Friday 19 May 2023

A beautiful card from Lilian


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

We are at the end of the week, thank goodness, both Paul and I ( and I'm pretty. sure Becca) are exhausted after our day out in London, we got the Oxford Tube (bus) into London Marble Arch at 11.30am, the traffic was heavy as we got close to London via Wembley side, Westfield etc, so we didn't get to Marble Arch until about 1pm, we had a walk down to Leicester Square via Carnaby Street, there are some fun llttle shops on those back streets and its so much easier than trying to navigate Oxford Street when its so busy, London was incredibly busy for some reason there were tourists everywhere,  the most we have seen post pandemic,  maybe it was the weather,  it was warm enough not to wear a jacket, we stopped and had lunch in Leicester square and then made our way to Covent Garden, then onto Trafalgar Square, I will share a little more on the blog tomorrow!  The show was fantastic,  if you enjoy Pretty Woman the film you will love the show, they included all of the key moments of the film and added lots more to it making it very funny, we all loved it, then came the trek back to Marble Arch, it was 2.7 miles, I think that sitting down for a couple hours took it's toll on Becca's knee, after a day of walking,  so she was struggling a bit, we made it though and didn't have to wait long for the bus,  even so it was almost 2am by the time we got home, we decided we won't do seeing a show on a day trip again, the rush for the bus and exhausting drive home take away from the enjoyment of the day, it is definitely much nicer to stay in a hotel and make the most of the trip.  

Today's beautiful card was made by Lilian,  Lilian's cards are always so beautifully painted or coloured that I feel I have a little piece of art, this card is no exception,  the flowers are coloured perfectly and the background compliments the flowers so well in both design and colour, a really lovely sentiment finishes the card perfectly.   I'm not sure what make the Foxglove stamp is but its so detailed and its lovely that it has the different sized flowers to make composition easier.  Thank you so much for such a lovely card Lilian.                                                             I do hope you have recovered from your awful trip to the dentist on Wednesday XXX

Ladies I hope that you a have a good Friday, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Beautiful detailed card Lilian Masking off that central foxglove makes all the difference to the detail and perspective
    I hope you’ve now recovered from the trip to the dentist and that you’re feeling less tired Sandra
    We’re on Charlie watch today! So off to Action Tots this morning and we’ll see about going to the zoo later
    I have a busy day in London tomorrow I’m meeting friends to go to the Aladdin Sane Exhibition in the morning and OH has suggested I stay up there and meet him in the evening to go and see a show T the London Palladium I think I will need to find a park and have a little snooze at some point
    I’m glad you enjoyed the show SANDRA It is one on my bucket list
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Hi Karen. Hope you didn't mind me sending you the mum who gave birth 🙂. I always thinking of you when I see something crocheted 🤗

  2. Hi everyone
    A lovely card from Lilian, it’s beautiful 😍
    Sounds like you all had a lovely day, albeit a busy one ☺️ Glad you enjoyed the show, I love the film. Hope you’ve had a chance to relax xx
    Lilian, I hope you’re feeling ok and not in too much discomfort xx
    Karen, enjoy your day tomorrow xx
    Janet, I hope you’re ok. I received your beautiful card today, thank you xx
    Thank you again for all of my cards everyone, they’re beautiful xx
    Hope you’re all having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Afternoon everyone.
    Gorgeous card Lilian. Foxgloves look so nice, a lovely flower. Where's the stamp from ? Hoping you feeling better. Take care x
    Not doing very well with buying summer clothes this year, have to bring back and so again this morning to Tesco. Hate trying on in the shops changing rooms so doing that at home. Going in to city next week so have another look then and I'm despretally need a haircut.
    I hope you all have a good day as possible, thinking of you Janet. Many hugs, Maria xxx

  4. Hello all, cold here today, a real chill in the wind.

    What a surprise to see my card shown today. The foxglove stamp is from Kay Carley, I have a few of her older stamps, also stencil and top stamp from Lavinia stamps. I can’t remember where the phrase stamp came from.

    Jaw still very sore, finding I can’t sleep, just a couple of hours, so feeling exhausted.
    R playing for a wedding tomorrow so I will try and do some crafting then. Goodnight everyone Lilian