evans make a donation to Motor Neurone. Shopping Wednesday evening, out for a meal on Thursday evening, pack my car on Friday evening as I’m doing another Car Boot Sale on Saturday morning. Plus our American relatives arrive on Friday-they’re staying for 10 days although not with us as there’s too many of them now.


    1. Wow what a busy week Michele. Makes me tired just thinking of it all.x

    2. Wow Michele
      You sure have a busy week. So sad to hear that your friend is giving up crafting but I hope you get a good few pennies for her crafting stash.

    3. What a busy week ahead you having and family coming to visit at the end. Shame your friend giving up cardmaking, liked to been able tho to come to your car boot to see what you selling. Breath xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    from a very very cold, white and icy Sheffield.
    It's bitterly cold this morning but thank goodness we have any more snow yesterday and overnight so everything crossed for a snow free day today.

    SANDRA- a beautiful card and a good Challenge for this week. I'm hoping I can get a card made before Wednesday as this week is going to be manic!! I went ahead last evening and booked the ferry and overnight hotel for Thursday but there's loads to do before then.

    The CAFE is OPEN for you all but please do not go out if you haven't got to. Stay safe and wrap up warm.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.

    I'm looking for a volunteer to OPEN UP Thursday and Friday and then Marigny Dobbie will take up his duties for two weeks.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. Glad the snow has stopped and good luck with all the arrangements for Thursday.x

    2. Hi Janet
      You sure have a busy week. I hope all your arrangements for Thursday aren’t scuppered by snow. Hopefully it’s going to get warmer towards the end of the week.
      I think Nargaret has offered to open up for a couple of days.

    3. So glad to see that you at last have a chance to go over to Marigny, hope Dobbie have looked after it for you alright :>) take care xx

  3. I am so pleased MATT is OK I am very lucky that providing I have laptop I can work from home It’s the nurses etc that have to visit patients I feel sorry for
    OH got stranded in Harlow on Saturday night but was home safe and sound yesterday morning
    Great challenge SANDRA and that stamp is gorgeous even though it ended up costing a fortune
    I loved loved loved Phill’s new collage stamps So different for him and you should see how excited he was too I wish I could have afforded the whole lot and missed out on the smaller deal I had my eye on I’m hoping they’ll be at Ally Pally
    I enjoyed watching Sheena and I expect JANET will have watched with real glee
    Managed to cook MIL’s dinner on her cooker which hasn’t been used in years and unexpectedly daughter,fiancé and Oscar turned up
    Dancing tonight (hopefully)
    Take care all and be safe xx

    1. Hi Karen glad OH got home safely. Hope you get to dancing tonight.x

    2. Was it your oven that didn't work ? if so I hope you got it going. Glad Alan got home alright. Have fun at the dancing tonight xx

  4. Morning ladies,

    It snowed off and on all day yesterday with bouts of thawing throughout the day too. I rang my parents to check their situation and apparently Bristol and surrounding areas had a lot more than us. Over 4 inches in dad's garden whereas we only had 1-2inches at the most. Overnight, we must have had another downfall which has resulted in some schools being closed again. Unfortunately for our village children the school is not closed lol

    Keep warm wherever you are and if you do have to venture out, stay safe.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Update...Five years ago today God called my soul's other keeper, Pete home and I was planning to take his floral tribute down to him but Jamie has said the paths are a bit iffy so to leave it now and see what happens later. xxx

    2. Thinking of you today Cheryl.x

    3. Better safe then sorry so hopefully you can go in the next few days. Will you bring his tipple ? Sending you a special hug today xx

    4. Thinking of you today Cheryl.

  5. Hi Everyone.
    Sensational card Sandra. It looks like a picture.
    Glad Matt wasn't hurt and hope the weather is better with you today.
    I like the male theme this week and will have a go at making my cc today as tomorrow I'm going up to visit my friend Joan in Javea. I haven't seen her since just after her husband died in December and so looking forward to our meeting up.

    I'm not a fan of Phil Martins so don't watch him on Hochanda but you and Karen have got me intrigued about his new stamps so must look them up.

    Have a good day everyone and keep safe if your out and about.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Have a nice time meeting up with your friend, hope you have some lovely days and can catch up. hugs xx

