Thursday, 29 March 2018

Cheryl's 'Man Challenge card & Pat's 70th birthday card

Cheryl's Man card

Pats card for Dave

Good Morning Friends,

First of all today I want to send all my love and hugs to Brenda & John, praying for a quick surgery and a speedy recovery!!  

Today's cards are both cards for men, both fantastic and both very different! 

Cheryl's card for her Dad features some lovely vintage background papers and vintage motorcycle images, I love you you used the vintage postcard for your Greeting label, brilliant idea! I am so pleased that your Dad loved his card. 
Thank you for taking the time to share your card my lovely. XXX

Pat's card for her Brother-in-law Dave for his 70th birthday was made using the Groovi Plate, this is such a versatile plate Pat, I have seen you make a couple of these cards for both ladies and Men, you can change some of the dangly bits to suit the cards recipient.  Your Groovi skills are getting better by the week, these cards are a really special gift as they take such a long time to create, the 'white work' is a real labour of love as you have to do a bit, leave it a while for the parchment to relax and then do a bit more and so on.  Really worth it though, amazing card Pat.

Today is the last day of school for the girls, they will be going back to stressful few weeks as they start their Actual A level exams, I don't think that the Easter break will be much of a holiday for them as they have so much work and revision to do.  I hope they schedule some fun time, Lucy can be very regimented when it comes to revision timetables. 
We have plenty to keep us busy over the long weekend, I'm sure this weather is getting colder though, I was really cold last night.  I do hope the sun shines this weekend.

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Two fantastic cards for men today-they’re both brilliant.

    I made it as far as my craft room last night but didn’t actually make a card, I do have an idea in my head so maybe tonight it will become a card!
    Expecting it to be busy at work today as we have 5 days treatments to make as we don’t open the Aseptic Unit over weekends or Bank Holidays. The Pharmacy is open every day except Christmas Day though. I’m looking forward to 4 days off , we’re meeting up with our American relatives on Saturday in Liverpool and spending the day with them.


    1. Hope you have a quiet day Michele. How exciting to meet up with your American relatives Hope you have a great time.x

    2. Enjoy your days off and your meet up with your American relatives

  2. Morning all, two lovely cards Cheryl and Pat. Very masculine.
    BRENDA Hope John gets on well today
    The vet didn't phone yesterday so hopefully well hear from her today.
    Just off to the hairdressers then later on Quilling class. Its the last one of our 10week course. Can't believe its the end of March already!!!
    Better dash.
    Hugs to all especially Lilian and John.x

    1. Enjoy your last quilling class That 10 week’s has just disappeared
      I hope you have good news re OLIVE

  3. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Sunshine today after heavy rain all day yesterday. Hopefully get the duvet out on line after it finishes.
    Two great MAN cards from CHERYL & PAT well done to you both.
    BRENDA hope John's operation goes well today & for speedy recovery sending
    🤗🤗for you both.xx
    LILIAN hope your feeling brighter today sending you some Hug's 🤗🤗 xx
    VAL enjoy your last quilling class today xx
    SANDRA have a good day crafting Hug's 🤗🤗 Xx
    I'm home alone so hopefully get CC done this morning. So better get housework finished.
    Love Lynda xx

  4. Margaret Palmer29 March 2018 at 09:51

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing Cheryl & Pat's lovely cards, they are both lovely, I am sure recipients will have loved them. Hope you enjoy having the girls
    Brenda thinking of you & John, hugs om
    Karen enjoy your day at V &
    Lilian sending hugs to
    Cafe open as usual, coffee & kettles on ready for the first customer.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. I did have a lovely day It’s a great exhibition

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    CHERYL I love the card you made for your dad, You really have made this a very individual card, I’m sure appreciated it too. xx

    PAT Wow! What a lovely card you made for your brother-in-law. You have really mastered the Groovi system. xx

    Sandra I hope next week will not be too stressful for you having both girls at home studying. I think as long as you have the odd snacks In stock (preferably healthy) So they can graze now and again, This seems to help the concentration! Well that’s what one of my grandchildren told me..... of course I believe them ha ha.

    Haven’t any news of John yet, he was on the list for this morning, I really don’t expect to hear anything until about teatime, in the meantime I will keep myself busy, got the washing out nice and early and have just taken it in as it’s dry. Rain is predicted for this afternoon, I don’t want to be dodging raindrops grabbing washing off the line. Not a pretty sight!

    THANK YOU everyone for your best wishes, they are a great help and comfort. xx
    I hope whatever you’re doing you’re having a good day, take care dear friend love Brenda XXX

  6. Two lovely cards CHERYL and PAT
    Winnie The Pooh exhibition was brilliant It brought back wonderful memories of reading the books to my kids many moons ago
    My son had one of the poems read at his wedding and again at his funeral- so a little emotional too
    I hope JOHN gets on ok today BRENDA
    LILLIAN if you’re looking in I hope you’re beginning to feel better

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. A flying visit just to see what you have been up to ladies. The last two days have been very busy for me with one thing or another but going to have a good day with Mum and Pop tomorrow xxxx
    Both cards today are clearly going to be loved by their recipients Cheryl and Pat X
    Brenda, I hope you have John back home safe and sound by now. Sending my love and hugs to you both and please wish John a speedy recovery X
    Lilian, thinking of you x
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hello.
    Cheryl- nice card for your dad and Pat- a very nice groovi work once again.
    Brenda- hope all is fine with John, wishing him speedy recovery, hugs
    Karen- love Winnie the pooh, glad you had a good day out.
    Sue- have a nice day with mum and Pop. Many hugs to you all.
    Lilian- thinking of you, hugs.
    Val- a difficult choice when out pets are poorly what to do, hugs Hope the quilling class was good.
    Have a nice Easter Friday, I will try to pop in earlier than tonight. Sleep well xxx