Friday 12 May 2023

Our Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend, it will seem like we will be short changed as there are no Bank Holidays.  We have no dogs to look after and no airport trips so it will be nice and relaxed, well apart from the knee high weeds that need pulling up and the two lawns that were mown a week ago but look like the house has been abandoned!   

What do you all have planned ?

Our Next Challenge 

I thought that we could go back to an old favourite for this Challenge.... Fun/Fancy Fold.  There have been some lovely, different Fancy Fold cards around lately, like this one that Sonia made a couple of weeks ago...

Or this lovely Fancy Fold that Brenda recently made...

A lovely fold for showing off your pretty papers.

I hope that you a enjoy this Challenge,  I have REALLY enjoyed the last couple of Challenges, hopefully this one will be the same.


Have a fabulous Friday my lovelies,

Love & hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Just popped in to say Thank You for my birthday wishes. I had a lovely day-went out with hubby to a large Garden Centre and had lunch there then a meal in the evening in the village.
    Hoe everyone is doing okay?


  2. Good to see you in MICHELE
    Great idea for the challenge I very rarely do a fancy fold so this will take me right out of my comfort zone
    There is a big festival on in our town centre over the weekend and as OH is going to football I thought Iwould go along especially as there is Salsa at 1pm tomorrow and on Sunday we’re going to Greenwich
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Glad you had a nice day Michele. Lovely to see your cards around again 😀
    Fun challenge for the next fourtnight. Funnily enough I started one for Sunday but will save it now and make another this afternoon.
    A charity bag came this morning so I have a job to sort clothes and shoes out that I'm not wear anymore.
    I wish you all a very nice weekend. Take care. Many hugs to you all, 🤗 xxx

  4. Hello, it was lovely and sunny, but it’s really clouded over now.

    Good challenge for next week, I’m not good at different folds, so will make me “ think out of the box” . Am part way through this weeks, which is ok, let’s hope I don’t spoil it.

    Hope you all have a nice day, Lilian.

  5. Hi everyone
    A good challenge for the next couple of weeks, and some lovely inspiration.
    Hope you all have a good weekend whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I could’ve sworn I left a comment earlier, but Hayhoe this brain is getting from here by the day ha ha.
    Lovely to see you dropping in Michele.
    Like the challenge for next week in fact, I’ve already got something in mind. Fingers crossed it will work.
    The day started off lovely and sunny here, but by 11 o’clock it was dull and drizzling and it’s been on like that for the rest of the day when I popped out into the garden this afternoon, it was so cold I was glad to come back indoors.
    Hope you’ve all had a good day. Think I’ll just sit with my feet up and watch the television this evening. Not sure what’s on.
    Take care everyone hope you all have a lovely weekend.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

  7. Oh whoops… This brain is getting foggy day by day.

  8. Hi Sandra and all looking in.
    There are some great folds on the beautiful cards. I think that this great challenge will be another good one to get ourselves thinking. I usually just make the traditional style. I hope you and Paul get to relax a bit over the weekend my lovely xx
    Brenda, my comment last night disappeared too. Sorry you didn’t get to stay out in the garden. It started off lovely and warm here but by 1pm it was rather windy and blooming cold and it stayed that way! Have a relaxing time with your feet up until the weather improves xx
    My cough has just about vanished today. I wasn’t bad at all yesterday compared to how it was on Wednesday. It was quite bad driving home from Sandra’s but I think that was more hay fever type irritation. Anyway fingers crossed that is the last of it.
    Have s good weekend everyone. Sending hugs to all. Take care xx