    2. Hi Val
      I hope you enjoy your meet up with your friend. I’ll be having a look at Phils new stamps as well.

  6. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Snow has stopped but boy it's freezing!!! Heating on for over an hour & just getting warm. SANDRA it must be so lovely having a coal fire. Today's challenge looks good although I struggle with pesky man cards it will be a good challenge for me. Your card is stunning SANDRA a gorgeous stamp & your background is coloured beautifully. I loved Sheena's shows her pens were lovely but as you say £40 is a ridiculous price for 12 pens. I will have a look on rewind at Phil's shows. I liked Julia's card yesterday using one of his stamps.
    So pleased Matt is ok.His boss doesn't sound a very nice bet he won't pay for the damage to Matt's car trying to get into work.
    Not much happening today just have to brave the elements have to collect my repeat prescriptions from doctors & go post office. Then put some more bits on ebay so might have a play at Challenge card. Will see what happens.
    JANET you must be excited going to Marigny hope all goes to plan on Thursday for you both.
    MICHELE shame your friend is giving up crafting. You sound as though you have a full on week. Stop for a breath every now & then 🤗Xx
    LILLIAN Hope your ok missing you as you haven't been in for a few days. Sending you some Hug's xx
    Better do the tablets so see you later.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Thinking of you today Cheryl sending you some Hug's
      Love Lynda xxx

    2. Hope your four paws managed to do their business in this cold and very windy day. You not worried they might fly up like two little kites in the sky tihi Hope you feeling better and take care going out hugs xx

    3. Hi Lynda
      I spoke to a lady last year re the sparkle pens at Ally Pally. And said to the lady, well can’t I just buy the clear sparkle pens and put that over my coloured image. Yes she said that would work just as well. I think they cost £9.99 for 3.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Quick visit this morning as my friend and I are being taken out to lunch by four ex work colleagues. I think we will all return with aching jaws from talking too much. Yesterday we were going to a lunch party at a golf club in Surrey to a friend and her husband’s 60th wedding anniversary, unfortunately because heavy snow it was postponed as the 2 mile drive up to the golf club couldn’t be cleared in time for everyone arriving, also the car park was like an ice rink. It was a great disappointment. It was good to look at the safety angle, because they would’ve been quite a few people there and hopefully next time it’s booked the weather will be better. Unfortunately our friend Angela might not be in the UK at that time, As she will be returning to Create on Wednesday morning.

    Sandra pleased to hear that Matt is safe, vehicles can always be repaired, I know the cost is always an issue but his life is more important. XX

    Sorry I didn’t get it on Saturday and yesterday, life just gets in the way at times doesn’t it. I loved all of your cards on Sunday ladies. Lovely Challenger card you have set for this week Sandra by Wednesday life will be back to normal. I hope everyone is safe, we’ve had so much snow just to the south of England, even more in the north, Lillian and Cheryl down your way you had even more than we have. I do have to smile though because in England life seems to come to a halt where in other countries they’ve got it all organised if it snows.
    I will catch up with your comments at some point.
    Take care everyone stay safe, thinking of you love Brenda XXX

    1. Have a nice lunch out today Brenda, shame about yesterday but hopefully it will be soon you can meet up and celebrate their day. We had quite a lot of snow but today the roads are clear so we could go to the shops. many hugs xx

    2. Hi Brenda
      What a shame your lunch was cancelled yesterday. But better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully it won’t be to long before you all meet up. We always to have the wrong sort of snow, and yes everyone else is much better exquiped than we are. Mind you we never seem to learn the lessons do we.

  8. Margaret Palmer19 March 2018 at 13:56

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra love your card today, it is beautiful. The CC looks good this week hope to have a go later. Pleased to hear Matt is
    Cheryl thinking of you today, hugs on
    Janet I will open up for you, safe
    Lilian you are missed hugs on
    Sending hugs to all, love

    1. Big hugs for you and Pop, have a good day xx

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    I’m glad to hear that Matt wasn’t hurt but it sure is cold and windy. It’s a bit icy underfoot where our very weak sun can’t get to the ground. Witney was very empty when I went out this morning. When I went up to school at lunchtime the wind was blowing me backwards it was so strong, and fairly took my breath away.

    1. I presume you back home now in the warmth, it is gale force winds around so take care if going out again. Sending you and Pete warm hugs xx

    2. Thanks for the warm hugs Maria. We certainly need them this weather. Warm hugs back to you. I’m at school first thing in the morning so I hope the wi d dies down.

  10. Hi Sandra, oh I just Love your card today. The stamp is truly my cup of tea and I want it hihi Your colouring in is also top class, well done !
    I like the challenge and will have a play tomorrow for today I'm a bit tired. Have had some tough days but hope the lighter mornings will help and I think the clocks goes forward Sunday morning ?
    This morning we went to a showroom with fireplaces and I think we have agreed on one which is a bonus. Then we went to a paint shop and to B&Q for some paint and as you know they have some colour strips you can take and I'm afraid I got a handful with me back home, oops :>) love the way Karen and Brenda have used them for little butterflies.
    Nearly time for cooking dinner , meatballs and pasta have been requested.
    Lilian- missing you, hope you alright.
    Sandra- glad Matt is fine and didn't hurt himself. Not having a very understanding boss or anything.
    extra warm hugs to you all, Maria xx

  11. Hi Maria
    Great that you’ve agreed on a fireplace. Hope the lighter nights suit you. Norplant very nice though that the weather isn’t so good. Hope you enjoyed your Pasta and Meatballs.